Songstress of the Universe

Hello there I'm not an expert in writing fanfics, so I've decided to try this time only because I want Alto to be with Ranka, forget that he confessed to Sheryl, and all that stuff, in this fic he is gonna stay with kawaii Ranka… my heart needs this since I like the aruran couple a lot. XD

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of Macross Frontier neither the songs, although I might create Alto's rival in love for Ranka.

Without further presentation let's begin.

Chapter 1

Forget you

Rankas's POV

-Well… I guess that's it… Alto-kun prefers Sheryl-san after all… I feel so lonely… I'm alone… I feel how everything is crumbling down around me… my heart is broken… but it's fine… I'm not going to cry… I've decided… I'll support them… I'm strong… So only tonight… please only tonight… - I stared at the ceiling, rolled on my bed to turn my light off and looked at myself in the mirror, I have puffy eyes and tears streams are running down my face, tears that end splashing on my lap, I looked so screwed but I told myself…

- This night will be the last night, I will ever cry for you again… Saotome-san…

It's decided, I'll move on.

Normal POV

This were the words that Ranka Lee, The Princess of Hope, repeated herself that night, now her goal will be spreading her voice across the universe and maybe in the near future… she would find someone that truly worships, value, and of course loves her without any hesitations.

Before Alto was able to return from that terrible explosion, where everybody thought he was dead, three months had passed without any encounter with aliens and such, Sheryl Nome was still in a coma.

Ranka visited her on a daily basis at the hospital, she checked on her always, to see if the transfusion of her blood worked on her, besides that, Ranka talked her about her day, her accomplishments in music, about her concerts, about the tour she is going to make, and finally she always told her that Alto was definitely going to return to her side and wake her up.

Ranka was also worried about Alto's return, but now here worries were the ones like a friend, after three months of healing process, her heart wasn't still ready for a direct encounter with him, but besides that she really wanted to Sheryl for open her eyes and be happy with him, so for that miracle to happen, she prayed every night for their happiness.

Everybody tried very hard to locate Alto, and so, they found him, he was safely recovering in another Macross Fleet, so after some negotiations, his all awaited return was scheduled in 2 more days, he somehow managed to survive along with the vajras, and they dropped him on that fleet so they continued their travel across the universe, although he was injured badly, he recovered without any complications.

The news of his soon arrival, was well received by everyone, so now his friends are planning a little gathering, Mikhail, Luca, Nanase and Klan, decided that it would be better if they give Ranka a call to let her know about the party.

-Nanase- Luca said, - please call Ranka-chan, meanwhile Mikhail sempai and I are going to start with the decorations of the Nyan Nyan Restaurant, so this our opportunity to call right?, invite her brother Brera-san too.

-Ok Luca-kun!- She replied- I´ll try to locate her… She´s been pretty busy lately, I wonder what happened that make her work like that…

-Don't worry Nanase, I´m sure she'll be free that day and come with us, we are talking about Alto sempai return, so she'll definitely come- he assured her

- If you say so…- she responds with uncertainty.

Ranka´s POV

-This is tiring, but it feels so great, I love singing… ne Brera-nii? What do you think? This pink strapless dress or this white one for the next performance?

It´s good to have aniki with me again, he is a lot of help, amazing, how he managed to get me a big dressing room like this one!

-I´ll go with the white one Ranka… also

-Thanks ni-chan! Your choices are the best!

I rapidly change into my outfit for the next song, applied make up here and there and grabbed my mic…

-Ranka there's something you need to know…

I looked ni-chan with curious eyes, but replied anyway.

-It´s about Saotome-san?

-Well yeah… hold it… when did you start calling him Saotome instead of…

-Doesn't matter ni-chan- I cut him off- so you were saying?

-Fine… your friends are planning a reunion to celebrate his return, they want us to come, and are about to call you in… like now…

I was taken aback, but I composed myself, I knew my answer…

-Ni-chan… I´m going to be on stage, if they do call, tell them that I´m sorry, that I have a concert scheduled for that day, and that maybe next time… You go on my place ni-chan, I´ll give you a present, so you can deliver it to Saotome-san? Please? Thank you I gotta go, It's my turn on stage, and stop spying them ni-san, not because you have implants , you can spy their every move, but I appreciate the info, Wish me luck ni-chan, Bye for now.

I quickly blown him a kiss and hurried up to my spot on stage, I said hello to the audience, and began to sing…

-Ima anata no koe ga kikoeru

"koko ni oide" to

Samishisa ni makesouna watashi ni

Ima anata no sugata ga mieru

Aruite kuru

Me wo tojite matte iru watashi ni

Kinou made namida de kumotteta

Kokora wa ima...

* oboete imasu ka me to me ga atta toki wo

Oboete imasu ka te to te ga fureatta toki

Sore wa hajimete no ai no tabidachi deshita

I love you so…

I'm not ready… I need to put distance between us, this is for the best.

Normal POV

Brera stood there dumfounded, his little sister managed to blurt out an amazing amount of words in a very short time.

-Looks like she is desperately trying to move on…- he thought looking to the spot she vanished with sad eyes- Seems like I still have help little sis on this for a while… Alto Saotome… you better not try to crush my sister heart again, or I´ll beat you up…

Brera heard his sister finish her song and while hearing her, a lonely tear roll down his face…

-Mou hitori… bocchi ja… nai… anata ga…. Irukara….

-Thank you everyone ! with this song we end our meeting !... thanks for coming and don't forget to always be sincere with you feeling…. It doesn't matter if you don't succeed, what is important is that you tried with all your heart! I love you guys!.

Brera was hearing hear sister when the phone rang, it was her friend Nanase, and so he picked up to tell that Ranka wasn't coming.

-Hello Nanase-san, its Brera, What can I do for you?

-Brera-kun, evening, can you please pass me to Ranka-chan? I need to talk to her

-My apologies, she is on stage right now, but if you want I can give her your message…

-Oh… I see… well only tell her that we are planning a party on Alto-kun's behalf in two days when he returns, so we want you and her to come…

- I see… I'm very sorry Nanase-san, but she has a performance that day, so she won't make it, thanks for the invitations, I'll go on her behalf…

-She has a performance? Why? She's been avoiding us…

-It's not like that Nanase-san, she is very busy, that´s all

-Ok… say hi to her from me and everybody here…

-I'll give your regards to her, Good night

-Good Night…

Brera hanged up, and sighed… then he turned around and saw his sister sitting on the steps of the entrance to the stage with her face resting on her knees then he heard her speak…

-Was it Nana-cha, oni-chan?- she asked

-Yes… I told her what you want me to… Ranka, are you sure this is the best?- Brera said with a worried voice.

-Yeah… oni-chan…-She felt sure about her response- It's for the best if I don't show up as often as before… everything has changed… I have changed…. All I want is to start over… At least in the love department…- Ranka said this… but while saying it her green locks were covering her crimson eyes. Her voice was wavering, but at the same time the resolution on it was clear..

She was definitely going to forget Alto Saotome once for all.

Well that's it for the first chapter… a little background on what is going to come, I welcome any idea, and on the next one I'm going to write about Alto's and Sheryl´s point of view. Reviews are well received…

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