Chapter Seven: Memories

Edward's POV

I was walking out of the house with Bella when we heard a motorcycle and looked down the street as Embry and Marie rode toward her house. They parked in the driveway and Marie climbed off the bike. She looked toward us and then turned her gaze to the ground. Embry began to lead Marie to her house but she shook her head. I could hear from her thoughts that she wanted to go with Bella to my house. She looked over at us and Embry quickly caught on. They walked over to us and Marie looked at me and smiled. That threw me off, I thought she hated me.

I have something to tell Bella and your family, Marie thought to me.

I looked to her curiously and she nodded. She was going to tell Bella about being a witch. How will Bella take it? I remember how she joked about if Angela was a witch but she knew Angela wasn't even I knew Angela wasn't but she was trying to make a point to me.

"I'm sorry for Jake's behavior, Marie. He won't do that again, I'll make sure of it," Embry said and kissed her before looking to me. "Take care of her or else," Embry threatned me.

"I will," I promised him.

Embry wouldn't have to worry about Marie getting hurt around my family. Embry gave Marie on more kiss before walking back to Marie's house and leaving on the bike. Bella gave Marie a hug as we walked to my car. I opened the passenger door for Bella and she climbed in and I got the backseat door for Marie. She smiled at me and climbed in with a whispered thank you. Something must have happened at La Push for her to have changed.

Marie gazed out the window, her mind wondering to her past, to the many memories she has held. Her memory went back to ancient Greece. From what I heard the other night between her and Embry, she's thousands of years old and so is Bella though Bella doesn't remember. The memory she was thinking of was of her and Bella as small children, both wearing pure white Greek short tunics with gold borders and waist shashes, both their hair up in the same Greek updos. They almost look like twins and around ten years old.

Bella stood in the shade of a building awning as she watched Marie and one of her brothers, Andros, fought. Andros looked to be teaching Marie how to fight and behind Bella stood a couple in the shadow. From Marie's perspective I couldn't really see the couple. The man in the shadow had his arm around the woman and slowly went to lay his hand on Bella's shoulder as if to scare her. I watched her jump from his touch and she turned to look at him.

Avus, Avia! Bella yelled excitedly, stopping the play fight.

Hello, granddaughters and grandson, the man said happily as they ran to him and hugged him.

The man seemed familiar to me but I couldn't place his face or voice but quite familiar. I didn't get a good look at the couple before her memories changed to another time. A party seemed to be going on and by the clothing the time period had to be the renaissance. Marie walked into a room where a servant appeared to be helping Bella get dressed and ready for the party. Bella was in a royal blue while Marie was in a royal purple dress. Their hair was in a fancy updo to fit the time period.

I miss home in Greece, Bella sighed.

Bella than gasped and grabbed the edge of her bedroom desk as the servant tighted the dress. By the looks of the house and furniture they were in France.

At least the tunics were breatheable in unlike these monstrosities they call dresses, Bella moaned.

The servant left as Bella and Marie sat on the bed. Marie put her arm around Bella's shoulder.

You do remember why our parents put this party together, don't you? Marie asked.

Yes, so we can find our custos amators. It's annoying, we'll find when we do, Bella sighed out of frustration.

I know, Bella, Marie said.

Marie's memory switched to another of a market place. Bella wore a white dress with a light blue sash around the waist and a white sun hat with a blue flower on it. Marie wore a similar dress only in purple. They both looked around sixteen and Bella held a hand weaved basket with a vegetables and fruits in it. She seemed to be laughing at something when something or someone caught Bella's attention. The last thing I saw was emerald green eyes then Marie's memory ended.

Green eyes? What does green eyes mean? I parked the car in the garage and got out. I opened the passenger door for Bella and helped her out. I held on to her as I opened the door for Marie. The green eyes from Marie's memory spiked my curiousity and they also like the man, looked familiar.

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