Story Give-Away!

Lindy's POV

When I saw him for the first time I thought I was going to puke. I held it in though and let him talk about himself. I thought it was kinda cute that we are so much alike. As the days went on, it was really as if we were meant for each other. When we were on vacation, and he told me to go to my father, I then knew that I loved him and he loved me back. When my dad wouldn't let me go back and see him, I thought he would never forgive me again, or even worse, never love me again. But when I heard that he was back in New York I knew I could still have a chance for him to forgive me. When I forgot the subway he lived by, I knew it was over. Even though I gave up mentally, my heart never did and something pushed me to search for him. That's when my dad's "customer" found me on the streets. When he grabbed me I thought my life was over. I kept calling Adrian, though. When we were in that abandoned room that's when he came and saved me. When he got shot I thought my life was over again. Then Adrian turned into Kyle and then I was so confused! I thought that somehow Adrian left. Then he spoke and I knew that my true love was right in front of me!

We walked home from school hand on hand. We stopped at a deli and ordered a 2 ft. long. Even though Kyle wasn't a beast anymore, he still ate like one! We shared it, kind of, he got 3/4 and I got 1/4. It was really good. When we walked out of the deli, he stopped near a fountain in the park. We sat on the ledge and I laid my head on his shoulder. He got up and then knelt on one knee. "My dear, dear Linda, you've been through so much with me in the last year and a half. I have to make a proposal to you." As he said that I almost screamed. "Will you…..look up at the sky?" I was really puzzled. He lifted my chin so I looked up, and there was a red airplane pulling a flag that said 'LINDY, WILL YOU MARRY ME?' I looked down at Kyle and he was blushing. I couldn't speak so I just nodded and let the tears fall over. He picked me up and spun me around. A horn honked and Kyle grabbed my hand and pulled me to a limo. We entered and sat on the farthest side from the door. He pulled me so close I was basically on his lap. We snuggled up really close and kissed. He broke it and poured himself a glass of wine. "Hey! Your only 18 just like me! Why are you drinking?" I yelled at him.

"My daddy's rich… when that happens, I can do whatever I want!" I gave him a dirty look and yelled, "isn't that why you got turned into a beast!" H H He gave me the 'what are you talking about look'. I smiled and gave him a big kiss on the lips before taking his wine and swigging it. He glared at me, laughed and licked my nose. "Ewwww!" I screamed.

I know this is short but it is really late!