(The camera comes to view of being inside the car as Ethan drives through the storm. In the distant sound, you can hear the rain pounding over their heads. Ethan took a quick peak at Lena and right when he looked at her, he caught her gaze. He quickly looked away as they both smiled at the ground. He noticed a birthmark below her eye. The camera takes a quick capture of the crescent moon - shaped mark before turning back to Ethan's face. Ethan gazed back at her and caught her gaze again. But this time Lena spoke up.)

Lena: Your s - (chatters) staring

(Ethan quickly jerks his head back to the road. His eyes trail to her soaked vest as Ethan looked back into her eyes.)

Ethan: You should probably take that off. It'll only make you colder.

(Lena looked at her vest; questioning the decision. But, she started undoing the buttons. Suddenly, Ethan's hand comes into the picture and Lena stops.)

Ethan (jokingly): I'll turn up the heat (reaches for the knob near Lena.)

(Lena Smiles.)

Lena: Th - (shivers) Thanks.

(Ethan takes his eyes off her and back to the road. Smeared ink writing on Lena's hands come to his view. The camera zooms in, in order for the moment to be emphasized. He saw three smeared numbers and squints at them. He could barely make out the numbers, but he saw a one, five, and two.)

Lena: (relaxes shoulders) That's better.

(Ethan was just about to turn left at the fork in the road when Lena chirped up.)

Lena: No, wait. Go right here

Ethan: Oh, yeah. Sorry

(He turns right and Lena begins to look upset and uncomfortable. But, Ethan wanted to try and put a stop to it.)

Ethan (caringly): So why did you move in with your uncle? Usually people are trying to get out of Gatlin; no one really moves in. (chuckles)

(Lena sighs.)

Lena: I've lived all over. New Orleans, Savannah, The Florida Keys, and Virginia for a few months. I even lived in Barbados for a little while.

(Ethan glances back at the road, knowing he would expect no cars.)

Ethan: Where are your par-

(Lena cuts in.)

Lena: They're dead.

Ethan (sympathetically.): Sorry

Lena: (nods) It's okay. They died when I was two. I don't even remember them. I've lived with lots of my relatives, mainly my gramma. She had to take a trip for a few months. That's why I'm staying with my uncle.

(Ethan tries to make the moment less awkward by bringing up his mother.)

Ethan: My mom died too. Car accident.

(Lena looks up at Ethan.)

Lena: I'm sorry.

(Lena looks back out the window as Ethan pulls up to Ravenwood Manor. Ethan bends his head down to look at the sky. Ethan sees that the lightning has settled and the storm was more of a spring shower.)

Ethan: (points) Looks like the lightning's gone.

Lena: (shakes her head) I'm sure there's more where that came from.

Ethan: Maybe. (smiles) But not tonight.

(Lena turns her head to him and gives him a curious look.)

Lena: No. I think were done for tonight.

(Ethan turns to her and looks into her eyes. They had now become a soft green instead of the earlier hard on, intense green. He smiles as he begins to open the door.)

Lena: No, don't. My uncle's kind of shy.

(Lena jerks open her door and lifts herself out of the car. She peaked back through the car door opening.)

Lena: Thanks, I guess.

(Ethan leans toward her direction and smiles.)

Ethan: For not running you down?

(Lena smiles.)

Lena: That, and the ride.

Ethan: (shrugs his shoulders.) It was nothing. I mean, it's cool. Don't worry about it.

(Ethan flips his hood up as Lena rolls her eyes at him.)

Lena: Whatever. I'll see you around.

(Lena slams the car door and Ethan watches her go towards the front door. But, Ethan suddenly remembers something and rolls down the window.)

Ethan (yells): She has a glass eye.

(Lena turns.)

Lena (shouts): What?

Ethan: Mrs. English. You have to sit on her other side, or she'll make you talk.

(Lena smiles.)

Lena: Maybe I like to talk.

(Ethan grins back as she opens the door and goes inside Ravenwood Manor. The grin never leaves his face as he's backing out of the driveway. When he gets to the end, he notices a silver button on the seat from Lena's vest. He picks it up and the camera takes different angles of him studying it. But, Ethan quickly shoves it in his pocket for safekeeping.)