The Other Chance

Summary: Minato Arisato and Minako Arisato seal away Nix in their own dimensions. What if this caused their worlds to combine but not a way we would think? What if they had an older brother whose origins were not as natural as they think? Akio Arisato has the power to shape all their destinies. Pairing: OC/Aigis, Minato/Yukari, Minako/Shinjiro

Disclaimer: I do not own anything connected with Persona, Atlus or ancient deities used for cultural influence. I only own myself. Yay.

Prologue: The Choice Is Clear

March 31, 2010:

Akio stood in front of a large set of double doors. Behind him, Minato and Minako stood dumbfounded and at the same time enthralled by this mysterious young man. Akio held a key in his hand, a gold key that shined brighter than the sun.

"This is it. No turning back." Akio shouted to them. He turns back to them, "It's your choice. You can go back and become the seal again…or you can take a chance on this new world. Either way I'm going."

Moments ago this strange young man, who look remarkably like both of them, had freed them from their doomed existents as seals to protect humanity, fought off the monster Erebus, and led them to relative safety.

He was strong. He was kind. But he was also pushy, as he had rushed them to the door despite their many questions.

Then, he smiled at them and all fear seemed to dissolve. Who…what was this man?

Neither of them could answer. Neither could even think.

Finally he spoke. "I want a future where everyone can be happy and free. I'm willing to do anything for it. Anything." His eyes showed utter conviction and confidence.

"I'm going now. Follow, if you want." And with that he pressed the key to the lock and pushed open the doors.

Golden light flooded in and engulfed him as he pressed forward through the door.

Minato looked to Minako. Even having met only moments before he felt a bond with her stronger than any social link he ever felt.

She felt the same. Like he was her other half, another persona that lived inside her.

Minato looked toward the door and said, "I want to see them again."

Minako smiled brightly, "So do I." She replied.

Minato grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the door. Both smiling, feeling happy for the first time in what seemed like centuries.

Both ran through the doorway and were engulfed by the pure golden light.

The door slowly closed and faded away.

Meanwhile, far away in the Velvet Room. Igor sat, his hands resting in front of his large nose, smiling to himself.

"And so it begins…again."

To Be Continued…

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