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"Do you have the impression that you can tell me what to do, Hawthorne?"

"Why are you so stubborn?"

"I could possibly ask you the same thing."

"You can't come to the Capitol with us!"

"Why? Will I distract your shot? Oh, poo."

Gale let out a frustrated sigh and I raised my eyebrows. He looked up and then he looked down and fixed his gaze on me. "Why do you have to be so annoying, Adriana?"

It stung. Every time he said something like that, it stung a lot. I didn't show it, a lot of things stung in my life. My parents were dead, but it didn't matter because they loved my younger sister and older brother more than me. My best friend basically abandoned me for said older brother. My sister won't even talk to me because she's heartbroken over the loss of our mother. I was stuck in an underground asylum having intelligent conversations with walls in a place most people called home.

And then Gale had to come along and make everything just that much worse.

I'll admit, I was a bit annoying and loud and opinionated, but that was my personality. It wasn't very comely, everyone seemed to have a problem with it, but you can't change the way a person is born. No matter how much people curse and gossip, contrary to popular belief.

And, I guess confession number two would be that I would really like to say that Gale was the one person that was kind to me and accepted me. Except he didn't. He always despised my loud manner. He never even acknowledged that I helped heal his wounds after the new Peacekeeper whipped him. I was merely an annoying, younger fourth cousin twice removed to him. Though I was only a year younger. And I wasn't even slightly related to him, as a matter of fact.

So yes, I didn't even get pitiful sympathy from the one person I ever had any romantic feelings for.

Those romantic feelings, however, turned to quite an ardent hatred after the bombing.

"I'm coming whether you like it or not. You might think I'm weak and worthless, but I'm strong. And I'm not going to sit around in this cuckoo hole going crazy and doing absolutely nothing. I'm going to fight for my freedom. Can't anyone respect that?"

"Why do you suddenly want to help? Why are you suddenly interested?"

My shoulders slumped as I gazed confoundedly at him. "I've always cared. You think you were the only one with a hard life?"

"I didn't say that—"

"But you thought it. Everybody does. 'Oh look, self-important Addy out for a walk.' Thanks for the support, Hawthorne."

I stared through the one-way mirror at the slumped form of Peeta. He was back, and unfortunately off his rocker. Peeta had grown to be my brother in the years my parents dropped me off at the Mellarks while they went off to work or to do amazing things with their other children. I barely recognized him as he sat there, concentrating on absolutely nothing. They wanted me to go talk to him.

Apparently they needed me now.

I looked behind me to see Gale, Katniss, Plutarch, and President Coin impatiently waiting for me to go in. I took a deep breath and approached the door. I twisted the knob as slowly as I could, dreading the way this was going to turn out. What if he hated me too? That would be the end of the rope. Then I would have nobody, no hope.

I stepped in the room and closed the door behind me. Peeta looked up. He started at me for a bit, almost confused, and then a small, slow smile lit his face. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I was so relieved. I approached the bed and sat on the end next to him.

"Have they trapped you too, Addy?" he asked.

He was utterly brainwashed. But he was all I had. "Not exactly. Though I'm glad you remember me. I do like to think I'm the only sane person left here."

"Me and you the same."

Not so much you, darling…

"Like two peas in a pod, we'll figure it out together. How about you get some rest and I'll talk to you about the confusing stuff tomorrow. There's plenty of time."

"Thanks Addy."

He lay down on the bed and I stepped out of the room, closing the door softly behind me. Immediately, Katniss and Gale clamored me, Plutarch and Coin in tow. I tried to hold back the eye-roll threatening to spill out all over their complaints and my obvious annoyance at their immaturity.

"We don't have any time! Why'd you tell him that?" Gale asked furiously. Katniss was staring at me angrily.

I crossed my arms. "He's in no state to talk about any rebellion. He'll pop if he just hears the word mockingjay, let alone Katniss. He's too angry. Too delusional. Tomorrow is another day. Just keep working on your silly propos."

"Tomorrow might not be another day!" Gale exclaimed.

"Gale, she's right," Katniss intervened. "We need to let him gain his bearings. He could be useful to the mission."

"Thank you," I replied.

"We're lucky he listens to you."

"I'm lucky myself. He's about the only person right now that considers me human. Even your designers are threatening to pluck every hair off my body in my sleep."

"The engagement of Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen surprised no one, but excited many…"

The televisions in the hospital in District 2 were on full blast. All the nurses and even some of the doctors were clamoring to get the juicy details of the victors' engagement. I kept walking around doing my rounds and making sure no one was stealing the morphling.

After the Rebellion was won, I had been transported to the main hospital in District 2 as the head of medicine. Though I was not required to do the lowly work of every day doctors, I still did. It calmed me and it was my passion.

It was actually a night shift; few people were actually at the hospital. It was the best time to think in all the quiet filling the air of the sterile environment I lived for. Suddenly, Drina Stone, a nurse and a close friend of mine, slid into the room I was checking with a panicked look on her face.

"What's up, Dri?" I asked with a smile.

"We've got an OD, wanna handle it with me?" she informed me.

I dropped the chart back in its place and chased after her through the white halls. "For sure."

The patient had, of course, taken morphling. It was fairly easy to pump it out of his stomach. The landlord of the apartment building he lived in heard loud clamoring in his flat. The drug was barely digested, but quite a lot was taken. We had to give him an IV or he would've been a goner. We also had to place stitches on the cuts on his wrists and bandage them.

When Gale woke up, I was sitting in the armchair next to his bed. He groaned and looked around a bit until his eyes fell on me. He frowned and rubbed his eyes. When he was sure I was there, he slowly sat himself up in his bed. It was quiet for a long while as he tried to comprehend what was happening.

"This is some nightmare," he finally said.

"That's, by far, the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me in the morning," I replied sarcastically.

"Why are you here?"

"The better question is, why are you here?"

"I work here."

"The main hospital of District 2?"

"No, just District 2."

I pressed my lips together. "Do you remember last night at all?"

"I took my medication and went to bed."

"That was quite a lot of morphling. I don't know why a healthy twenty-five year old man like you would need it. And was the medicine taken orally or entered into your bloodstream via pocket knife?"

"How am I supposed to reply to that?"

"All of Panem knows about Katniss and Peeta's engagement, Gale. You don't need to hide from me."

"Well, you've got me all figured out, don't you?"

I took a deep breath and tried not to smack him. "Welcome to the world of the second best, Hawthorne. We're glad you've finally decided to join the club. I would like to happily inform you that I'm the club's president," I said. I got up and turned to leave the room. "Don't play with me, Hawthorne. I don't take kindly to it."

"Well, darling, you look to be in tip-top shape!" I said, handing five year-old Ruby a green lollipop.

"Thank you Dr. Whiteberry!" she said excitedly, hopping down from her seat and hugging my legs.

I laughed and patted her head. "That's Addy to you, sweetheart. Now go off to Nurse Dri and she'll give you a prize for being so amazing."

"Thank you Dr. Addy!" she yelled before running off to hug Dri's legs. Dri was trying to flirt with a senior doctor in that moment. I personally think it won her a few points.

I turned to Mrs. Minford. She was smiling at Ruby's jumping figure. She turned to me and smiled kindly. "Thank you so much."

I smiled and shook my head. "You can't even tell she's on treatment."

Completely out of the blue, her short stature sprang up and hugged me. My arms splayed out in surprise at first, but I soon hugged her sobbing form. I tried to comfort her, but it was difficult. Her daughter was born with a deadly disease that she was fighting so strongly for such a small girl. I had been with that little girl since her first breaths. I could barely stand to leave to District 12 for a week for Peeta and Katniss's weeding. I'd been trying to put it off for the past two and a half months.

"Thank you so much," she sobbed.

"She's like my niece. She's going to stay alive because I don't know what I'd do without that jumping spirit."

She pulled away and took little Ruby back home. I stayed in the glass check-up room for a little while longer, looking over Ruby's folder to see if there was anything I missed and adding the crucial details. When I finally finished, I pushed in my chair and stepped out of the room. I almost missed Gale's towering figure waiting right by the door.

I looked at him in surprise as I handed the file to the nurse at the front desk. I crossed my arms and stared at him awhile longer, daring him to start the conversation. He stayed quiet.

"Since when have you been here?"

"Since about the green lollipop."

I nodded. "Ruby's a sweet girl."

"She clearly matters a lot to you."

"She does."

"You know, I've been doing some thinking these past couple of months."

"Really now? And how's that been working out for you?"

"Splendidly actually. I've figured out a few important things."

"Care to share?"

"Well, for one, I'm a poor judge of character."

"I could've told you that one."

"There are many people I should've appreciated. But I didn't."


"Which brings me to my second point."

I raised my eyebrows and looked up at him. "And what could that possibly be?"


She looked up at me with her eyebrows raised. "And what could that possibly be?"

Addy was stunningly beautiful, I had no idea how I missed her before. Her honey blond hair would usually curl down her back, but at work she kept it contained within a professional French braid. Her grey eyes were almost haunting. They followed you everywhere and read your soul. She never broke eye contact, when she talked to people she was strong.

I decided against everything that told me I was being an idiot and just went with what I had planned. I knew if I didn't do anything now, I would never have a chance again. Besides, what else could I say? 'I greatly enjoy the pie they make here'?


Gale seemed to be having an internal battle, which I was totally okay with watching. He looked like he needed to go pee really badly.

Finally, and completely out of the blue, he bent down and kissed me. He held me close and thank God for that because I probably would've tripped over air otherwise. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

Let's just say I didn't hesitate to kiss him back.

When he pulled away he still kept me close and awaited my response.

"Gale, I'm sorry to inform you that I am currently in a long-lasting relationship with strawberry rhubarb pie."

He gave me a look of surprise. "You too?"

I laughed softly. "No, really. Why now?"

His face softened as he looked at me and tried to come up with the right words to sum it all up. "First of all, I don't know how I didn't notice you liked me all this time."

I gaped. "For like a week when I was seventeen. Give me a break."

"A week," he stated. "You sure about that?"

"Maybe two…" he continued to stare at me. I rolled my eyes. "All right, but I'm sure I hated you the whole time after the bombing."

"I'm sure of that too."

"You are?"

"Let's just say, I was much less than kind. Besides, we're too much alike to get along. All the things I hated about you, it seemed I possessed."

"How insightful, Mr. Hawthorne. Did you ever think of, oh, I don't know, approaching the situation a little earlier?

"You know, I'm not the only one at fault here."

"I'm not saying that."

"Well, good. Because this brings me to my third point."

"And that would be?"

"I don't know how I missed such a beautiful person."

"Aww! So mushy and vomit-inducing!"

"I worked on that single line all day."

"Glad to hear it."

"Hey guys," Dri's voice came from the hallway. "If you're all done here, fixing your issues and all, the doctor has three more patients to go and then she's free. Just a head's up."

"Addy! I'm so glad to see you! And… Gale. And you're holding hands. That's interesting."

My sister, Tia, was the first to ambush us at the wedding, surprisingly. She never had any contact with me after I left or before. I thought she'd forgotten she had a sister. Apparently not. Anyways, her little outburst got people filing in to get the juicy scoop.

Most of them were surprised I was able to make any catch. How kind of them.

Finally, I saw Peeta.

"Hey! There's the man of the hour!" I exclaimed hugging him.

"Several hours, actually," he replied with a laugh. "And I think you should go help Katniss. She's not listening to Effie."

"Well, that's probably because she's trying to get her in a dress. I'll handle it."

Let's just say it took more than my persuasive powers to get her in a dress.

I think if Haymitch hadn't threatened her with the liquor bottle and made her chase him with a knife, she would've never put on that dress.

Oh, and the small fact of Effie and me stealing all her other clothes.

Alas, the bride was dressed and the wedding commenced. Everything was peaceful and perfect for a city that had been bombed only five and a half years ago and I think even Katniss forgot she was in a dress. Even the skies decided that they would be graceful on that day.

Since the day was so nice, the reception was all held outside on an open green field. The grass was at least a foot high and covered everyone's feet so it was almost impossible to dance, but it was still plenty of fun. The white tables were nearly covered by the grass.

As night fell, people started to stow away table and chairs and take down the huge tent that covered the party. It was a beautiful day and one that I would always remember. But still not as memorable as the next wedding I attended.

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