Because the world needs more Bobby Zilch/Chloe Barge. This will be a series of sentences concerning the lovely couple of an uncertain length. Each chapter will hold fifty sentences about Bobby, Chloe, and their relationship.

Psychonauts (C) Tim Schafer, Double Fine

1. Motion.
It's not the way she dances that makes him smile, but the way she awkwardly holds his hands and sways her hips to dance along with him in Milla's mind.

2. Cool.
Bobby realized just how totally awesome she was for staying away from the stupid training because, in all honestly, Oleander's Basic Braining was stupid.

3. Young.
Five years was large age difference as Mikhail points that out by calling Bobby a "pedobear."

4. Last.
"And that's Orion," Chloe states, pointing out the final constellation in the night sky to Bobby as they sit on the roof.

5. Wrong.
Bobby really wished that he could turn back time so he never slapped her, completely accidentally, in the face with that fish.

6. Gentle.
Neither of them are too warm or fuzzy, but their social awkwardness makes up for that as they hold hands in the forest, collecting samples for one of Chloe's projects.

7. One.
"Listen, Chloe, alien or not, you're still going to be the number one girl for me," Bobby earnestly states.

8. Thousand.
So many possible homes, she thinks, gazing into the sky before rigorously working on Oleander's radio; she has to work fast, after all, there is a war going on that she does not want to involve herself or Bobby with.

9. King.
If Raz and Chloe are the king and queens of the cadets, then Bobby and Chloe are the rebellious peasants.

10. Learn.
Most of Chloe's earth knowledge came from spending time with Bobby, even if he could use some major work.

11. Blur.
Bobby struggled to remember the first time Chloe jumped up to kiss his cheek because it happened so fast.

12. Wait.
"Hold up, Chloe!" Bobby shouts, chasing after her as the young girl races after a raccoon, believing it to be an ambassador for the Verlaine Nebula.

13. Change.
With his teeth straightened, hair curved into a more normal bob, a charming smile on his face, seventeen-year-old Bobby was hot in Chloe's eyes.

14. Command.
He is rowdy and crude to other people, bossing Benny around with no twinge of remorse, but to Chloe, he listens to whatever she says because her wisdom and boldness just make him melt.

15. Hold.
When Chloe realizes she is human, the first one to hug her before she sobs is Bobby.

16. Need.
He will never tell it to her face, but Bobby prays that, one day, Chloe will turn around and notice him.

17. Vision.
Elka gave a short scream as she saw a vision of Bobby and Chloe kissing on the docks.

18. Attention.
Whenever she speaks, he listens, blocking out all kinds of disturbances and sounds, focusing on her low, contently stern voice.

19. Soul.
"How do ya know it exists if you can't see it?" Chloe questions Bobby one day as she puts down a religious book, adding, "You humans are so strange."

20. Picture.
Bobby treasured his photograph with Chloe, both with smiles on their faces and their hands held together.

21. Fool.
Let the girls pick on her and call her awful names because she is dating the camp bully; Bobby will beat them up for her.

22. Mad.
"Don't you ever go off into the woods like that again, Chloe!" Bobby shouts as Chloe comes back to their unisex cabin with a cut on her cheek from a bear attack, and as Bobby fixes her up, he lowers his voice, adding, "I'm gonna go kick the crap outta that bear for hurting ya."

23. Child.
Sometimes, Bobby forgets she is seven, so when Chloe learns she is human, he gasps when she bursts into tears.

24. Appearance
Her face is pale pink with dark violet eyes and fair blond trestles running down her face in a short ponytail tied up by a bow, but she is rather shocked since, thinking she was plain in earthly standards, Bobby blurts out how pretty she is without her helmet.

25. Shadow.
As Chloe punches Maloof in the face for trying to hit on her, she smirks lightly as Bobby takes down Mikhail from the trees behind him, always watching over her.

26. Goodbye.
"You better write to me," Bobby warns playfully, but Chloe can see that he is on the verge of tears as camp ends and nods compliantly.

27. Hide.
Bobby growls in frustration as he hears her footsteps, shouting, "Chloe! You're too good at hide-n-seek!"

28. Fortune.
Being from a poor family, Bobby feels like millionaire when Chloe agrees to be his girlfriend.

29. Safe.
All he can do is drop to his knees and embrace her tightly when he sees she has been rebrained.

30. Ghost.
Chloe can sometimes see the spirits of the dead, but she was more shocked to find out that the dead guy that stole her brain last year was the father of her boyfriend and decidedly to conveniently bother her.

31. Book.
"This is stimulating," Chloe mutters to herself as she skims through one of Crystal's yaoi novels, but freaks out when Bobby sees her, screaming, "Don't you know how to knock?"

32. Eye.
With two mismatched eyes, Bobby wonders if she will ever get over the work that needs to be done on him.

33. Never.
Even with the cruel taunts from the male campers, Bobby refuses to leave Chloe hanging because of their age difference.

34. Sing.
Bobby was thrilled when Chloe destroyed every male camper in a rap battle, including Clem who was the king of rhyming and promptly used him as a throne.

35. Sudden.
She grabbed the back of his head and kissed him, having always wondered what earthling affection was like, deciding she rather liked the concept of "making out."

36. Stop.
Sometimes, he moved too quickly to see the finer details, but Chloe always dragged him by the hand to inspect a few cobwebs or emotional baggage he missed during Psychonaut missions together.

37. Time.
To them, the world stops for them as they sit by the lake in the forest and talk about their lives.

38. Wash.
She giggles, asking, "Bobby, do you understand the primal way of not falling into mud or is this how you cleanse yourself?"

39. Torn.
Between saving Benny or preventing Nils from getting together with Chloe, the answer was obvious as Bobby muttered, "Sorry, Benny."

40. History.
He has never learned so many useless facts as Chloe lectures him on the cartoon history of the Irkens that Chloe persists are real.

41. Power.
Bobby bashes his knuckles into his fist, fury emanating off him, roaring, "WHERE DID MIKHAIL SHOVE YOU? I'LL KILL HIM MYSELF!"

42. Bother.
While Bobby was a nuisance at times, she does like his company, being the only one who supports her as she tries to find her home in space.

43. God.
He is not a believer, but Bobby founds himself praying to be Chloe's boyfriend.

44. Wall.
Chloe was so thunderstruck as Bobby's stupendous gift of an enormous telescope with various optical lenses that she falls to see Crystal running towards her and knocks the girl into a wall because the cheerleader thought she missed Chloe's birthday.

45. Naked.
Around Bobby, Chloe opens up more than she has ever done so with her human parents; he is the only one who takes her seriously, and she appreciates that dearly.

46. Drive.
As Bobby boards the spacecraft they took months to back, he waves the keys in the air, asking, "So, you piloting or am I, babe?"

47. Harm.
Bobby will bully anyone relentlessly, but never Chloe, even if she does look annoyed when he comes by; Chloe will snap at anyone for getting in her way, but never Bobby, even if he does distract her with his stuttering and bashful chatting.

48. Precious.
Bobby holds the sleeping seven-year-old to his chest, hands curling around her blond hair as he smiles gently, realizing that Chloe is his perfect, amazingly wonderful alien.

49. Hunger.
Chloe tackles Bobby with a hug as he presents her with a sandwich after remaining lost in the woods for other four hours with no food.

50. Believe.
"I love you," they blurt in unison before stopping and asking, "Really? Why me? Because you are amazing."