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also for Someone aka Me- who literally inspires me to write xD

Scorpius tells me almost every day that he loves me, and there used to be a time when it wasn't so hard to believe him.

At first utterance I nearly keeled over in shock. He was giving up so much! His father, his grandfather, his mania. Yet he pledged himself to me, and we were living proof that it could work, love could prevail, and it did.

For the longest time we were the couple that no one wanted to be around. We were the cliche- the kind of love that people only ever read in books- Romeo and Romeo, and he was whispering the sweetest words in my ear.

Unlike most couples who grew apart in time, we just kept growing closer, until we were inseparable. I keep telling myself that the only delay was because of our tunnel vision for the other, of us being one. Nothing changed.

With each passing day I felt tested. And each time I'd see him the butterflies would start up in my stomach, and my feet would leave the floor, and I'd feel like I'd give anything just to hear him say, "I love you Al," one more time. It felt unfair that a single smile, or a brush of the lips, could unravel me so much. That he could be affected so little. But then I'd be dying to see him one more time, content to wait outside in the cold, dark dungeons if I had to. And Scorpius would always come.

People were so used to seeing us together by then, that it was no surprise to see a Gryffindor sitting at the Slytherin table, or him in our common room. We almost considered switching Quidditch teams, but that had been a joke.


I could swear I saw smirks or smiles on some of the older teachers' faces, and sometimes I'd feel guilty that I maybe wasn't living up to all Dad wanted me to be. Was I ruining the Potter-Weasley name? Yet somehow I couldn't be bothered enough to care.

Scorpius was my link to the world. He was the best thing ever. He was my Prince Charming, and we were living a fairytale. During the heat of a storm he would hold me in his arms. He was the shining redemption of some long forgotten error.

Sometimes he'd lean down and kiss me, and his pearly white hair would tickle my jaw. We would sit on the banks of the Black Lake for hours with just each other. And the words would fall from his lips, and I'd never even doubted them for a second.

Then something changed.

I was never exactly sure on why then. I never knew why he had to take the time for me to fall for him, and then crush my hopes and dreams in the next instant. Maybe if he'd gotten over me sooner, he'd been a bit faster, I wouldn't have already given him my heart. It seems like it would've been one-hundred times easier that way.

It wasn't like they'd never seen each other before. There was no first-sight. They were simply two people, until the day Scorpius really saw her. Saw her for the first time, with new eyes, and a clear head. I couldn't have been the one clouding it. I can't have been the one to blame.

He broke me over time. Trampled and stamped out my very soul, carved it with his injustice. He'd given himself up; and I right along with him. And we'd never had more going for us in our lives.

Now I've stopped looking at it that way, stopped realizing these certain things. It's always been so, nothing's changed.

I stopped loving him today.

And I have a feeling he stopped loving me the moment Rose walked into his life.