Holy crap this is so rofl /sensual/…hopefully it doesn't sound too much like bad p0rn prose, *facepalms*



Dangerous crimson fruit dipped in honeyed lacquer,

A sweetness only hiding burning passion within.

"For dessert – what are we having today?" You ask,

A secretive smile and smirk.

"A surprise."

Such is the sound of the word that lingers on the lips

Like the aftertaste of sweet after-the-rain-kiss.

A questioning look from him, then the all familiar laugh.

"All right then. A surprise it is."


What is for dessert tonight?

The unanswered question, he acts so coy

Quite unlike himself – but interesting; quite refreshing

Perhaps this little bird has finally spread its wings

And taken the first step to the gates of ardour.

The slender curvature of his back, wisps of hair gathered at the nape

No answer, but the brief nod of your head

I wonder, what you have up your sleeves; so meanwhile

I shall sit here and watch,

My little muse


The songs of larks that fly from his lips

Of melodies sweet and mellifluous

Surely there is none more honeyed than the voice of the angels

Radiance of a moonlit night, the pale beauty

Exuded, the midnight silk from the emperor's tapestries


No, more like

An exotic nightingale no longer constrained

To the golden locks and fetters of the adoration of the masses

For you are mine now,

Completely, solely, the soul, the heart and the mind

All mine

Let me sink in this selfishness for just a moment now -


They say this feeling is far reaching

Conquering lands and foreign fields, to communicate across an immense distance

Passion and prey

Protection and providence

I do not believe

And never believed that such a thing could catch hold of this heart

And grab it so tightly, bound to one place

This wandering heart – this small boy would ever take me

Take me and kiss me so gently and tenderly with lips of cherry

Till the calls of the Wild and coaxing Nature ceased to a standstill.

In my eyes, all I see is you.

Entrusting this poor heart to you

I beg you, take good care of it


Is it possible that such fruit can hold a craving and hunger so fleshly?

Sensuous and carnal

This electrified tension in the air

As if the mere brush of your hand could set my nerves on fire;

Is it too much to ask that I want for more?

A ripe luscious cherry

Ready to be eaten, popped in one's mouth so easily

Let us share a cherry kiss like once before

Cherry pie, cherry seed and core

Kiss me, kiss me – just a little more.


A delight of cherry

And scarlet cherry pie

"Dessert tonight, it's that, right?"

Aromatic pastries and flavorful sweets, but temptation does not entice

When the allure of something sweeter seduces.

Whirling the boy away, let us dance in step and rhythm.

And the closure of twin lips, fervent warmth and twining of tongues

That beget the sensation heavenly

Begin the dance of passion tonight, my love.

The pie will have to wait.

Hoyay...all the way.