Beautiful Creatures Script

(Ethan frees falling through the air in his dream. A female voice shouts of "Ethan!" Ethan begins to look nervous. Another female voice shouts "Help me!" Suddenly a girl appears on the left of him. Both of them free falling. Ethan reaches out for her. But only catches air. Finally, they both collapse into mud. Both of them claw through the mud. Their finger's finally meet. A green spark is shot off in a far distant manor. Ethan starts to sniff, keeping a sense of the girl. Ethan is awakened.)

(Ethan sits up catching his breath.)

Amma (shouts from below): Ethan Wate! Wake up! I won't have you bein' late for the first day of school.

(Small patches of light through the window. Ethan hears the tapping of rain at the window. His window is open. Ethan looks shaken up. Looks back and forth around the room. Ethan plops back down on his bed and stares up at the ceiling. After looking at the ceiling for a few minutes he notices that earphones from his IPod was still around his neck. He stares down at the song name. He sees the title is 'Sixteen Moons'. He clicks on the song and starts to listen. He hears an intreging, haunting melody. The song begins.

Sixteen moons, sixteen years

Sixteen of your deepest fears

Sixteen times you dreamed my tears

Falling, falling through the years…)

Amma (shouts more invigorating): Ethan Lawson Wate!

(Ethan sits up quickly. He yanks the covers back and notices that there is dirt in the covers. Ethan stood up and carried the comforter with him towards the hamper. He walks into the bathroom and turns on the shower. While he showers he works on scrubbing out the dirt under his finger nails. )

(Ethan is running down the stairs to see the table and Amma cooking breakfast. Ethan approaches the table and plumps down, lazily. Amma scoops out fried eggs, bacon, butter toast, and grits onto the china plate. Ethan stuffed his face as quickly as possible. Showing, that he looked starved. After swallowing he smiles in Amma's direction.)

Ethan: Don't hold out on the food Amma. It's the first day of school.

(Amma puts a glass of orange juice on the table, vigorously.)

Ethan: We ran out of chocolate milk?

Amma: A.C.C.L.I.M.A.T.E. Translation, get used to it. Don't you think about setting one foot out that door till you drink all of that orange juice.

Ethan: Yes ma'am

Amma: I see you dressed formally

(But Ethan was wearing jeans and a faded T – Shirt and some Chuck Taylors.)

Amma (insulting): I thought you were going to cut your hair

Ethan: When did I say that?

Amma: Don't you know that eyes are the windows to the soul?

(Amma slaps another serving of bacon onto the plate.)

Well, don't think you're going to be allowed running around with wet hair in this weather. I don't have a good feeling about this storm. Like bad things are kicked up in the wind. Unfortunately days like that have a mind of their own.

(Ethan rolls his eyes, ignoring. Ethan finishes all the food that Amma delivered onto his plate. He leaned back and over to see his Dad's study still shut.)

Ethan: Has Dad come out for breakfast yet?

(Amma's answer was interrupted by a car horn.)

(Ethan runs towards the door grabbing his book bag along the way. He marched out the door and looked up at the sky. The sky was pure black. Ethan could hear Link's car engine and the music blasting. Amma stands on the porch, crossed arms, looking very disappointed.)

Amma: Wesley Jefferson Lincoln! Don't you dare play music that loud in this neighborhood? If you do again I'll tell your mother what you were doing in the basement that summer when you were nine.

Link (twitched): Yes ma'am

(Ethan and Link drive away in the car. While Amma shakes her head and walks back inside the house.)

Ethan (curiously): What did you do in my basement when you were nine years old?

Link: What didn't I do in your basement when I was nine?

(Link turns down the music when finishing his line. They began to drive to school. They drive by Victorian lined houses. Ethan begins to eat a doughnut and after swallowing he talks.)

Ethan: Did you upload a weird song onto my IPod last night?

Link: What song? What do you think of this one?

Ethan (looking agitated): I think it needs work. Like all your other songs.

Link (shattered): Yeah, well, your face will need some work after I give you a good beating.

Ethan (head down, searching for something): I think it was called Sixteen Moons?

Link (ignoring): Don't know what you're talking about. Besides, if you want a new song let me play you another track. (looking down)

(Ethan glances over at Link to see what he was doing.)

Ethan: Hey, man, keep your eyes on the road.

(Everything seemed to freeze. Ethan sees a hearse pass out in front of him. Cameras zone in on Ethan and the hearse. Ethan looks surprised yet curious.)

Link: Here it is. 'Black Bandanna'. This song is going to make me a star.

(The hearse turns left and disappears.)