Merry Christmas! Have a short fic.

Mistletoe's Supposed Woe

"What is this?"


This was the most cliched event Bobby Zilch would ever experience in his young life. He silently gazed to where her finger was pointing, discolored eyes shrinking at the foliage above his head and the aggravating acrobat holding it.

Razputin Aquato smirked, holding himself up with his legs curled around the banister. "Heeey, Hair Boy, Chloe. Know what this is?"

"Spaz, I will-!"

"No, what is it?" Chloe Barge inquired, head curiously tilting to the side at the festive shrubbery.

"It's called a-"

"It's called a 'get the hell outta or so help me, I will punch you!'"

"Bobby, no," Chloe warned, instantly deflating Bobby's raised fist back down towards his side. "As you were saying?"

"This is a mistletoe. It's used for the holidays, and when two or more people are standing underneath it..." Raz puckered his lips, imitating a kissing sound with a mischievous glint in his emerald eyes.

Chloe raised her eyebrow, crossing her arms. She failed to notice Bobby's persistence in trying to get Raz to leave, asking, "What did you mean by that lip motion?"

"I mean, they gotta kiss. Mwah, mwah."

If Bobby's rage could be measured by a thermometer, it would be steadily rising towards the top before finally bursting. He made a wild swing for Raz, but the swift Psychonaut easily jerked his head back, causing Bobby's fist to miss and hit the wall. Cringing, he rubbed his knuckles as Raz leaped over them and landed on his levitation ball, still holding the mistletoe over their heads.

"Y-you dirty-! Where'd you even get that?"

"Lili cultivated some for me," Raz explained, wiggling the mistletoe over Bobby's head. "C'mon, Bobby, where's your Christmas spirit?"

Bobby crossed his arms, eyes focused solely on Raz's sneering face. "Just because it's Christmas in a few days doesn't mean ya gotta do this! This is stu-!"

Soft lips pressed against his cheek, causing his rant to be cut in half. He remained completely still, finger still aiming at Raz's nose as the other boy watched Chloe step off her levitation ball and place her helmet back over her head. Bobby uttered what they discerned to be squeaking sounds as Raz snapped his fingers attempting to break his trance.

"Did I do it wrong? I thought I was supposed to kiss him from what you said," Chloe wondered.

"Nope. You did everything right, Chloe. I think he's in shock," Raz said. "Hey, wanna hang out with me and Lili by the docks? Maybe if you wait a few hours, this guy will finally be out of his stupor."

"Sounds acceptable. See you later, Bobby."

As the door to the Main Lodge shut, Bobby looked over towards the door and then around the lounge, finding no one present. A dreamy smile stretched across his face, uttering a shrill, delighted squeal and proceeded to float and spin around the building in a love-struck daze.

"Oh, my God, she kissed me! Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God! Merry Christmas to me! Who cares if I get coal now? Ha, ha, this is the best present ever! I don't care if I'm on the naughty list forever! Chloe kissed me!"