Green (Humanized)

"We are really high up," Kowalski breathed, heart rapidly beating against his chest as they reached the very top of the rollercoaster. His partner's fingers touched his hand and flashed him a daring smile to match. The strategist was about to make a remark but, instead, let out a shrill shriek when the ride took an abrupt dive downwards. He screamed, completely terrified, especially since they were at the very front, which was a place he did not want to be at.

Rico was screaming also but not in terror. It was whoops of excitement and enjoyment. His tongue sticking out and touching the side of his cheek, making him look ridiculous, but he didn't mind. He laughed hysterically after hearing Kowalski's screams and squeezed the scientists white hand, having all the blood drained from clenching the bar too tight. "WHOO!"

Kowalski started to feel sick by the time they did a loop and found it increasingly difficult to keep his lunch down. His screams of terror had morphed into groans of nausea. They finally came to a sudden halt, which didn't at all help with Kowalski's stomach predicament. He groaned, earning Rico's attention. The psychopath gave him a look that expressed concern and a hint of amusement before unbuckling him and helping Kowalski up. They staggered to the nearest trashcan where Kowalski promptly 'tossed his cookies'.

The strategist looked up, a dazed but disgusted look in his eyes. "Ugh, when did I have nachos?"

This prompted a bark of laughter from his energized partner. He calmed down as quick as he was amused and eyed Kowalski for a moment. He took in the sickly color on him and offered a small smile. "Green, not your color." He took his hand and gently pushed the black hair off of his forehead, tucking it on the sides of his ears. Kowalski turned a bright red from this action and swallowed nervously when Rico trailed his hand down his cheek. "Red is..."



Kowalski blinked, looking down at the wilted red roses that Rico had thrust forward. Honestly, he was flattered. The roses might've seen better days but the thought was sweet and so...well, unlike Rico. But as he gazed at the weapons expert, he realized just how antsy Rico was, possibly fearing some negative response. Kowalski looked to the flowers, finding an underestimated beauty within the red petals, a lot like Rico.

Red, the color of passion and romance.

Timidly, he took it by the stems then looked back to his anticipating and nervous teammate, trying to find some coherent response. He half-smiled, encouraging another from Rico, and accepted the thoughtful gift. "...thank you."

Roses were now his favorite flower.


That was the last thing they ever wanted to see from the other.

Consolation (Humanized)

"There was nothing you could've done," Private insisted and rubbed the side of his superior's arm in a comforting and soothing gesture. "He would've taken the bullet no matter what. It was his decision."

Kowalski looked at Private with red rimmed eyes, having stopped his hysterical sobbing at least an hour ago. "I wish he hadn't."

Private shifted uncomfortably, as if searching for words that could lift their mood. Unfortunately, there was no way to sugarcoat death. What happened, happened, and there wasn't much else to it. Yet, the young cadet felt faint anger towards the lieutenant, for not understanding the sacrifice Rico did was done willingly. He would've done it even if they had held him back. "Rico knew you had more to live for then he did," Private told him slowly, ignoring the pained look Kowalski gave him as much as he could. "If you died...he would only have me, Skipper and his explosives. You're his world K'walski."

"Was," Kowalski mumbled and forced himself not to tear up, using his hand to rub the bridge of his nose to help the inevitable task. He felt a few warm tears trail down his cheek and took a shuddering breath to calm his near break down. "Rico meant so much to me..."

"We know soldier," Skipper said softly, appearing at the doorway. He walked in and settled himself beside his second in command. He put a strong arm around him, allowing Kowalski to keen and sob onto his chest. "We know..."


The best part about waiting for each other was when they finally got back together.


He knew that one spot where Rico would just turn into mush if he scratched there. Just right under his chin, a bit to the side...and then he got whatever he wanted.


Their relationship wasn't approved by many, but they showed it off with great pride and happiness anyway.

Clay (Humanized)

"How in Einstein's underpants are you able to make that?" Kowalski's remark was not an insult, it was a disbelieving question. He stared at the beautifully sculpted piece of pottery as if that alone would unravel the secrets of its creation. "It's just so-so-so..." he trailed off and shook his head, trying to find a word that would suit this masterpiece. He gave a defeated swing of his hand in an exaggerated gesture. "Perfect."

The statement encouraged Rico to grin and he leaned down to his sitting teammate. "W'nt meh to show how?" he rumbled, a warmth in his voice that got Kowalski red.

"If that's alright with you," he coughed awkwardly and gave the weapons expert a shy smile.

He took the hand that was offered to him and was pulled up. He squatted down on a stool a few meters away that had a potter wheel set up in front of it. Rico leaned down from behind, his warm breath hitting the side of Kowalski's face. He plopped a slab of wet clay on the wheel and gave the scientist brief and rough instructions on what to do, even though he knew fully well on how the machine worked. In two minutes, he was running his hands on the sides of the wet clay, molding it into the shape he desired. Unfortunately, he was not satisfied with its shape and couldn't figure out how to get it to be like Rico's.

Speaking of the psychopath, he slithered his arms across Kowalski's, helping him keep them steady and get it into the shape that he instinctively knew Kowalski wanted. He felt the burning sensation emit from the smarter male and found himself letting off an involuntary shiver. He chuckled, a bit nervously, and hummed in his musing. "Cliché."

Kowalski had a smooth rumble of laughter pass through his lips, something Rico was always attracted too. "A cliché...but a good one." He moved his position, offering enough space for Rico to sit right behind him on the stool. Still helping in shaping the clay, Rico complied with the silent request and sat down, pressing his muscled chest against Kowalski's smooth back with his head resting on his shoulder. The scientist graced Rico with a dashing grin, making the weapons expert turn red. "I think I like this style of art. We should do this more often."

Rico couldn't agree more.


They didn't get any more different than those two. They were complete and utter opposites, no question about it. Yet, here they were, spending loving moments with each other. No one would have predicted that this would happen, much less believed or considered the notion. One thing was clear, that old saying, opposites attract, was truer than they would have ever thought.

Bus (Humanized)

Kowalski's nose crinkled. "It smells like garbage fumes in here." He sat on the dull green seat, slumped over, and held onto one of the many bars on the bus, looking to his companion that was adjacent from him. "And you take this every day?" Receiving a nod, Kowalski clicked his tongue and nodded a bit as well. "That would explain a lot."

Rico raised an eye ridge, debating whether to consider that an insult or not.

Sensing the unasked question, Kowalski was quick with a hasty explanation. "Not that, you know, it's just-forget it, I'm digging in deep again, aren't I?"

He received a sly half-smile and a nod. "Cute though."

"Funny," Kowalski chuckled dryly. "I still don't like the bus though." He tried to restrain his cringe when a particularly large man sat beside him, eating a bowl of chili. He scowled when Rico tried to restrain his giggles, only to laugh at the expression his teammate was giving him.

Sympathetic guilt hit Rico when he realized just how disgusted Kowalski was with this form of transportation. The weapons expert sat up with a grunt. "Here we go..." He then plopped himself on the other side of Kowalski with a sigh, flashing him a grin. He gripped Kowalski's hand and gave it a good squeeze. "Better?"

Kowalski smiled with a tint of pink on his cheeks. "Yes, it's a bit better..."

Rico shifted his position, so he was facing Kowalski, but continued to hold his hand. He leaned forward and pressed his lips onto Kowalski's cheek, licking it with his tongue, making Kowalski stiffen and jump back with squeal at the tickling sensation. He saw that Rico was looking away, like he had been rejected, and had loosened his grip on his hand. Kowalski didn't mean for that impression. He scooted closer and leaned on his shoulder, giving the big male's hand a firmer grip. He kissed Rico's neck softly, earning a guttural purr from the other. He pulled away and chuckled awkwardly, noting the stares from other people.

"This pleasant experience is making the ride more enjoyable," Kowalski admitted, getting a big grin in return from Rico. "You know, once you get past the fumes." He raised an eye ridge, prompting Rico to give him another eager kiss on the lips.

...he still didn't like the bus.