Living Life After

Chapter Three

Third in the "Life After" series.

Based upon Stargate: SG-1.

- . - - - . -

They were left alone for a long time. Jorge wasn't sure why. But when they came back, they took her as well. They were forced to their knees in front of a man standing on a raised platform.

"I am the God, Ba'al," he introduced himself in that voice the Goa'uld spoke in. It was the voice Selmak spoke in. He slowly made his way down the few steps of his dais and circled them slowly. He paused in front of her once he had circled them once. "You look very much like your mother, Young Carter. Though," he folded his arms casually. "I admit I haven't seen her in some time." He smiled a smile Jorge didn't like in the least, "She and I were . . . quite close."

Jorge shuddered. He was lying. She knew he was lying.

Ba'al tilted his head and observed her carefully. "In fact, if I'm any judge of human growth, the last time I graced your mother with my . . . presence was perhaps just under a year before you were born."

"LIAR!" John shouted. "You dirty liar! My mom would never have touched you, you slimy -"

The Jaffa standing behind John kicked him in the back, sending him face first into the floor. The Jaffa then pulled him upright and Ba'al bent down in front of him. "Your mother?" he asked. Another smile then crossed his face. "You look like your father. I never would have imagined that Colonels Carter and O'Neill would have ended up mates." He almost spat out the word as if it disgusted him. "How delightful for me, though."

John licked his lip, which he must have just cut open on his short trip to the floor.

"You sound surprised," Jorge said, her O'Neill impudence showing through. "If you're a God, wouldn't you have known that already?"

Ba'al chuckled but didn't answer her question. He instead walked towards one of his Jaffa holding a pillow with an object Jorge couldn't see. He turned around, fitting a ribbon device to his hand. Jorge unconsciously took a sharp inhale.

Ba'al smiled that slimey smile again. "I'm glad you recognize this, Young Carter," he said to her. "I was concerned that your dear parents had sheltered you." He shot his hand out towards John, activating the device.


John's eyes rolled back in his head and he waivered, but the Jaffa kept him upright.

Ba'al watched her. "This can stop at any time," he told her in that disgustingly charming tone he had. After several moments, he released John and focused on Siler.

"What do you want?" Jorge asked. She knew she wasn't supposed to tell him anything, but this had to stop.

Ba'al laughed. Not the dry chuckle he had released before. "That is a good question." He released Siler as the sergeant lost consciousness and fell to the ground. He slowly advanced on her. "I would like to know what you can do for me."

Jorge couldn't take her eyes of his hand, the ribbon device slowly getting closer to her. He hadn't really asked her a question, so she didn't really have an answer.

Just then, Siler jumped up from the ground with speed unexpected from a man with broken ribs, grabbed a staff weapon and hit a Jaffa over the back of the head with it. Ba'al turned around just in time to be shot in the stomach. The Goa'uld went down.

Jorge and John stared wide eyed at the Sergeant as he shot the five other Jaffa in the room. Siler stepped over the dead Goa'uld. "Nobody messes with my kids," he said. Without waiting for the statement to sink in he headed towards the door but noticed they weren't with him. "Come on, let's go."

They both jumped up, John grabbing a staff weapon and Jorge grabbing a zat, and they followed Siler down the hall back to where the children were being kept.

- . -

The door wasn't locked from the outside. It had been sealed from the inside, it had been one of the first things Jorge had done when they were all locked inside. The door slid open and the terrified kids inside jumped up.

"Dad!" the Siler children exclaimed almost in perfect unison. He went to one knee and his children ran to him. There was a short group hug and he stood up.

"Come on, we're going home."

Jorge picked up Emily, and John picked up Major Tomlin's four year old son after he handed the staff weapon he had to the oldest kid there, the thirteen year old son of Doctor Carrigan. Siler leading the way, and Carrigan bringing up the rear, they snuck through the mothership, looking for a ring room.

After ten minutes or so of wandering, Siler stopped. He leaned up against the bulkhead and held his ribs.

"We're lost aren't we?" Jorge asked him quietly.

He nodded. "I've never been one of these before. I don't really know where we're going."

Jorge was about to respond but Siler held his hand up for her to be silent. He cocked his head, listening.


Jorge turned around and motioned for everyone to be quiet. She listened carefully. It wasn't the sound of marching feet, like one would expect with Jaffa. They were quiet steps, shuffling almost. They moved in quick short bursts; almost like an assault team.

They couldn't be Jaffa, they were too quiet.

"Marco!" Siler called softly, but loud enough to carry.

"Polo!" a voice replied. Her father's voice.



The went towards the voice, and the voice came towards them.

"Dad!" Jorge exclaimed upon seeing her father in a tactical vest with a P90 strapped to his chest.

"Jorgeanne!" He rarely used her first name. "Is this everyone?" he asked, looking at their group.

"Yes, Sir," Siler replied. "This is everyone. We need to leave, the Jaffa are going to realize Ba'al is dead."

"Ba'al is dead?" Mom asked, coming to the front of the group.

John flashed her an O'Neillian smile. "Siler killed him."

Dad's smile matched John's. "Way to go, Siler." He didn't let the moment last. "Let's go."

Mom lead them to the ring room. They were almost there when they ran directly into a squad of three Jaffa. Everyone was startled, at first. Then the shooting began. Jorge crouched down around a corner, covering Emily with her body. When the shooting stopped, she looked up, the three Jaffa were dead.

"Doubletime!" Captain Withey, one of the Marines, called out. "Let's move!"

They jogged the rest of the way to the ring room. The entire group squeezed onto the platform, leaving just enough room for Mom to join them. She activated the rings, and squeezed onto the platform. Jorge noticed that Dad put his arm around her waist, pulling her in just a little tighter. Sometimes Jorge forgot that her parents were - like - a real couple. Weird.

They materialized on the surface and started to move.

"Daddy!" Emily called out, looking over Jorge's shoulder.

Jorge turned to see Siler doubled over and coughing.

Dad went back to him. "What's going on, Siler?"

"My ribs are broken, Sir."

"You just need a minute, right?"

"Take them and go."

Dad glanced behind him. "Yeah, we're leaving," he reassured Siler. "Wilson, Thomas, stay here with Siler. We're gonna head towards the 'gate. We'll wait for you when we get there. If something goes down, we'll get these kids home and send a team back. If not, we're all going through together. Understand?"

Wilson and Thomas nodded, "Yes, Sir."

Dad turned around and headed to the front of their gaggle. "Alright, let's go."

"Daddy!" Emily shouted, realizing Siler wasn't coming with them yet.

Siler came up to her and kissed her forehead. "I'm just gonna make sure we're not being followed. I'll meet up with you at the stargate, okay?"

She nodded.

"I love you," he said.

She reached for him. He hugged her. "Love you, too, Daddy."

Siler kissed his daughter again and stepped back. Jorge moved Emily from her hip to her back, using one hand to hold onto both the little girl's arms which were fastened around her neck. The group took off at a light jog, leaving Siler and the other two behind.

Jorge had no idea how far the stargate was, but she knew the ring platform probably wasn't too far from it. At most a mile. She could do that, run a mile with a 3 year old on her back. Piece of cake.

Shots rang out.

The entire party skidded to a stop. Dad was on his radio immediately. "Thomas!" There was silence for a moment. "Thomas!"

Dad's radio crackled to life. "One patrol came down, Sir, but we took care of them. How close are you to the gate?"

"'Bout a quarter mile out."

"Alright, Sir, we're gonna start following you."

"Understood." Dad made a large sweeping gesture, "Alright, let's go."

They continued their jogging pace to the 'gate. Jorge set Emily down once their group reached the stargate. Doctor Van Bergen stopped right next to the DHD, in case they needed to dial out immediately. Jorge crouched down in front of Emily and forced a smile. "Your dad's gonna catch up with us in just a minute, okay?"

Emily nodded.

It was quiet for a few minutes. Jorge kept looking up at Dad who was alternating between watching the path they had arrived on and staring at his watch.

Staff blasts interrupted the silence.

"Thomas!" Dad barked into his radio.

Gunfire. It was close.

Dad pointed at Doctor Van Bergen. "Dial!" He grabbed his radio again. "Thomas!"

More staff blasts and gunfire.

Thomas' voice crackled over the radio. "We're coming, Sir!"

The stargate activated.

"Tell Siler to kick in high gear!"

About thirty five seconds of scattered gunfire and staff blasts later, Thomas responded, "Sir, we're about a minute out. You better head through, we'll be right behind you."

Dad made gestures pointing towards the 'gate. "You heard the man, let's go!"

Jorge scooped up Emily and rushed through the event horizon. She was met by the familiar site of home on the other side, defense teams stood at the ready. Everyone followed her through and turned to stare at the stargate.

She could tell Dad was counting in his head, she was doing the same. One Mississippi . . . Two Mississippi . . . Three Mississippi . . .

Wilson and Thomas burst through with Siler half suspended, half walking between them.

"Disengage the stargate!" Mom shouted to the control room.

The stargate fizzled out.

Siler almost fell into a sitting position on the steps that lead to the 'gate. Jorge set Emily down and the little girl ran towards her father and sat on his lap. His other three children joined them.

Jorge just saw a blur as Doc Fraiser rushed by her, her baby in her arms. She threw an arm around her husband and two of her children. Somehow, Siler ended up with his infant son in his arms, and Doc Fraiser couldn't decide which of her children needed the life squeezed out of them first.

A hand touched her shoulder.

Jorge turned to see her father. Unbidden, tears burst from her eyes. She threw her arms around Dad, suddenly sobbing uncontrollably. Dad's arms came around her firmly.

"You came for me," she sobbed. She wasn't really sure why she was crying. She had been fine up until she wasn't.

Dad rubbed her back, making her feel a little better. "Always." He kissed the top of her head. "Always."

- . - FIN - . -