For all of you wondering, this is not a regular Story of Evil story. Take a guess from the title to see what the twist is.

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Len…please come back.

I shivered in the knee deep water, but I didn't care. Let the cold wash over me and drench me with some sort of feeling. As I clenched the glass bottle, I couldn't help but remember that terrible night…

"Rin…"he looked so sad at that time; I didn't even know why yet.

"Len, it's just a revolt, so do something about it!" he avoided my eyes again, and didn't speak.

"Well?" I asked hotly. He then looked me straight in the eyes with a solemn and serious expression.

"It's not just a revolt my highness…it's a revolution." I didn't see the difference at first, but as I looked out the window, I finally got it. They would take over, and have me killed. I quickly backed away, and stared in shock into no known direction. My servant Len walked towards me and was about to wrap me in his warm arms, but a loud noise got our attention. From the hallway, we could hear the shouts and footsteps of someone running towards us.

"Hurry, let's go!" Len grabbed my hand, and together we ran to the highest room in the castle. My bedroom. It didn't make a difference though. By that point, I had already accepted my fate, but was terrified of it after that, I couldn't remember exactly what happened. The last thing I could remember was Len taking his clothes off and telling me to change into them and flee the castle, saying we were twins so it would be alright. It was a blur, and happened so quickly, I didn't understand the whole situation until I ran out of the castle. But by then, it was too late.

Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes, threating to fall without warning, but I kept them in. I don't deserve it, and crying won't bring Len back. Nothing will…but this small wish. His last wish.

If we were ever to be reborn,

At that time, I would like to be with you again

I cringed at the thought of his smiling face. His loving embraces. Even when I had him kill that girl, he still embraced me as if I wasn't evil. Hot tears slid down my cheek, but I didn't care. Dropping the message, I fell into the water, hands covering my face.

"Len…LEN!" I cried out to him, though I knew he wouldn't come. He was dead.

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry Len. For all I've done. You were always there for me, yet I was always so cruel. "

"Even if everyone hates you…even if you are evil…I will always love you. So please, smile."

Why would you say that? Why would you say that! I sobbed loudly as I shook from anger and grief. He shouldn't have loved me! I don't deserve it! It should have been me to die! I should have…

I stopped shaking for a moment and looked up. A breeze blew and my tears drying them, but I ignored it. I tried to contemplate why I was so worked up about this. Why?

Because of me. Of whom I am. Even if I was evil to everyone else, I always tried to be kinder to Len. He made me smile. I needed him. Only now do I realize I loved him…but it's too late for that! I can never tell him! He's gone and it's all my fault! I'm glad he died though! At least now he's free from me!

Regret washed over me as I took back all of my hate and actions from before. So many things I would do different. I placed my hands in my face and cried hopelessly into them. Between sobs of pain, I managed to get my words out.

"If I could *sobs* if I could go back…I would change the past, so you lived in the end. My life *sobs* my evil life should pay for my selfish acts of inhumanity…" I couldn't continue though, and simply yelled out in anger.

"Len! I'm sorry Len! Please forgive me!" I shut my eyes tighter and whispered out to the ocean. "Please gods…please listen to me."


"Rin, you need to know something…something important…," It was terrible. Like I could hear his voice again, speaking in his kind and soft voice. So close…


"Rin…I will always protect you…even now..." It sounded so real; I couldn't even hear the sounds of the waves anymore; almost like I was there again.

"Even though this seems bad, I promise I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe from them." I felt a hand on my back, and turned around in shock. Before me, alive again, was my brother Len.

"Len? Why are you…?" I was no longer at the beach, but in my bedroom. I was dressed in an extravagant yellow dress; not the cloak I've grown so accustomed to wearing. I tried to speak, but nothing came out, so I simply stared into the sad cerulean eyes I had missed so much. Smiling.