To make up for the lack of updates, here's something incredibly silly.

Psychonauts © Double Fine

Shut Up, Benny

It would be a better day if Benny shut up about West Side Story. As Bobby mindlessly mashed buttons on his game controller, Benny continued to ramble on and on about the lyrics, dance maneuvers, and aesthetics of his favorite musical. Bobby hummed at random intervals, trying to block his chatty friend out as his game character continued to pulverize an NPC into a bloody heap.

Benny leaned back on Bobby's couch, not realizing his older companion was hardly paying attention. He gestured in vain attempts to reconstruct various waves and movements from West Side Story, gushing over how Maria stole Tony's heart in their dance. Before he could start recreating the actual dance sequences, Benny's scarlet eyes caught something strange about his boss. Cutting himself off in mid-sentence, Benny looked up towards Bobby's unkempt afro.

"What?" Bobby snapped without glancing over. Pausing the game, he asked, "What, do you finally want to fight two-player?"

"Uh, no. Hey, boss? Did you, uh, do something to your hair?"

"No. That's a weird question. My hair is always like this." Bobby quirked an eyebrow, holding onto the second controller and waved it towards Benny's face. A large smirk stretched across his cheeks, teasingly hitting Benny in the nose with the controller. "C'mon, verse me."

"You'll just kick my ass like usual. I can never beat you," the purple-skinned youth whined, crossing his arms.

"Which is why you should verse me, big ears. Maybe I'll go easy and let you hit me once."

Reluctantly, Benny took the controller, and Bobby re-started his fighting game. They selected their characters with Bobby taking on the best all-around character with Benny choosing a faster one. As they went at it, Benny's eyes continued wavering towards Bobby's afro, paling slightly when he noticed something the second time.

His afro shifted. Bobby was not making his afro move, being completely still except for his rampant button-mashing, but something in his afro was alive. Benny opened his mouth to speak as Bobby's afro rustled even more, ready to cry out to save his boss when Bobby's character landed a finishing blow.

"Jeez, Benny! Get with the program! I kicked your ass in less than thirty seconds, and that was two out of three," Bobby snarled, shaking his head disappointedly.

"Oh! Uh, s-sorry, boss. I was, um, distracted."

Bobby repeated the last word, looking over to Benny as the younger boy threw the controller back onto the floor. "How th' hell were you 'distracted?'"

"I think there might be something wrong with you." Benny's voice took a graver tone, lowering his head with his eyes flickering upwards. "Your afro is moving."

"Uh, what? Benny, what's-?"

At that moment, something burst free from Bobby's afro, startling the duo enough to make them nearly leap out of their seats. A helmet popped forward with two pinkish orange hands emerging from the conglomerated mass. Benny screamed, leaving his mouth hanging open as the wail slowly died out. Bobby just sat completely still, face contorted in a mixture of shock and aggravation from Benny's screaming. The little girl adjusted herself from Bobby's afro, making herself comfortable as she sat atop Bobby's head.

"Hello, friends. I am here," Chloe replied. She pointed to the forlorn game controller. "Mind if I play?"

Bobby handed her the controller, and they began their match without another word. As for Benny, he continued sitting in gaping silence until Bobby walloped him in the face for looking like an idiot and appearing like a nuisance.

"How did she get there? What was she doing in your hair? Boss, what aren't you telling me? Chloe, what are you even doing? How did you even get here, space nerd?" Benny cried, throwing his hands up.

Chloe and Bobby, dead-locked in their match, promptly replied, "Shut up, Benny."

"I'm calling my mom to pick me up," Benny mumbled, shuffling out of the room with a sore jaw and mind.

Not noticing his supposed friend left, Bobby asked, "How come you take naps in my hair?"

"It's warm up here," Chloe replied, landing a final move on Bobby's character and caused him to shriek a vile curse. "Bobby, language."


"She's even controlling your way of speech! Bobby, get out of there! She's just using you for science and space! Science and space, boss!"

"Are you still here? I thought your mom came to get you minutes ago," Bobby called as round two kicked in, and Benny sat back down on the couch with his head in his hands without a clue as to why Chloe was in Bobby' hair in the first place.