And so I ran once more. Ran until I couldn't run any longer. Last night I selpt on the street, and woke up late into the morning. I was woken up by people laughing and running besides me. I asked what all the commotion was about.

"Didn't you hear? They announced that the queen will be executed at 3'o clock today. What a joyous occasion!" A man said smiling. I looked back at him in shock, though I knew the execution would have happened anyway. He looked me up and down suspiciously.

"Hey…you know what? You look just like the queen herself. Course, I never got a close look at her, but still…" I pushed him out of the way and ran from there. I ran to the only place I could think of that Len would be. The prison.

The guards wouldn't let me in saying how the queen was being held in there. I went far behind the jail, and looked through all the bars that led into the holding cells. They were all empty. Probably because of the revolution. I looked through them all, but no living thing was there except the mice. I knew the guards were lying; there was no way they would hold the queen in there.

It should be me. I'm the evil queen, not my brother! He's done nothing wrong, and yet he will die today when I should be. I got to my knees and pulled his cloak around me.

"It's useless…" I cried into my hands.

"Rin?" someone said from behind the bars. I jumped up quickly and looked through. Slowly, a figure walked towards me. It was Len. He was wearing rags and looked as though he was beaten badly, but I could still see his sweet face smiling at me. I don't deserve it though.

I got close to the bars once more and desperately grasped them. The cells were dug out, so I was looking down on him. I reached my hand through hoping he would grab it and escape. Somehow fit through the bars and run away with me. But he didn't. He took my hand and kissed it tenderly instead. Even with death quickly approaching, he was still playing servant. It brought tears to my already wet eyes.

"Rin, you know I can't escape from here."

"I don't care Len! Tell the guards it's you! Tell them I'm the real queen! I'm the one they want! I'm the evil one…"

"You're not evil. Your kind and sweet. Rin, your everything to me." I moved my face closer to the bars and was met with his close to them also. I brought my hand to his face and rubbed my thumb against his cheek softly. He closed his eyes and leaned into it. My dear brother that I love so much…I will never see him again after today. I want go through that again. There must be a reason why I was sent to re-live this period in my life.

"Then… I will tell them." I was about to get up and run around to the front to reveal myself when Len grabbed my wrist through the bars and held tightly.

"No, don't. Rin, as this last wish for you, please let me take your place. I want nothing more than for you to live. Live a new life without the politics and army's to worry about. A life were you'll be happy…without me."

"No! Don't you get it? I can't be happy without you! If you leave me then…then…" he placed his finger over my mouth in a shushing manner and looked at me with crystal blue pleading eyes.

"Alright, it's almost time then…get the prisoner and let's go." The guards from the inside were saying. I checked my pocket watch and the big hand was on the two while the little hand was on the nine. The end was near already.

"May I see your watch quickly!" he said realizing we were rushed. I gave it to him and he disappeared for a second, but then reappeared again holding it out for me. I took it and looked at him one last time before we had to part.

"Rin, please promise me you'll see me off with a smile?" he asked before sinking into the darkness. Light flooded into the room and shouts could be heard, but I ran away so quickly they seemed muffled by the wind. To where I was running, I had no idea, but I felt as if I needed to run out all of my fears and sadness. All of the sad memories of us together. They would never happen again…

I stopped in place and stared hopelessly into the sky. I decided to open the watch again and count down my moment until misery would return. To my surprise, a note popped out.

If we were ever to be reborn,

At that time, I would like to be with you again

The last thing Len said to me before I ran away the first time. I didn't understand it then, but now…

I threw the watch down and stepped on it, making sure it was broken. I knew what I was going to do, and time would no longer get in my way.


"Daughter of Evil!"

"Die already!"

I heard the screams coming from a large crowd gathered in the square. I pushed through them all not caring who I shoved. On a platform that held a guillotine, Len was being led by rope by the knight in red, who turned out to be a woman. She seemed familiar, but I didn't care enough to think on it. I had one goal and one goal alone.

I made my way to the front of the crowd just as Len was being set into place. When I say set, I mean more like kicked by the woman. She held out a scroll and read it out loud.

"By the people of the Yellow Kingdom, I hereby sentence you to death by decapitation. Any oppose?" no one spoke up and it remained dead silent. I regretted everything in my life. It all is one big regret I only wish to take back. A terrible mistake that can't be fixed. Now, I know what I have to do. I can't go back to the way things were again.

"None? Then prepare to be executed. Guards! Drop th-,"

"WAIT!" I yelled as loudly as I could. Everyone looked directly at me as I stepped up onto the platform, hood still around my head.

"Just what do you think you are doing?" the woman asked rudely. I took a deep breath and looked at Len. He looked so helpless, yet he begged me with his eyes to not do what I was about to do.

"He is not the queen you are looking for." I stated simply. My heart pounded in my chest. If this worked…this was the end of me.


"Not the queen?"

"But he looks just like her, how is this possible?"

"What do mean it's not the queen?" she asked rudely again. I stopped were I was for a moment. As if time froze, I stayed in place.

I could still get out of this. I could still leave and live on. Find a new life...but instead I chose this life I was supposed to have.

"He's not the daughter of evil because I am!" I removed my hood and everyone gasped in shock. "He is merely my…servant." I couldn't look at Len and instead looked out into the crowd of people goggling at me.

"It's her, it's her! It's really her!"

"Capture her, seize her, sentence her to death!"

"Grab her!"

I was seized from behind by the woman and she looked me up and down. She motioned for the guards to dot the same to Len.

"It's a boy!" the shouted. The woman looked furious. They threw Len onto the ground, and he looked up at me sadly.

"Why Rin? Why did you…" he whispered tearfully.

"Please don't cry Len…" I said. It wasn't long before I was thrown onto the ground also, but the woman grabbed a fist of my hair and pulled me up so I was on my knees. She grasped it tightly as she yelled. I suddenly noticed a man coming towards us. The Prince of Blue. He got in front of me and looked down at me with sympathetic eyes. I winced at his sudden coldness as he turned away and held a hand up.

"Spare the servant, Kill the queen." He said.

"NO!" Len cried out, but the guard's held him tightly so that he couldn't escape. The woman withdrew her sword with her free hand and grasped my hair tighter.

"Citizens! The real Daughter of evil is with us now! By order of the Prince of Blue, I hereby sentence her to death! Any oppose?" a chorus of "Kill her!" answered her. My own people…hate me. I never needed them though, because I always had Len.

"Any last words?" she asked cruelly. I looked up and smiled.

"Yes. Bring my servant here." I said in a royal voice. They brought Len to me and he hugged my tightly despite the situation we were in.

"Why did you do it? "He asked tears streaming down his face.

"Please don't cry Len, I did it for you. You deserve to live a life without me ruining it. That way…you can be happy. I've enjoyed being with you but…now it's time for goodbye." I said still smiling.

"Don't say that Rin. I love you no matter what, whether it was as your servant or as your twin. Please know that I'll never be able to live happily again…without you."

In a voice so no one would hear, I looked gently at him and said these words, "At a time when things are better again, I would want to be with you Len. Please don't forget me." I was yanked back.

"Times up." The woman said. I looked at all the faces. Kaito had a look of confusion. I couldn't understand why, but I guess when you lose someone and find the person who caused their death, you get mixed feelings. The crowd held angry glares and ugly sneers.

I looked at Len one last time. He still had tears on his face. I smiled at him, and he gave me a sad halfhearted one back. I couldn't help but let my tears fall too. I hope he will be happy…

This was all happening so suddenly…I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I have no regrets. The woman knight raised her sword into the air above her head.

"Pease remember me, Len."

She brought it down and sliced my throat.

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