Living Life After

Chapter One

Third in the "Life After" series.

Based upon Stargate: SG-1.

Okay, before anyone groans aloud to themselves, she's named after George Hammond.

Also, I know the timing here is kind of screwed up. But you'll just have to not think about it and roll with it.

- . - - - . -

Jorgeanne O'Neill yawned as she and her brother, John, headed from the stargate to the home she still shared with her parents. He mumbled a good night as he left her and headed towards the barracks. John had moved out of their home a few months ago, it being one of the ways he became an "adult." Jorgeanne, or Jorge as she was called, knew she should move out sooner or later, but she preferred later.

Hey, John was four years older than her, she had at least that long. Maybe she could sweet talk Dad into longer?

She entered her home quietly and removed her shoes. The door to her parents' room was open. She took a step inside. Her mother was sprawled out, leaving her father curled up on his side of the bed. Jorge took another step forward. Both of her parents' breathing pattern skipped a beat, they were both awake now.

Dad rolled over onto his back and looked up at her. Mom rolled onto her side and scooted over, leaving space on the side of the bed. Jorge sat down. Mom touched her arm. "How was the festival?" she asked, her voice drowsy and thick.

"It was good," Jorge answered softly. "A lot of fun. I'm glad we went."

"Didn't have too much to drink, did you?" Dad asked.

Jorge shook her head. "No. They drink this strong, spicy stuff that I don't really like. I had some of their fruit tea, though. That was nice."

"What about your brother?" Dad asked.

Jorge smiled. "He might have had a little too much, but he walked me home alright. Probably gonna have a headache tomorrow."

"Figures," Dad grumbled.

Mom elbowed him in the stomach. "So, you're glad you went?"


Mom yawned.

"I'm gonna go to bed," Jorge said.

"Okay, good night," Mom answered.

Jorge kissed her mother's cheek, then leaned over to kiss her father as well. She stood up and headed to her own bedroom and got in her pajamas and settled down to sleep. She needed to be up early tomorrow to work with Mom on some of the astrological equipment.

She rolled over into a comfortable position and thought back to the festival. She had danced with one of the local boys. She thought he liked her. Jorge smiled to herself. He was cute . . .

- . -

Jorgeanne walked into the mess hall the next morning and grabbed a tray. She went straight for a bowl of cereal and poured herself some milk. She looked around the room and spotted Daniel Jackson, his wife and their 7 year old son, in the corner. She headed over to them.

Daniel's wife, HM1 Sarah Connor, was the Navy corpsman who had been traveling with the Army company that had miraculously been diverted through the stargate on the Date of Destruction. Because she had some experience with eye injury, she had been put in charge of his recovery once Dad had brought Daniel and Teal'c back. They had a son, Melburn, after Daniel's father.

"Hey there, Jorgie Girl," Daniel said.

Jorge smiled and shook her head. Mom said it was from a song, an old song, even old for Dad. "Good morning, Daniel, HM1, Melburn" She took a seat next to Melburn, who was practically her little brother. She gave him a little shoulder nudge.

He smiled up at her, a tooth missing from the middle of his smile. "Hi, Jorge."

"Did you have fun at the festival last night?" Daniel asked.

She nodded. "Yeah, it was a lot of fun." She ate her breakfast, enjoying some nice chit chat with the Jacksons. "Have you seen my mom this morning," she asked when she was done with her breakfast.

"Yeah, she's with Janet. She went into labor last night."

"Doc Fraiser's baby is coming?" Jorge smiled.

HM1 nodded. "About time too, she's been getting pretty cranky."

Daniel snorted, which he received an elbow in the stomach from his wife for.

Jorge laughed. "Yeah, you're telling me." She stood up and bid them good bye, taking her tray to the scullery. Jorge waved to people on her way to the Infirmary.

She reached for the door, when a shout made her pause.

"I swear to God, Siler, if you touch me again, I WILL kill you!"

Jorge released the door and took a step back. It sounded as if Doc Fraiser was a little farther along in labor than she had originally thought. Maybe, Jorge thought, I should go work with Dad today.

She made her way to the tool shed, grabbed a hoe and headed out to the bean patch. She could see her father and Teal'c hoeing the rows. From about the age when she was big enough to hold a hoe, she was working in the fields. Sure, less than the other adults, but enough to contribute.

"Good morning, Jorgeanne," Teal'c greeted her when she was within a socially acceptable range.

"Morning, T," she greeted him in return.

"Hey, General," Dad said.

"Why do you call her 'General,' Dad?" John asked.

Daddy picked six year old Jorge up and set her down on his thigh. "Because we named her after General George Hammond and I never called him 'George.'" He turned from his son to his daughter, "And you're getting too big to be called 'Baby Girl,' aren't you?"

Jorge nodded. "Hey, does this mean I outrank you and Mama?" she asked.

Daddy chuckled. "Not quite."

"Hey, Daddy," she said with a big smile. Jorge gave her father a one armed hug and started in the row of beans next to him.

"I thought you were working with Mom today?" he asked, not looking up from the row he was hoeing.

"Yeah, I was, but Doc Fraiser is in labor."

"Ooooohh." Dad and Teal'c looked at each other with understanding glances. "Has she threatened to kill Siler yet?"

Jorge nodded. "That's how I knew it probably wasn't a good time to pull Mom away."

"You know, she said that with the last four and somehow she keeps getting pregnant."

"Dad!" Jorge screeched, mostly unintentionally.

"What?" He gave her an innocent look.

"Your father is correct, Jorgeanne. If either Sergeant Siler or Doctor Fraiser would take her threats seriously, there would be no more Siler children," Teal'c clarified.

"I know, but that doesn't mean I need to talk about it with my Dad." Jorge shuddered. "Ewww."

- . -

Like all the other Siler children, Doc's newest baby was too cute for words. Cute little tiny nose, a head that wasn't shaped like Thor's, teeny tiny toes and fingers, a little mouth that was adorable when it yawned.

Being a mother five times over, Doc was over the novelty. Not to say that she wasn't excited and she didn't love her youngest child, but she was all about handing him around to anyone who wanted to see him. Right now Jorge was enjoying her turn. The thing she liked most about babies, right now at least, was being able to play with them and then hand them away to their mothers when they got needy.

"If he needs me," Doc had told her, "come get me. I'll be in my house, asleep."

Siler helped his wife to their home and returned once he had gotten her in bed. He was watching his son over Jorge's shoulder. "I don't have to monopolize all of his time," Jorge said, giving him a chance to take his kid back.

Siler shook his head non-committedly. "No, that's okay, you can hold him a little longer."

Jorge could tell he didn't really mean that. Oh, Siler, so non-aggressive. Maybe that was why he and Doc got together, a level head and a little spit fire. "Well, I'd love to stay, but my mom and I were supposed to get some work done today." That wasn't a lie. Sure, after Doc being in labor all day, Mom probably wasn't in the mood to get anything done, but Jorge really couldn't say 'no' to the puppy-dog Siler face.

Siler smiled.

He was such a cute man.

Jorge handed the baby over to him and he smiled even more. "I'll see you later, Sergeant," she said, heading towards the door. "And congratulations."

He didn't really respond, bopping his son's nose with his index finger.

He was so adorable. Both of them were.

- . - - - . -