I just watched Episode 227. All I can say - Wow, Mizuiro's amazing. x3 Of course, I already knew that.

First, there was his mother. That cord had become so withered and thin he feared it would snap any moment. But he didn't really need her, no. That wasn't an important one.

Then there was Keigo. Keigo, Keigo, Keigo. He really did care about Keigo. Keigo was a nice guy, honest to the point of scary. He was loyal, even though Mizuiro teased him and practically rejected him time after time. Keigo was just a good person. His cord was...well, twisted in some parts, but strong nonetheless.

Chad. Chad's cord was...well, thinner than Keigo's. Chad was a good guy. But...Mizuiro didn't find himself having much in common with the guy. No...Chad's wasn't very strong.

Then there was Tatsuki. Tatsuki was...Tatsuki was, to put it simply, amazing. Her cord had gotten stronger since Orihime disappeared, and she...to describe Tatsuki, it would take too long. She was just too amazing. That was Tatsuki, summarized in one word – amazing.

Ichigo's cord was still the strongest. Even though he'd been away for a while, coming back and then leaving again, his was still the strongest. Mizuiro didn't know why he trusted Ichigo so much. It was because of Ichigo that Mizuiro was truly there, not just playing a part. It was because of Ichigo that communications did not fail.

Ichigo was the most important. Always.

Mizuiro would have to keep that in mind.