Royal Girl's Kitty

Chapter 1: ~Adopted~

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In the summer day, Kami drove with her father to the Turnner's residence. The house itself was breath taking; it was a big white and dark blue house. The way top was pointed and the giant double doors opened, reminded Kami about a castle in a fairy tale.

Kami was a 13 year old girl. She had shoulder length, blonde hair with light brown streaks. Her eyes were baby blue and had fair, pale skin. She had come here because her father had told her to, which is a change for once, and she kinda liked it.

As they got out and walked to the door, the owner caught sight of them. "Ah, Mitchell how good to see you." He bellowed as he walked over.

"Yes, it's good to see you too Mr. Turnner." Her father returned "I was wondering if your son might be here?"

"Yes! He's inside with Maggie but I see you have your daughter with you." The older man said.

To her this man looks like a drunk. His raged hair that looks like it hasn't been brushed today, his mustache that covers his whole upper lip, and he always has some kind of liquor with him. Most of the time the liquor would splash onto his blue suit because of his rumbling laughter. So, his smell would always be tangy and really strong.

He stepped closer to her saying, "Hello, sweet heart! I haven't seen you in a while, how old are you now?"

"13," Kami quietly replied from halfway behind her father, who looked away with an annoyed face.

"13? You're that old but still this tiny? Mitchell do you feed her enough?" he asked with a wall shaking laugh.

Her father didn't take it funny but smiled and said, "It was nice seeing you again Mr. Turnner but we must go now."

"Ah, yes! You were here to see my boy well go ahead then and I'll see you too then, Miss Kami." The bulgy man smiled and held his big hand out to her.

She took it with a small smile and nodded, and then her face went a little confused. When she brought her hand back and looked at it, there, a piece of candy was in her tiny hand.

When she looked back up at him, he had already begun walking away. Before her father could see, she put it in the pocket of her skirt and looked up at him.

He looked back at her and said "What?"

"Nothing daddy I was just looking at that kitty behind Mr. Turnner." She replied. He looked at her questionably and looked back at Mr. Turnner. Following close behind him was a white, orange, and brown calico cat. It was female and she had a diamonded, indigo bow tied around her neck.

"Yes, that's a reason why we're here. Come on lets go inside." He tugged on her hand and she followed close behind looking a bit confused.

Inside it was amazing, Kami had never actually been inside the house but now she was what was inside. CATS!

Her father wasn't too fond of felines but he thought they were better than dogs. They keep themselves clean, don't mess with people much, and use the bathroom themselves.

He looked down at his daughter and it looked like her eyes would pop out of her head. He squeezed her hand and looked ahead, making her look at him. "Yes, father?" she asked in an innocent voice.

He saw a man walk past one of the doors and said loudly, "Hello Manny."

The man walked backwards to see his friend and came out quickly. This mad Kami hide behind her father. "Finally you're here! You know I'm not running a time shop!" Manny said enthusiastically.

"Yes, I know but I had to pick my daughter up from her lessons." Mitchell said to him. Kami wasn't paying any attention, nope; her's was all on the cats! She's never owned a cat before of rather any animals that is. She remembers once her father let her have a bird, but it died when they went on vacation, leaving the poor thing alone.

Her attention was on the man when he moved to her father's side, looking down at her talking. "So, this is your daughter Mitchell! Well if she isn't as cute as a new born baby kitten!" his voice wasn't as loud as the owner, Mr. Turnner, but it was quite manly. His words where making Kami blush, too.

"T-thank you." She said shyly.

"Tell me Lady Kami…" she was wondering why everyone where calling her things like 'lady' and 'miss' but she decided not to ask. "…do you like kitties?" he asked her.

Her eyes lit up, "Y-yes sir!" she said loudly making her father looked down at her.

Manny laughed, "Is that so? Well guess what."

"What?" she asked lifting her head up.

"Your daddy said you can take one home to keep." He smiled at her.

She was frozen for a minute then looked back up at her father with dish plate eyes. He sighed, "Yes, I suppose I did, didn't I. Well choose one-AH!" he wasn't able to finish his sentence because he was jumped.

Kami had thrown her arms around his waist repeating, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Daddy!"

He pets her head saying, "Owning an animal is a lot of work. You need to keep it fed, watered, and happy. I'll make sure the butler, James, keeps the litter box clean but you don't take care of it then it's out." He told her in a stern voice.

She nodded looking at Manny. "Are there any ones I can't choose?" she asked.

He smiled, "You can choose any of them that don't have a collar." She looked closely and noticed a few have collars. She nodded again and began to walk towards the cats.

She was searching through them when her eyes stopped on a white cat. It had a fluffy white tail, flat slick fur, and dark alluring blue eyes. She tilted her head slightly and walked up to the cat. It really was beautiful even up close.

She fell to her knees gaining the attention of the cat. When it looked at her, she was noticing it looked like it was glaring at her.

She smiled sweetly saying quietly, "Hello, my name's Kami. You're very pretty Miss Kitty." She smiled sweetly at it again.

The cat swished its tail in an annoyed manner and sat up looking at her.

She looked at the cat's beautiful eyes and asked, "Would you like to go home with me?" the cat's tail stopped and it kept still. She tilted her head to the cat, when her dad walked up.

"Did you find one because we have to go." He looked down at her with his hands in his pockets looking at the cat. "Manny, I think she got one. Bring the kennel."

Kami was so happy her father saw her smile from ear to ear saying, "Thank you, again, father! Thank you so much!"

He nodded at her and looked over at Manny's, who was coming over holding a small, white kennel. He stopped when he saw Kami knelt down in front of the fluffy tailed, white kitty.

He took a minute then looked at her. "Uh, Kami, are you sure you want this-" he was cut off by Kami's hyper, girl voice.

"Yes sir! This is the one I want. I've always liked white, fluffy things." She smiled like the sun up at him and he thought his heart would burst right there.

He sighed and smiled down at her. "Ok, let's get it in the carrier then." Kami giggled trying not to squeal he smiled even wider, and her dad looked at his watch.

"Come on I have another meeting in half an hour." Her father said. When the cat was. Reluctantly, in the carrier; Manny gave it to her father. "Thank you, Manny. I needed something to take her mind off of…well you now." He looked at him with sadness in his eyes.

Manny smiled and pat his friend on the shoulder. "Of course, anything for you…but Mitchell be careful with that cat. Get its shots and make sure it doesn't get into any trouble with Kami." He said as Mitchell furrowed his brows.

"But I thought all your cats had their shots and were fixed." He asked in more of a suggesting voice now.

Manny shook his head and pointed to the cage with the hissing cat. "I got all the cats checked for diseases; none have any. But I found this cat in the woods by my house."

"…" Mitchell looked down at the cat. It's blue eyes narrowed at him, tail swishing from side to side irritatedly, and it's making a sound in the back of it throat like an annoyed groan but going longer.

"Daddy?" he looked down to see Kami looking straight up at him with cute eyes. He sighed and looked at his friend again.

"So, it has no diseases but it's not fixed?" he asked and Manny nodded with a smile. "Ok come on Kami, we're going home before I completely miss my meeting." He grabbed her hand and walked quickly to the door.

"Bye! Come back soon Lady Kami!" Manny yelled when they were in the car. A woman with long brown hair walked up beside him and smiled at the car.

'Guess that's Mrs. Maggie, the woman Mr. Turnner said Mr. Manny was with." She thought as they drove off. She was in the front seat and looked back at the white kennel. It had a seat belt around it and was facing sideways, so she couldn't see her new kitty.

She was happy and now going home, she looked up at her father. He was facing the street with…is that a smile? She smiled and whispered, "Thank you, Daddy."

He just nodded and continued watched the road. She looked ahead and thought, 'I can't wait to get home!'

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