After looking around to make sure no other walkers were around Brittany let Santana inside. Once inside Santana helped her board the door back up as night was upon them. Brittany turned on the small propane lamp and led Santana upstairs. So far neither had said a word, both wondering if they were dreaming or this was really happening. "I'm sorry about Mr. Shue." Santana finally let out. She knew he and Brittany were never close but she also knew that losing someone that you knew even if you didn't like them wasn't easy. "What about Mr. Shue? Brittany who was outside?" Santana shouldn't have been surprised as to who she saw as they rounded the corner into Brittany's old bedroom. "Santana Lopez?" "Rachel." Without warning Rachel gave the girl a hug, squeezing her slightly. The brunette had to admit it felt good, being alone wasn't as easy as she hoped she made it seem. Back in the day if Man Hands Berry would have hugged her she would have been pissed but now it didn't seem like any of that mattered."What are you doing here? Are you scratched? Bit? If you are, I'll kill you myself Lopez." Santana couldn't help but laugh, some things just didn't change, even after what seemed like an apocalypse Rachel Berry was always going to try and be in charge of everything. "No, not scratched or bit, I promise, just tired." "When's the last time you got sleep, you look like you need a spa and a few injections." "Rachel!" Brittany finally spoke up. "Stop with the twenty questions and let the girl sit down." Rachel nodded. "Right sorry, you know what, we'll save all the questions for the morning, Brittany why don't you help Santana get cleaned up and I'll take guard duty." "This way." Brittany nodded her head slightly as Santana started to follow her.

"Wait Berry's going to take guard duty?" Santana looked a little shocked as Brittany just nodded and dragged her down the hall. Everything was almost exactly how she remembered it. Brittany's bathroom hadn't changed a bit. "Here's a clean cloth, we still have running water, it isn't freezing cold but its not hot either. I'll go see if I can find you something new to wear, that bag you have downstairs isn't much and I know how much you love clean clothes." "Thanks." With that Brittany left the girl alone to wash up. A few minutes later Santana heard the door open. "Oh, I'm sorry I should have knocked, bad habit." Brittany stopped as she looked at Santana standing in nothing but her jeans and a bra. She tried not to stare but she couldn't help it, one thing Santana Lopez always had was a nice body, a really nice body. "I grabbed these for you, figured they'd be more comfortable than jeans." She handed her a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt and a hoodie. "Thanks." She turned and walked out of the bathroom, leaving Santana to finish getting dressed. Another few minutes passed before Santana walked back out in the bedroom. She saw Brittany sitting on her bed and smiled slightly. "Thank you, I feel a lot better." The blond got up and watched the brunette flinch slightly. "It's okay, you're safe now. Come on you can sleep in here and I'll make sure to stay up. I'll wake you if anything happens but I doubt it will." Santana conceded and sat down on the bed. "Do you mind if I stay in here for a little bit?" Brittany asked, still trying to wrap her brain around her ex-girlfriend being in her room."No, not at all. It is your room after all." She moved over so the girl could sit back down. Maybe it was instinct, maybe it was fear, or maybe it was just a longing to hang on to something and someone that was real but Santana felt Brittany's arms wrap around her, bringing the two closer together. Being to tired to fight or argue Santana laid her arm across the girls waist. It was definitely nice to hang on to someone that was warm and breathing. They laid in silence for awhile, every time there was a creak in the floor Santana jumped and she realised that's why Brittany had a hold of her. "Its okay, just the floor, I told you, I got you." She whispered barely loud enough for Santana to hear. "How long have you been up for anyways?" "Three days or so, I got a slight nap in but that's about it. Before that I'd just take quick naps, or at least try and rest." "What were you doing for three days that you couldn't sleep?" Brittany's tone was concerned. Santana took a deep breath, wishing she wasn't so tired. It was harder for her to lie when she was tired and she couldn't think. She also forgot how hard it was to lie to Brittany so she opted for the truth. "I was driving here." "It took you three days to drive from New York to Lima?" She leaned her head up slightly so she could look at the girl in the dim light before laying her head back down on her chest. "I drove from Los Angeles." "Jesus Santana that's more like a suicide mission, what were you thinking?" When she didn't answer right away Brittany thought maybe the girl had fallen asleep. That was until she heard the faint whisper. "I had to see if you were still alive." "Here I am, good as new but we'll save the questions for tomorrow, right now you really do need to get some sleep. I can't have you getting killed now that you're here, now that you're finally home." The blonde pulled the blanket up and kissed her ex-girlfriend on the top of the head. "I'm glad you're here, when I saw you turn around, I can't tell you how happy I was to see you. It's been hard to try not and wonder if you were safe." Santana didn't say anything but she didn't need to. They were so familiar that even in a moment that should have been entirely too awkward there was a sense of peace which finally allowed Santana to fall asleep.