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Chapter 1

In the dorms of a very rich and high class boarding school slept a yellow hedgehog. She slept silently in her beautifully decorated room. The girl stir in her bed as sunlight hit her eyes.

"Good morning Lady Maria. It's time to get up." a women in a maid costume said as she opened up the curtains to the room.

Maria got up out of the bed, without saying a word, and left the room to the bathroom. She washed her face and brushed her teeth. She came back into the room and saw that her maid already had her school uniform ready for her. It was a black, white, and blue dress. After all the lacing, Maria sat on a chair and let her maid comb her blonde hair.

Miles away from the boarding, in a small neighbor hood, is a 2 story house that could pass as a small apartment. In one of the house's rooms slept a pink hedgehog. She slept until she heard the annoying sound of a alarm go off. She lazily tried to find the snooze button.

"10 more minutes…" she pressed the button and flipped the other way in her bed and covered her head with the blanket.

Her bedroom door was then slammed open to reveal 2 male hedgehogs. One blue, the other silver. They walked over to the sleeping girl and pushed her off the bed.

"Hey! It's time to get up!" the blue one said.

"Hmm… can I stay home? I don't wanna go to school…." the girl lazily said, not caring she had just been pushed of her bed.

Back at the boarding school, Maria had just entered the dining hall. She sat in her own table, surrounded by other girls who were in same uniform, having breakfast. Just as she sat down, she was already being served pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice.

She silently ate her breakfast, as her maid came and brought her a newspaper. Maria took the newspaper out of the maids hands and read it.

After breakfast, Maria's maid handed her, her suitcase. Maria took it and calmly walked towards the school.

Back with the pink hedgehog, the 2 boys had finally gotten her to wake up. The girl brushed her teeth, comb her hair, and put on a red shirt, ripped jeans, and converse. She grabbed her plain black back pack and walked into the kitchen. She walked down stairs to the kitchen. She opened up the fridge and got a small jug of milk. She opened it up and just drank it out of the jug. She closed the lid and put it back in the fridge.

"Your not suppose to drink it right out of the jug." came a voice from behind.

The pink hedgehog turned to see a red hedgehog with black streaks. His hair in a ponytail. He wore a white shirt with a leaver jacket burned at the end, ripped jeans and black high tops with flames.

"I watered fall." the pink hedgehog answered.

"Whatever. You better run or else your gonna miss the bus." the red hedgehog replied.

"It's not like it's never happened before… Anyways… where's Sonic and Silver?" she asked.

"Amy, they left 10minutes ago." the guy answered.

Amy looked up at the clock and saw the time, 7:20.

"Hmm… well I don't have time to make breakfast… so…. Cole, can I borrow $5?" Amy asked.

"Why do you need $5?" Cole asked.

"So I can buy a taco at Lolita's, duh!" Amy answered.

"Go ask Scrouge, I don't have money on me right now." Cole pointed to the door.

"You know maybe if you got a job, you wouldn't be broke." Amy replied.

"And maybe if you didn't blow every interview of mine, I would have a job and wouldn't be broke." Cole replied sharply.

Amy opened her mouth so say a smart remark but nothing came out. She grunted with a whatever and walked out the door. Cole smiled at this, Ahh… little sisters… Amy soon walked into the houses garage. She found a green hedgehog wearing almost the exact same clothes as Cole, working on a car.

"Yo! Scrouge!" Amy asked.

Scrouge looked up and wiped some oil off his face. "What's up sis?"

"Can I borrow 5 bucks?"


"To buy some tacos and a soda, duh!" Amy said it as if it was obvious.

Scrouge grunted but gave her the money. "Don't forget you got laundry duty."

"I'll do it when I get back."

Amy happily took it and hugged him. She ran out of the garage and waved off as she ran off. Amy ran to the corner store. She opened up the door and walked in. She went ahead and bought some donuts, a coke, and a taco. After paying for her stuff, she ran off to the park nearby, that was her bus stop. Once she got there she saw some of her friends there.

A red echidna (Knuckles), a white bat (Rouge), her two brothers (Sonic the blue hedgehog and Silver the silver hedgehog), and a black cat (Tina).

"Hey guys!" she waved and sat down on a table.

"Aww! You got me some breakfast? You shouldn't have!" Knuckles tried to grab the food.

Amy moved away before he could've tackle her to the ground. Amy walked towards the girls and handed the bag of donuts to Rouge.

"Thank you!" Rouge smiled.

"What? Why did you give something to Rouge?" Knuckles whined.

"Cause she txt me to get her some." Amy answered with her mouth full of food.

Sliver, Amy's older brother's came up to her and closed her mouth with his hand.

"Eat with your mouth closed." He spoke. Amy grunted but kept her mouth closed.

The chatted for awhile until the bus came for them. Amy took a seat with Tina her black cat friend and they both started up a conversation.

"Hey what do you think it's like being rich?" Amy asked. "You think It's luxurious? Amazing? Have everyone tend to your will?"

Tina laughed at Amy's comment and responded, "I don't know, but I'll tell ya one thing, all rich people are snobs, all the they care about are they're money." Tina stuck her nose in the air.

"You thing Shadow's stuck up?" Amy asked.

For months Amy has had a crush on a rich boy across town. She met him when he came to her house to have his car fixed and ever since then, he's become a good friend to her brothers. Who is this rich boy you ask? He was Shadow the Hedgehog, one of the most riches in the country. He was so handsome with his jet black hair with red streaks, bloody red eyes, and muscular body.

"Your still in love with that idiot?" Tina asked.

"I-Im not in love with him! Love is such a strong word. I LIKE him and besides I'm already in love with some one else remember?" Amy said with loving eyes. Tina just rolled her eyes. "And what about you? You still love my brother?" Amy turned the tables around.

"What? Love? Amy, Love is such a strong word! It isn't something for a child as yourself to being saying!" Tina repeated what Amy said in a high class voice.

"Shut Up! Your only 3yrs older than me." Amy playfully punched her on the arm.

Back with Maria. She was already in class waiting for the professor to begin the lesson. She was sitting in a very nice and big table. She looked out the window emotionless wondering and thinking.

"I wonder how it's like to be normal…"

"Hey Maria!" a voice called out.

Maria turned to see a brown female chipmunk with blue eyes walk up to her. She was very beautiful.

"How's it going? You gonna go spend time with you family back in station square for the break?" she asked.

"Oh! Sally, hello! I'm fine. And yes, I am." She simply replied.

"That's nice, your brother sure is a looker! I mean have you ever actually looked at him before? I'd want a piece of that!" Sally said with a mischief grin.

"Sally that's gross! He's my brother! I don't even want to know what your thinking about right now." Maria spoke.

"Yeah… whatever…. Hey! That reminds me! Can I spend the break over at your place? My parents are in Japan right now. Ugh! I don't wanna go back over there again. It's starting to get boring."

"Sure my parents wont mind." She answered.

They both talked a bit and later on her other friends came and join into their conversation. They laughed at a joke Maria said about commoners. That is until the heard a girl scream.

"YOU IDIOT! I WANTED A DECAFE! GO AND GET ME THE RIGHT COFFEE BEFORE I HAVE MY DADDY FIRE YOU!" the girl shouted at a poor maid who had made a tiny mistake.

"Ugh! Commoners these days! You just cant get help like you used to." Sally replied.

"I agree." Maria second sally's opinion. To bad she didn't know that she would soon be the 'Commoner'.

"Amy?… Amy?… AMY!" a loud voice screamed in Amy's voice.

"What? No Osama! It wasn't my fought you died!" Amy freaked out from the loud voice.

"What?" asked Rouge who was standing over her desk. "C'mon Ames, we got a pep-rally!"

"Oh… yeah… I'm skipping it…" Amy laid her head back onto her desk as she found out class was over.

"What? Why?" rouge asked.

"Cause those snotty cheerleaders are always glaring at me and try to do something that would embarrass me." Amy closed her eyes to go back to sleep.

"B-but, I'm performing today! Your not gonna come and see me?" Rouge asked with puppy eyes.

"Ok, Ok! I'll go. But only because you're my best friend." Amy smiled.

Rouge smiled back but a thought came to her head, "Or are you just going cause Leon is gonna be there?"

A blush ran up Amy's face as she quickly responded, "Wha-What? No!"

"Are you sure?" Rouge smile got bigger.

"Yes I'm sure! Plus I heard that he has a thing for some rich girl." Amy looked down.

"Aww… it's ok… c'mon I'll go buy you a cookie at the snack bar." Rouge offered to make her feel better.

"Can I get chocolate chip?" she asked.


"Ok!" Amy jumped out of her seat and grabbed her back pack and ran off with Rouge to the snack bar.

School was over for Maria and she was getting ready for her trip back home. She started to wonder how everyone was. She had learned from her mom that her brother had fallen head over heels for some commoner girl… the fool…

Maria had finished packing her stuff… well her maids did anyways… and was heading onto a private jet to head home. Sally walked behind her and took a seat across from her. She took out her touch phone and started to play around.

The trip took 30minutes until they arrived at Station Square airport. Maria and Sally got into a limo that was ready to pick them up. In side the car a butler in a black suit with a British accent said,

"Ms Maria, it is my duty to tell you that your friend Lacey texted me." the butler then said while reading the text,

"She told me to tell you "Hey girl? Wats up! Heard u were com'in bak to station square, smiley face, I jus wanted 2 knw if you'd like to come 2 mah skools pep-rally. Txt meh if u come, smiley face with a wink." the butler said trying to talk as a American teenager girl but failed miserably in doing so.

"I'd like that very much." Maria kindly accepted.

"Not me. Just take me the mansion, I'm tired." Sally yawned.

The limo then headed towards the high school.

Before school ended, the students were asked to head to the gymnasium for the pep-rally. Amy met up with her brothers as they took a seat in the way back. Later Knuckles, Tina, and Leon found them and sat next to them.

Amy looked away blushing as she saw Leon sit next to her brother Sonic. Her heart pounded in her chest knowing she had to be careful since Leon's sister Lacey would be watching. One of Amy's enemies, the girl who hated her guts and has humiliated her since 4th grade.

The pep-rally soon began and the cheer-leaders started they're dance. After it was over a brown middle age fox came to the center of the gymnasium, with a microphone and started to say,

"Hello students! To start off are pep-rally we would need a few students to come and play a few games with us. So who here volunteers?"

"Leon looks so cute today! Maybe I should talk to him…" Amy thought.

Down below from where they were sitting the cheerleaders were paying attention to the teacher, except for one cheerleader who was shooting darts at a certain pink hedgehog.

"Oh no you don't." she thought.

Lacey got up and shouted, "I nominate Amy Rose to go up there!"

All eyes soon turned to Amy who was looking at Leon. She felt eyes on her and turned to see more than half the student body to be looking at her.

"Umm… hi?" she said unsure what was happening.

"Amy come join us in the pep-rally." the teacher said to her.

"Yea! C'mon Amy!" one kid said and before you know it, mostly everyone is either demanding or encouraging her to get up there.

"Umm… ok…" Amy got up and walked down the steps to the gym floor.

"Congratulations Amy! You will be competing for the spirit stick! Are you ready for the games?" he asked.

"…sure… I guess…" she spoke.

"Good! Now let's begin!"

The first game was to grab a balloon run to the other end of the gym and pop it with you butt. Amy grabbed her balloon and ran off. She sat down on the balloon but it wouldn't pop. She tried hopping a bit but nothing.

"This is humiliating." she thought as she saw Leon watching her.

The next game was to hold a ball between you legs and walk through a obstacle. Amy looked up the stands to see Tina shaking her head, knuckles and her brothers holding they're laughter, but what made her feel worse was that Leon was laughing too.

"This is not happening." she then saw Lacey and all the cheerleaders except Rouge holding in they're laughter.

One by one each game was embarrassing. Soon it was the last game. All you had to do was to find a gummy bear in a plate full of whip cream and clean the plate clean. Well at least it wasn't humiliating. Amy tied her hair in a pony tail and began. She dug for the gummy bear. She found it and soon started to clean the plate clean. Amy lifter her head up and yelled out,


The teacher came up and inspected the plate. He grabbed Amy arm and lifter it up in the air.

"This years pep-rally winner goes to Amy Rose!" he cheered.

The cheer leaders came to her and handed her a giant spirit stick. Amy smiled. She won! Yay! But… why was everyone laughing? Amy looked at her friends and brothers, and saw them laughing except Tina and Rouge who plasted they're hands on they're faces looking ashamed for her.

It took a while but Amy finally got the joke. They're she was in front of the whole school, hair messy, holding a giant stick, and white stuff on her face. Amy quickly dropped the stick. Her eyes at the brink of tears. She ran out of there before anyone saw her tears.

Tina and Rouge ran after they're friend. Tina and Rouge found Amy walking down the hall ways sniffing. They ran towards her and looked at her face. Amy's eyes were puff from the crying, her face wet from all the tears. Amy smiled and jumped into her friends arm crying her heart out.

"And it was in front of Leon too…" she hiccupped.

Tina and Rouge both offered to take her home but Amy suggested she walk home to clear her mind.

"Ms. Maria are you sure you wouldn't like us to park in front of the school?" the butler asked.

"No umm… sorry I forgot your name but no thank you. Here's fine." Maria answered as she walked out of the limo and started to walk to the high school a few blocks away.

"this is my first time walking into a public place." Maria thought nervously.

Amy walked out of the school doors and headed for home. Today was so humiliating. Sure Lacey has done mean things and Amy has done the same… but what did she ever do to make her hate her? She knew Amy like her brother and used it against her. Amy looked down in sadness not knowing who she was about to run into.

Maria being so nervous kept looking at her feet as she walked.

"Keep cool Maria, Keep cool." she kept repeating to herself.

The two girls kept walking. One nervous, the other embarrassed. They kept walking until…


"Oww… my head…" Maria rubbed her head.

"Oww… hey watch where your going, retard!" Amy yelled at the person she ran into as she rubbed her forehead.

Both girls looked up at the person they ran into and both gasped. They're eyes widen. What the hell? In front of them was them! Only this girl has pink hair and emerald eyes, and this girl has blonde hair and blue eyes.

They both got up at the same time. They both lifted they're arms. They did random poses and faces. This has to be a mirror… It just has to! They both lifted they're hand towards each other and touch. They jumped in surprised.

Slowly and softly they said in almost a whisper,

"Who are you?"

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