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Naruto thinks he may be going crazy, just a little bit though.

There's a burning fire raging underneath his skin and he's not sure if his apple smelling beauty with her cool touch and deep brown eyes can hold it back any longer. He's beginning to wonder if he's going to snap soon, at the rate things were going, he just might.

Sasuke sits across from him, a feral look on his face that nowhere near matches the one on Naruto's face.

Naruto's was much darker; hungrier.

"Sasuke." Naruto's voice rumbles, self-control in official turmoil. His fingers dig into his legs as he sits ram-rod straight in his chair.

"Yes, Naruto?" Sasuke's voice is sickeningly sweet, smooth like silk, undiscovered dark promises lacing his tone of voice.

God, Naruto hisses to himself mentally, Sasuke has no idea what he's messing with.

Naruto sighs and attempts to will himself to relax. But it's a hard task to fulfill, what with Sasuke being his usual stubborn idiotic bastardly self. His throat clenches and his eyes darken when Sasuke sighs back, the smallest hint of a whimper hiding in his voice. That sound was so quiet that it was only because Naruto had the advantage of a fox demon in his stomach that he even managed to catch it.

And he wishes he didn't.

Because Naruto knows that Sasuke knows what he's doing.

It's something insanely stupid and it's up to Naruto as his best friend to stop him; like old times and times yet to come.

"Sasuke," Naruto licks his lips because he needs just a second to calm himself down, "Put your shirt back on."

Sasuke rolls his shoulders almost sensually and he lolls his head to look at Naruto through black half-lidded eyes.


Naruto nearly snaps because Sasuke is sitting on his bed, his legs spread slightly with his shirt tossed to the floor, looking at Naruto with such heat-filled eyes.

Naruto thinks he just might go crazy.


"It's unhealthy."

Naruto glances at his companion from the corner of his eye briefly before going back to take another shot of sake.

"Alcohol isn't that bad." He responds.

He's not drinking because he likes it; he's doing it because he needs something to help him get his mind off Sasuke, who's sitting in his jail cell, half naked, eyes scorching like the Suna desert.

He takes another shot quickly in an attempt to drown out the thought.

"I'm not talking about the sake."

Naruto shrugs and turns a bit to give a bit more of his attention to his friend.


"I'm talking about this little game you have going on with Sasuke."

The alcohol nearly shoots out of his mouth and it's with sheer will power that he manages to gulp it down before choking.

"Wha? Sai, what are you-?"

Sai's lips turn down into a frown as he watches his friend babble and blunder like the idiot everyone believed him to be. Naruto chuckles nervously a bit, scratching at his head, feet kicking at the bottom of the stood before he finally goes silent, the tension in the air growing rapidly.

"I was once a part of Anbu, Naruto." Sai tells him.

Naruto doesn't say anything because he knows what he's trying to say. Anbu are master observers, there's no way Sai couldn't have noticed something was up.

"You need to stop this. That woman-."

"Has nothing to do with this." Naruto cuts him off gruffly.

"-Is as innocent as she can get and if Sasuke manages to find out who she is-."

"He's locked up-."

"He'll find a way to get her and he'll rip her into shreds and you know it Naruto."

Naruto stays silent. He knows this of course because even though Sasuke is in a jail cell, chakra suppressed and handcuffs around his wrists, it won't hold him for long because Sasuke was always been smart. He'll find a way to escape.

Naruto thinks of her, her and her tiny hands, soft flesh, and apple smelling body.

He thinks he may love her, just a little bit. And even though she took his virginity, Naruto had no right in dragging her into this. Whatever it may be since it involves a potentially insane and obviously dangerous Uchiha.

When he looks up Sai is gone but his words of wisdom stay.


He thinks that maybe this was a bad idea, coming here again; because she's waiting in a dark kimono with ruby red lips and silky black hair. He towers over her now, not like when he first met her at age 15 where he stood a few inches lower than her. She seems smaller now, more delicate with gentle skin and beautiful hands. Or maybe it's because he's just grown because he knows she was never this tiny. Naruto thinks her beauty still hasn't changed.

But, she's a whore from a whore house and she's probably as old as Kakashi-sensei.

And yet, Naruto finds himself drawn to her and her apple scent. Could it be an addiction? If he had Sasuke like he wants so bad, would he be just as addicting if not more?

With that though Naruto takes a deep breath and tries to remember why he came here.

She approaches and it's him, not her that leans in for a kiss.

"I can't come here anymore." He whispers into her lips, giving the bottom one a small nip.

"Is that so?" Naruto tries to pretend that she doesn't sound like she's heard that phrase many times before.

His hands are slowly pulling the kimono off her shoulders, leaving blazing kisses to her neck, whispering into her neck.

"This will be the last time."

She smiles then, and unzips his jacket, letting it fall to the ground, guiding one of Naruto's rough hands through the folds of her kimono to her sweet spot.

"Is that so?"


When he visits Sasuke again he goes directly to the chair and sinks into it, fingers tapping rapidly against his leg in agitation.

And Sasuke? He's still half naked but twice as dangerous.

"Tell me Naruto," his voice is still wickedly sweet and slick like the edge of a very sharp blade.

"Tell you what Sasuke?" Naruto grumbles back.

Sasuke's eyes narrow and he cuts to the chase.

"Who is she?"

Naruto stays silent for a while and watches with a sense of apprehension as Sasuke, with all the grace of a feline, gets to his feet to approach him.

"Who is she?" he asks again, standing a breath away from Naruto.

Naruto thinks that this may be going out of control. He's not sure he can handle this anymore because Sasuke is so close and Naruto is so afraid that if he gets any closer he won't be able to stop himself from taking everything that Sasuke is stupid enough to offer so blindly. He doesn't know what he's getting himself into and Naruto, priding himself on being the good guy, is trying to get Sasuke to see that it's going to take more time for him to be ready. But Sasuke isn't patient and he never has been. He's trying to jump the gun again and Naruto cant let him do that.

So Naruto says the only thing he can at the moment to ensure that Sasuke will back the fuck off.

"She's the woman that took my virginity." He says with an even and firm tone, looking Sasuke dead in the eye.

"She's the woman that I love."


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