Aria walked into English class the next day and sat in her respective seat toward the back of the room. She took her To Kill a Mockingbird book out of her bag, along with her notebook and a pencil, then placed all three items on her desk before gazing toward the front of the room. Ezra, or as she would refer to him for the next hour, Mr. Fitz was seated at his desk, staring intently at his computer screen. At times he would tap away at the keyboard feverishly, and at other times, his right hand would press and hold the backspace button while his facial expression held nothing but frustration.

Aria hadn't been able to take her mind off the secret document since he had tried so hard to hide it from her yesterday. What could be so secret that he couldn't tell her? It didn't make sense for it to be one of his writings, he always shared those with her, whether he thought they were good or not. Maybe it was another student's work? Aria kept her eyes focused on him, searching desperately for clues.

It wasn't until the bell rang signaling the start of class that Mr. Fitz looked away from his computer, or even noticed there were people in the class room. He quickly pressed save, and closed his computer, his gaze shifted to Aria, and when he saw her's was on him, he quickly looked away. "I have your tests you took the other day," he motioned toward a stack of papers on his desk. "While I'm passing these back please take out your books, a clean sheet of paper and something to write with."

Having already gotten the materials out, Aria made no move to look away from him. He glanced in her direction once more, but again quickly looked away. She watched as he pulled out a Post-It note from his desk, and quickly scrawl a message on it before pulling it off the stack and placing it on a test. He began to walk around the room, placing the tests upside down on each student's desk. When Noel Kahn received his test he quickly flipped it over. "Yeah man, 85!" he stated and high fived his lacrosse buddy who was one seat to his right.

Aria was the last to receive her test back. He placed it on her desk, and let his hand rest there, "Ok, everyone should have read through chapter thirteen by now. Please write two paragraphs about Mrs. Dubose and your opinion of her; make sure to use quotes to back up your answers." He lifted his hand slowly and took a few steps away from her desk. Aria hesitantly picked up the corner of her paper. She gave him another glance before flipping her paper over. She quickly scanned the sheet and smiled to herself when she saw a 96 written and circled in red pen at the top of her paper. Her smile quickly faded however, when she read the Post-It note he had attached to the paper. 'Please stay after class for a minute; I would like to speak with you about your test' he had written in his distinct penmanship.

After that, class seemed to drag on forever; and when the bell finally rung Aria shot up out of her seat. Her mind had been tossing ideas around the whole period. Why was Ezra suddenly acting so weird? What was that document? Why can't he tell me what it is? When the world came back into focus, she and Ezra were the only ones in the room.

She picked up her bag and hoisted it over her shoulder, then slowly began to make her way to the front of the room. "Ezra-"

"I have this thing tonight, and I'd like you to come to it," he interrupted her.

"What do you mean 'a thing'?" she asked.

"Can we let it be a surprise?" he asked, his facial expression was hopeful and innocent.

"Sure," she replied, and her tone held a hint of questioning as well as confusion, but he chose to ignore it.

"Great," he smiled and it seemed like a giant weight was lifted off his shoulders. He quickly pulled out another Post-It and scribbled down the address of the "thing". "Be there at seven?" he asked and Aria nodded in reply. Ezra turned to make sure no one was looking in the window, and then he quickly pulled her in, placing a soft tender kiss on her cheek. "I'll see you then."