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Naruto loses his virginity when he's only 15. It wasn't to the love of his life like he had always imagined it would be but to a nameless woman that held him with expert like hands. She was older than him with beautiful brown eyes and long silky black hair.

She smelt of apples.

It happened on a late night with only the shadows as his witness. Jiraya had disappeared once again and the beast inside him was snarling and snapping. His skin felt as though it was on fire and not even the ice cold water of the stream nearby could quell the fire nearly burning his skin.

He knew he probably shouldn't have, but something was calling him as he stumbled into the dingy village he ran into the night before while he was looking for his wayward sensei. Sweat trickled down his forehead as he stumbled along, his teeth digging into his lower lip in an attempt to hush his groans of pain.

Something was wrong.

There were people walking around but oddly enough they never once spared him a glance. It took Naruto a second to realize that he wasn't wearing his forehead protector or his orange jacket leaving him with his black undershirt which was sticking to his body like a second layer. And then he caught it, his nose picked up a sweet scent in the air and like a moth drawn to a flame he began to follow it. He went down alley ways, up walls and turned corners until he was standing before a building and went inside without a moment's hesitation, not even bothering to read the red sign that glowed above the building. A bulking man greeted him and before Naruto knew what he was doing, he handed him everything he had in his pocket. The man gave him a toothy grin and led him to a room where the scent seemed to grow stronger and stronger.

Something twisted violently in his gut.

He was led inside and the man grinned at him once more before shutting the door. Naruto stood there for a whole ten minutes panting as the throbbing in his head got worse and he began to consider peeling off his own skin. Just as he reached for his weapon's pouch to do just that the door slid open once more. Before him stood a girl.

No, a woman. She had dark red lips, seductive brown eyes and long black hair. She wore a simple ruby red kimono and silk white socks. Naruto almost forgot how to breathe.

She shut the door behind herself and reached out a graceful hand to him. He stumbled to her in a daze as the sweet scent that mystified him before seemed to roll off her in waves. When he finally reached her she smiled so sweetly as she pressed herself close to him, the loosely tied kimono slipping down her white pearl shoulder.

"Please," Naruto whispered, not even sure what he was begging for.

She smiled gently and led him to the futon on the floor.

When he lay down she stripped him of his clothes and whispered words into his skin as she trailed her lips across his body. She touched places only he had imagined the love of his life would have touched and he bit into his hand to keep quiet.

She was older than him, and if he wanted to be honest he would say she was probably as old as Kakashi-sensei.

She kissed his tears away as they began to fall when he began to realize he was losing his virginity to a woman whose name he didn't even know.

But he couldn't stop because the fire that made his skin ache began to cool with each touch she gave him and when she sunk down onto his hard raging shaft all inch by inch he cried out and took a hold of her curvy hips. He didn't dare move. She took a shuddering breath as she finally had him all the way inside her.

It was wet, Naruto noted, hot, steamy, tight and wet. Her face was flushed and her eyes were glossy, his grip tightened when she shifted and he gasped when she rose. She hadn't taken off the kimono but it hung at her hips and she had only lifted the bottom of it when she took him inside her. The material was cool against his hands just like the rest of her body. When she slammed back down with a gasp he threw his head back and howled.

Soon her moans began to join his as she slammed down on him again and again.

There was a tight coil that began to form at the bottom of his stomach and Naruto was almost afraid to see what would happen next.

The woman threw her head back as she rode him fast and hard, unable to help himself Naruto sat up and latched onto her neck as the tight coil finally snapped. Her mouth fell open in a silent scream of pleasure as he came inside her, creamy droplets escaping her tight hold on him.

Thoughts fuzzy and vision blurry he collapsed onto the futon and blacked out.


When he came to that morning the fire dancing beneath his skin was gone and the pounding in his head had disappeared. He felt more relaxed than he had in his whole life.

That is until he actually opened his eyes.

She was leaning over him, brown eyes lit with amusement as he sprung off the bed, sheets wrapping around his feet like snakes and sending him tumbling to the ground with a sharp cry. She giggled and watched as he began to notice that he was naked and he dove for the sheets to cover himself up. He sat there staring at her in pure shock, sputtering nonsense and clenching the covers close to his chest until he began to calm down.

When he opened his mouth to speak again she silenced him with a flick of her hand.

Effortlessly she stood, the ruby red kimono flowing like silk as she moved. Without a word she gathered his clothes and laid them down before him, dropping coins on top of the small pile.

"Your change." Was all she said before she leaned over and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. "Come back soon."

With those parting words she left, taking with her something precious that Naruto had never intended to give.


When he made it back to his small campsite Jiraya was already there. He didn't say anything and only gave Naruto a knowing look.

"Ero-sanin," Naruto began, "I don't feel good."

Then he promptly began vomiting where he stood.

And yet, throughout the whole morning Kyuubi remained silent and for once tolerable, even when Jiraya began strengthening the seal later on that evening.


A month later finds Naruto standing before that same building with that same burning under his skin once again.

Jiraya says that it's because Kyuubi is a fox and some instincts were beginning to carry over. Naruto just replied that it was because Kyuubi found some other way to make an annoyance of himself.

He went in and once again gave everything in his pocket, using that sweet scent as a path to find who he was looking for.

This time she was waiting for him in a dark blue kimono.

This time it wasn't him on his back.

This time it was her on the bed, with her legs spread open, helpless yet pleasure filled moans escaping her body as Naruto rutted above her. When he came with a yell and her with a piercing scream he rolled her over and pressed himself close to her back, spreading her globes apart and sinking in all the way, demanding more and more. When he was finally spent he rolled off her and laid panting on the other side of the bed as she collapsed into the futon, cheeks flushed a dark red.

In the morning she was gone but his clothes lay beside him, change lying on top of his things.


By the fourth month Naruto was struck with the stunning realization that he was fucking a whore from a whore house and he wasn't stopping any time soon.

He alone in his campsite and dug his nails into his skin in an attempt to not make that journey (one he knows will be short) into that same old village. He's only 15 and he thinks he may have become a bit addicted to that apple smelling woman.

Sasuke would have curled lips in disgust.

And then it hits him like a paper bomb.

It was the first time in over four months that he's ever even thought about Sasuke.

The demon inside of him purrs.

And suddenly he's thinking about her again, with her brown eyes and silky black hair. He thinks about her touch, her taste her scent.

He doesn't even question why he's suddenly vomiting in the bushes not a half second later.


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