After defeating Hosea, the team goes to stop the White Spear. Niko has something in mind so he runs off. In this, Ryfia shows her bravery.

L'arc and the others go after Niko while Serge and Rastan stay back to stop the White Spear. They all reach the Computer room.

Cecille lets out a gasp, and then Niko's face showed up on the computer screen.

"Niko, what are you doing," L'arc asked.

"I'm going to destroy the turret, …..I'm sorry for all the trouble," Niko replied

"WHAT!" they all said in sync.

Ryfia's pov

L'arc started to scold Niko and everyone asked him to stop this. Ryfia was shocked to see Niko going to give up his life. She couldn't afford Niko being gone, just like Adele. Suddenly, Ryfia spotted an opening where the lightships where standing and assumed that's where Niko got his lightship. She went over to that place quietly and suddenly, came up with an idea.

"If I could go stop Niko while flying one of these, I could still save him," Ryfia thought, "after all, watching Cecille drive this gave me some knowledge to fly this, too."

Ryfia got in the lightship. There's still some time, Ryfia thought; she could still catch up to him. She saw all the dials but the one to accelerate the lightship was familiar. She pushed the button.


Cecille looked back, and then realized Ryfia was gone. Niko shut off his screen.

"L'arc! Ryfia's gone!"

"What?" L'arc replied.

I'm positive she was here, but….." Cecille cut off when she saw the opening. "L'arc the opening, where the lightships are…..what if…." Cecille was cut off by L'arc.

"Oh no! Ryfia!" L'arc ran towards the entrance to the lightships but the one Ryfia was in already left the

area. L'arc ran after the lightship but Cecille stopped him.

"You can't go there, you'll fall," Cecille yelled.


"You're right. She can't even fly the ship….What is she doing"? Cecille said.

"Where do you think you're going, L'arc?" Leslie interfered.

"I'm going back to our lightship….I can't just stand back and watch…"

"L'arc, wait up! Aaand he's gone!" Cecille said. Leslie and Cecille both went after L'arc.

Ryfia's pov

As Ryfia flew the lightship, she spotted Niko's lightship. She got the hang of flying this old thing, even though some buttons didn't really make sense to her. She saw Niko heading or the barrel in Lascarde.

"Oh my god, NIKO"! She flew it on full speed and zoomed like a bullet towards Niko's lightship. Suddenly, she panicked and became scared. She believed that is she failed at protecting Niko, both will die unreasonably.

"I've got to try! I won't let Niko end up like…Adele" Ryfia decided.

She put the lightship in full speed and drove up to Niko's lightship. He was about to crash right into the turret.

L'arc, Cecille, and Leslie, all in Cecille the Brave took a look at what was happening. They spotted two lightships heading into each other, more like on into the other.

"Oh no!" L'arc shouted out. "Cecille take this lightship over there! Hurry!"

"We can't do that, L'arc! That's too fatal!" Cecille shouted back.

"I don't care! She-"and then they saw something that they didn't want to see.

Ryfia's Pov

"No! Isn't there a way to break that turret?" Ryfia then looked up to the roof. "Maybe…." She thought. Suddenly it hit her. She sped up in front of Niko's lightship and stopped there. Quickly, Ryfia opened the door, used the ladder and climbed to the top of the lightship. She saw Niko speeding up towards her lightship. She quickly used every magic she had. Using common sense, she used Dark magic since it was the WHITE spear. Void infinity was the only one she could use strongly.

"Behold, the annihilating darkness" chained those attacks quickly and hit them towards the turret. To Ryfia's surprise, the turret weakened. She looked at Niko's lightship to be rushing and only miles away. Boy was he slow!

Ryfia used her Excel attack as a finish, "sacred water….come forth and dance!" A bunch of beautiful blobs of water rushed towards the turret and literally broke it. But that wasn't it…..As Ryfia examined it; the turret was going to blow.

Ryfia saw Niko's lightship really close. As a reflex, she jumped off her lightship as Niko's lightship crashed right into hers. She landed right on the top of Niko's lightship.

Ryfia saw something that made here really happy, since Niko was heading right into the turret.

"A top exit!

She jumped right in front of Niko.

"Ryfia?" was all he could say. Ryfia grabbed Niko's arm and jumped out the window as soon as the turret blew! Bursts of flames came out as a huge explosion that even the lightships were consumed by it. Ryfia and Niko were falling, but they seem to have parted and couldn't see each other.

L'arc got the lightship to the ground as soon as he saw the explosion. And short after Ryfia and Niko falling out of the lightship.

"Ryfia…saved Niko? Whoa!" Cecille exclaimed

"Let's go see where Serge and Rastan are. They might freak out if they don't find the lightship. You want can come Cecille" Leslie suggested.

"Okay! Since L'arc already left us here, I guess I have no choice. This is HER we're talking about." Cecille said.

"Haha, he's just at that age." And they both headed off to see Serge and Rastan.

L'arc ran after where they fell from, apparently, it was near a beach. He stood at the edge and tried looking for either one of them. Niko was calling from the water far away yelling "help me! Mr. L'arc!"

"Niko! You're close to shore! Just use your hands and swim!"

As soon as Niko came out of the water with great effort, he dropped to the ground panting hard. "Woah! Wasn't that close Mr. L'arc? But looks like we saved Diamant," Niko chuckled.

L'arc went up to Niko and punched him really hard. "You idiot! What the hell were you doing? Do you know what you were going to do! You even put Ryfia in trouble. Where is she?"

Niko replied, "Oh….I kinda…"

"What Niko?"

"Sorry! I lost sight of her as soon we fell right into the water."

"Niko! Ugh…...Where could Ryfia be?"

L'arc runs off to find Ryfia and Niko follows him. He keeps going until he comes to the end of the beach. L'arc and Niko look around but see no sign of Ryfia.

"Mr. L'arc, I'm sor-"Niko starts but L'arc cuts him out.

"Shh… you hear that?"

A little coughing noise came from further in the forest. L'arc ran towards the sound. He stopped to see Ryfia weak and coughing until she saw L'arc. She seemed to have lost a lot of stamina. She then started to collapse.

"Ryfia!" L'arc ran up to Ryfia and wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly. "What were you thinking."

"L'arc…" Ryfia said back in her lifeless voice.

Ryfia fell unconscious in his arms. L'arc looked at Ryfia to see her fainted and decided to take her to a doctor. "I guess she was pretty weak from all that."

"I'll get help from the others. We'll bring the lightship and then take Ryfia to see a doctor," Niko stated.

L'arc carried Ryfia and followed Niko back to the lightship.

After a short while, L'arc met up with the others.

"We heard it all from Cecille and Leslie. Is Ryfia okay? Rastan asked.

"She's fine. She's just really weak and needs to see a doctor," L'arc replied.

"So Romeo found her Juliet," Serge teased. L'arc told Serge to shut up and they were off to see a doctor.