It was dark. The day had been cloudy before, but now, with the dust and ashes from the nuclear explosion blocking out the sun, high noon was darker than midnight. The radiation was interfering with some of my forward sensor posts, so I was effectively blind past three miles. As my engineer units struggled to build energy generators to get the shields online, I moved my Armored Command Unit farther back from the front lines and began constructing a factory. This factory was bigger than I had ever attempted before, but my countless hours of research had shown it could be done, and either way I had no choice if I was to survive.

My remaining tactical land units took up positions near the shield generators and automatic defensive turrets. If those failed, I would almost certainly be overrun, and with my ACU in the damaged condition it was, that would mean only one thing. With no air support, and my one remaining ally a cloud of charged particles in the center of the blast zone, this last measure of strength would be all standing between the Illuminate and Dr. Brackman's Proto-Brain facility. Without him, my people would have no leadership and we would succumb to the relentless barrages of UEF and Illuminate attacks. I could not let this happen. Not only is he my leader, he is also my creator, my father. I am the latest advancement in his Proto-Brain research, and I am as connected to the central computer network of the Cybran nation as I am to my fellow brothers and sisters who were waiting to be born at the facility where my father now stayed. I could not fail.

Almost the instant I had finished constructing, enemy icons appeared on my tactical view of the battlefield. Quickly I ordered my engineer units to take up positions near my assault blocks and artillery formations, to repair battlefield damage and keep them alive as long as possible. While my artillery opened fire, I diverted power from my ACU to assist the factory in its work. This left me more vulnerable, but I used the time my ACU was immobile to identify the incoming contacts. Almost one hundred enemy units in all, mostly Yenzoo battle tanks and Harvog assault bots, but with a few Fistoosh artillery bots hanging back and already firing on my forward units. The shields stopped most of the plasma shells, but too many made it through and began destroying my shorter-range Loyalists. Just as the Yenzoos and Harvogs broke through the lines, my factory finished construction.

As the huge doors opened to make way for the Experimental Megalith assault platform, I began to grin. The enemy bots hesitated for a moment, analyzing the new threat, then moved in for the kill. Most of them never got the chance to fire. Two blinding beams of red light arced out over my ACU, never ceasing, never relenting, moving from one target to the next as their internal reactors ruptured and they fell. In between the lasers, massive plasma bolts ripped through the enemy formations, destroying two and three bots at a time. My ACU was fully functional again, but there was no need for me to use its weapons. As the thunderous footsteps of my magnificent Megalith beat out the enemy's retreat march, they also matched perfectly with the victory song my Proto-Brain siblings were silently singing.