Los Angeles, 2012

"So have you chosen names yet?" Karrin asked, her hand resting gently on Molly Carpenter Ramirez' enormously large belly.

"We have. The boy will be Harry Michael, and the girl will be Charity Margaret."

"I still can't believe you're having twins."

"Well, believe it. Less than a month now." Molly said, smiling.

"I'll be sure to get out here for the birth. Wouldn't want to miss it." Karrin said, smiling.

"So...he's still alive, isn't he?" Molly asked, and Murphy could see the uncertainty underneath, like an image of the girl she'd been; Molly bit her lower lip.

"He is. I'd know if he wasn't."

Molly smiled. "Good. Well, I need to get my sleep. The little marathon runner in there doesn't let me sleep real long at a time."

"Of course, Molls. I'll see you soon."

"Thanks, Murph." Molly said, hugging Karrin Murphy tightly. She watched as Karrin strode out the door, to her rental car.

The three and a half years since Harry had vanished had been hard on Murphy. She'd hardened, become more of a soldier instead of a cop. She had cut her hair short, no longer bothered with makeup or more "girly" things.

Molly had heard that Karrin had been instrumental in preventing a huge outbreak of some disease the previous year, according to Carlos; Karrin had been pretty beaten up at the time, but had pulled through, and seemed to be the stronger for it.

Carlos got home then. "Hey Molls." he said, kissing her gently. "Karrin already take off?"

"Yea, said she had a plane to catch."

"Too bad, I'dve liked to have bantered with her. I'll catch her when she's here when the babies come."

"Don't push her too hard, she's mostly back to battery now. She'd kick your ass." Molly said, teasingly.

"Ha! I'm too handsome, skilled, and virtuous to get beaten up by a Knight of the Cross."

Molly just rolled her eyes.

"Anyways. I'm beat. We got that trip to make to Edinburgh tomorrow, we should get rested up before we go."

"Okay. I'll just be along in a few minutes."

"'Kay." he said, kissing her once again, then heading off for the master bedroom of their small home.

Molly headed for the small room they used as a lab. She sat down at the table, and looked into the crystal ball she'd enchanted. She began chanting, fixing her eyes on the reflections, and fell into a trance state.

In other trances, she'd seen visions of Harry's life. She had learned all about the people he now called his family.

Harry and the crew stood around a polished marble headstone; the engraving read "Thomas Raith - 1968-2420 - I'm sorry I couldn't wait any longer." Zoe was slightly pregnant, with a silver pentacle around her neck on a cord. Mal and Inara stood by Simon and Kaylee, as if each pair was glued together. Jayne stood behind River, arms around her. Harry stood by the grave, one hand laid on the tombstone.

Another vision saw them on a job.

River and Jayne were shooting towards someone, keeping their heads down; Mal was limping from a fresh leg wound, and Zoe was running with Harry, carrying the cargo; boxes of chicken eggs. Harry was laughing boisterously, and even shot, Mal was laughing with him along with everyone else.

Another vision...

Harry is sitting in a circle, performing a tracking spell; the others stare wide-eyed (even after years of traveling with him, he can still surprise them.)


A quiet night of playing and dancing in the cargo bay, Harry and Jayne on the guitars.


Harry and Zoe getting married; just a simple ceremony, under an arch in the open cargo bay.

She could see on and on, all the little snippets of their lives. Not the whole, never the whole, but enough to see that he loved his new life.

She peered into her enchanted focus now, and fell deeper into her trance.

She opened her eyes, and saw Harry. His face was a little older, a little wiser, new lines of care and worry mixed with the laugh lines in his eyes. Wrapped in his arms was Zoe; she was peacefully sleeping, no longer having nightmares of her Wash being struck by the harpoon. She had in her arms (and Harry's) a boy, maybe 3 years old; he had his mother's complexion, and his father's hair and facial features, just emerging out of baby fat. All three wore identical silver pentacles on cords around their necks, Harry's more battered than the others.

She could see that he'd found happiness, more than he'd ever been able to find in his old life on Earth.