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Motion Intiated.

Romania's point of view, after the meeting. Set in the last chapter.

Romania yawned. He watched as his fellow nations gather and cheer for that American idiot and annoying Prussian. Again, he yawned and stretched his limbs. Being awake in the day isn't really his thing. Romania doesn't even remember why in the world did he even decided to hang around after Germany dismissed the meeting.

Well, Romania figured out that something might amuse him here. His fellow nations can be quite amusing.

The Romanian frowned, his red eyes narrowing at the sudden outcries at the table. The noise irritated him. No, his fellow nations are not being entertaining to say the least. They are just being too noisy for his tastes.

Speaking of tastes…

Romania's frown turned into a roguish smirk as he searched the large room for a familiar tuft of blond hair. It wasn't easy though. There are a lot of other nations that were blond. And the room is quite vast. Romania growled at irritation. Why are there so many blond nations?

A familiar scent wafted at Romania's nostrils. He smiled again. Of course, why didn't he think of that? Romania sniffed gently, trying to distinguish that scent. He looked over to the sushi bar to find who he has been looking for.

Romania was about to walk towards England when he frowned. What are all those other countries doing around England? Russia was there as well.

'That Russian fatass…' Romania thought as he glared at the Russian. His thoughts darkened even more when he saw England began shouting at the Russian.

Romania doesn't like it. Over the few months he has gotten quite attached over England. Romania's scowl deepened in thought. Even he didn't exactly know what he was feeling for the Brit. Sure at first, he thought it was just about England scent and blood that enticed him. Of course he could have gotten that right from the start and get whatever this is over with. But over the course of these past few months…Romania thinks he might have developed something more than just thirst for Englishman.

No, he hasn't developed an obsession. Romania refuses to even entertain the thought.

It was mere fascination…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MORE…Right?

Still, Romania didn't like others touching England. Especially that Russian bastard.

Romania shook his head. Just why did he have to think of these things now? Romania notice England standing up and walking swiftly to the door. Romania grinned. His afternoon might have not been wasted after all.

Without so much as a goodbye to Bulgaria, who was talking with Cyprus and Luxembourg, Romania rose to follow the Brit outside.


Romania hid himself behind the wall, taking a few sneak glances at the two countries that were talking privately. No, he wasn't eavesdropping. He was merely curious as to why the Norway called out to England. And just as he was about to do so as well…

The Romanian kept a safe distance. He was thankful of his acute hearing. He could hear what England and Norway were saying…

"I want to talk to you"

Romania heard Norway's aloof voice. Base on the Englishman's reaction, he was surprised to hear that. Romania might not know Norway that well but he knows that the man wanting a conversation is peculiar. He seemed like one of those people that would rather watch from afar and be quiet.

Much like Romania, only difference is that Romania likes to voice out his amusement or his irritation.

Romania waited for England to reply. He saw that although the man is quite hesitant to reply, he did. Romania cursed that he cannot see any better that a few glances. It would be good if he was caught listening…not that he cared about that by the way…

Why did his blood boil at the thought of those emerald eyes meeting those ice cold eyes?

Romania could fell his incisors clashing with each other. His thoughts were brought back to reality when he accidentally bit the side of his cheeks, making blood flow in his mouth. He yelped at the pain but quickly covered his mouth, taking another glance at the two.

"What about him?" England answered back. Romania cussed at his own stupidity. He seriously has to lessen his inner monologues even though he is very fond of them…

'Him?' Romania thought. If he hadn't been so preoccupied with his still enigmatic thoughts, he would have known what the two men were talking about. Sloppy, very sloppy. Romania swore that he'll stay on track on Norway and England's conversation and not let his thoughts get in the way.

Still, Romania didn't know why he was irritated at the same time relieved by the course of the conversation. He blamed it on Russia and his creepiness.

The two of them just stared at each other. Romania decided that if Norway doesn't speak in the next ten seconds, he's going in there and interrupt.

"Something is different about him."

It was almost comical how England sent a perplex look at the man. Romania tried not to laugh when Norway bluntly put whatever thoughts occupied England's brain at the moment into dust.

"Arthur…not that kind of different, I know that the man is a nation…"

Romania didn't know whether he would be curious about who exactly is this person that these two were talking about or be annoyed that Norway called England by his human name…

"I don't understand. What exactly do you mean by that, Lukas?"

Romania felt annoyance in him. Damn it, he is seriously not getting jealous. Especially not over that Norwegian, his incisors starting to pierce his lips, his guts clenching. He didn't like this feeling.

"I meant what I said before. You should be careful around him."

The eavesdropping Romanian clenched his fists, blood-red eyes trained on the two countries. A heavy atmosphere settling between the two of them. Romania wondered what exactly is their relationship with each other. There are too familiar to be just acquaintances and Romania would be shot dead if he didn't notice it if the two were lovers…

Romania suddenly backed away. He was caught off-guard when those cold blue eyes met his. Romania's smile was strained. He decided that Norway would be difficult. Difficult indeed.

The Romanian watched as the Norwegian muttered some afterwords to England. Romania let out a silent laugh. He must really look silly, hiding here like some schoolgirl. But Romania found the thought sort of romantic…

He rested back against the wall. All in all, Japan's home is magnificent, not as magnificent as his own though… Romania closed his eyes…

Until he opened them again, only to smile at the cold nation beside him. It was a cold steely smile. But Norway's eyes were just as cold.

"Hello~" Romania chirped, smiling at the man. Well, it would count as a smile if it weren't for the fact that it was positively feral, too much teeth to mean any good will.

"Good day." Norway replied, making no move to walk away from Romania. Romania could feel those glacier-blue eyes bearing on him.

"Tell me…Is it your hobby to eavesdrop on other people?" Norway said coolly, meeting Romania blood-red eyes. Romania threw a mischievous smile at Norway.

"Well, if it is about someone I know…I couldn't help but be curious, right?"

Norway didn't say anything. Instead he walked onwards, but not before sparing Romania a neutral glance.

While Romania just smiled. He was smiling until the man entered a room…

His knuckles inside is pockets, curled and pale. He cringed at the pain as his nails puncture deeper into his hands.

NORMAL POINT OF VIEW, Back to England.

That night, England was very exhausted. He didn't even try to get Portugal off him nor did he once snark at Netherlands. For all that England cared. He just wanted to go to bed, rest and sleep.

Sadly, that wasn't how it's going to be.

England was already fast asleep. Although he was still alert. He never got over the paranoia of assassins and treachery. Which is why he quickly jumped out of his mattress when he felt something unsettling. Arthur was thankful that Portugal didn't latch himself on him last night. He would never been able to throw off the man just in case he did. That man slept like a log.

The Englishman didn't know what he just felt. It was like there was something in the room that wasn't supposed to be there. England scanned across the room, eyes lingering longer on his two roommates. Portugal's snoring and Netherland scowling at his dream.

"Oya? You're awake?" England's body sharply turned towards the direction of the sound. It was by the window.

A young man of long-black or was that midnight blue sat by their room's window and smiled down at England.

"What are you doing here!?" England tried his best to keep his anger at minimum. He didn't want to wake any of his fellow countries.

"Visiting because I'm bored?"

England gritted his teeth. "Then get off my window!"

"Why? How else would I be able to talk to you? You don't expect me to enter the door right?"

"A normal person would!"

"Not a normal person remember?"

"Damn it, what in the world do you want?"

"Well, I wanted someone new to talk to. Would you like to go drinking with me? I have pretty good sake in my home."

England frowned. "It's goddamn past midnight! Let me sleep for the queen's sakes!"

"C'mon~ A couple of glasses won't hurt!" The tengu smiled as he watched the Englishman's patience thinned.

"Get out before I try to exorcise you."

Karasu frowned. "I'm not a spirit for you exorcise, and I'm a holy being if you must to know."

"Then, oh Mr. Holier-than-me, get out of my room so I can sleep! Damn, I don't want to be caught sleeping in another meeting again!" Arthur quickly put a hand over his mouth as soon as he heard someone grumble. He slowly looked behind him to see Portugal scratching his bare stomach. England sighed, not sure if he should be relieved or be disappointed of his ally's lack of proper sleeping conduct.

"So, how about taking my offer then?" The winged man smiled at England, slightly amused that the man was trying so hard to maintain his composure and reign in his temper.


"Well, how about tomorrow?"

"Still, no."

"Eh! Why do you have to be-Oh look, you woke them up." Karasu said, smiling as England's eyes widened and him quickly turning around to see a drowsy Dutchman. Karasu didn't even attempt to tone down his laughter when Arthur tried to block Netherlands from seeing him.

"You. Stop arguing with air and go back to sleep before I throw you outside." The taller man said, grumbling about how noisy Arthur was when talking with his so called 'friends'. Who else could be the man talking to in the middle of the freaking night? Netherlands vaguely remembers Japan telling him how odd England was when he first stayed in the Japanese's house.

England frowned, offended about what the Dutchman said although he couldn't help but be at eased that his fellow nation didn't see the winged irritation sitting on the window. He watched as Netherland went to sleep, putting back his nightmask on.

"Well, so much for worrying about them huh?" Karasu said. He could see England's back muscles relax as he watched the taller nation went back to sleep.

"Well, screw you, you're not the one who's going to get Netherlands' teasing tomorrow. And you're not the one who's going to be stuck in a room full of obnoxious, nettlesome wankers tomorrow with depleted sleep!"

"Well, how about this. You can go drinking with me tomorrow and I'll leave you to get your beauty sleep. Not bad, ne?"

England walked towards the tengu. He saw the winged-man raise an eyebrow at him, although Arthur had certainly had to resist the urge to laugh at floored look on the youkai's face as England pushed his off the window. A satisfied smirked came to the Englishman's face as heard something fall to the ground.

Smirking, as if he just didn't push someone of the window and sending them pummeling to ground, England leaned on the window to see the said tengu nursing his hurt backside.

"Still a no, wanker!"

With that, Arthur closed the windows shut but he jumped as heard felt someone stood behind him. Turning around, he met Portugal's clouded eyes, confusion flowing in the sky-blue orbs.

"What was that? A cat?" The man asked making Arthur grimace.

"No, it was just a bird, I shooed it away, love." Arthur let out an agonistic laugh.

"Hmm…" England blinked as Portugal's tanned arms latched onto his shoulders. "Let's go back to sleep. 'm tried." England felt the taller man rest his weight on him. England worried that his knees would give in from the extra burden.

"Carry your own weight would you?!" England tried to get Portugal to loosen his grip but it was futile. The man attached himself on England in a vice-like grip,

"But Arthur…." England sighed as Portugal put more weight on him.

"Oh, for goodness, stop acting like a child."

"But, I want to sleep next to you like this."

"Wanker, it's too hot to have this much body contact."

"Oh, stop acting like some sex-deprived couple and just go to sleep!"

Portugal and England stared at Netherland who looked like he was only seconds away from bashing the daylights out of the two of them.

Portugal yawned. "You are such a cockblock, Ne-" A pillow came flying straight to his face sending him falling down at the mattress and taking Arthur with him.

After a few minutes of cursing and whining, the three of them were able to get some sleep, Portugal still latched onto the Brit. He would have told the Portuguese to loosen his hold if it wasn't for the fact that he was dead tired.

All in all the night passed and the winged annoyance was forgotten in favour of much bigger annoyances.

Page cut page cut page cut page cut page cut page cut…

The day started fine, in fact unlike their usual shenanigans, the world meeting was doing fine. Might be because it is the last day and they are all tired and rearing to soak in the hotsprings. Nearing mid-afternoon, they already finished everything they needed to discuss.

If only Germany dismissed the meeting early on, they wouldn't have reached this heated discussion…

"No, you cannot build Mcdonalds on the moon, mon cher America." France said, sighing in exasperation.

"Why not! If there will be hamburgers there, aliens would visit us more! Then we'll be able to raise trades!" America persisted. It wasn't like he's going to make burgers rain from the moon or something.

"Aiyah, I never thought of building a house up on the moon." China said, seriously considering what the American had just said.

"Well, maybe we could plant sunflowers there…" Russia's aura darkened slightly, drawing shivers from the other nations in the room. "Or maybe we could carve it to a sunflower. I'm good at carving!" He said with a smile.

"Ve, do you think they'll have pasta out there, Germany?"

"How about gelato? Hmm, I want gelato. Can I make some at your house Germany?" Italy continued rambling about which is better between gelato and pasta.

"Well, the moon deserves the best cuisine. I say we build a French restaurant there." France said, hand sweeping through his hair.

"No, there should be beer there!"Denmark shouted. "Am I right or what?"

Prussia stood up. "Kesesesese, for once you said something genius, Den." The two high-fived with each other, planning already what kind of pub would they build there.

"Chinese food is necessary!"

"No Mcdonalds is!"

"How about pancakes?"

"Soused Mackerel, Salmon roe, Pollock roe, Pickled vegetables…Soused Mackerel."

"I want curry."

"Anything with Alcohol is fine."

"Grilled fish, sautéed fish, boiled fish, stewed fish, fish cake ala mode…"

"Escargot, filet mignon, pot-au-feu…"

"Umm, Pad Thai…"

"Nyama Choma."


"Stupid fratello, it should be for planting tomatoes!"

"I agree with Romano! We should plant tomatoes up there!"

"Shut up, tomato bastard! I thought of it first!"

"Enough with the tomatoes! There's no way I'll let Spain fill the universe with those thing!"

"Well, who asked you!"

Portugal and Spain as expected were already leering each other down. Romano added, seen as he was trying to bore a hole through his former boss' brother. No one messes with Tomatoes with Romano around and gets away with it.

"Maybe we should build Santa's workshop up there…"


"…We should build a shelter for cats…"

"You and your stupid cats! Do you want cats to float around the universe like space junk. Not that they aren't already junk over here."

"They're not junk."

"Oh, want to prove me otherwise!"


A crash was heard as Greece tried to stop Turkey from talking. Another crash was heard from the other side of the room, this coming from the Iberian brothers. The rest of the countries didn't know who started it.

"I still say that Mcdonalds is the best!"

"No way! Those are too greasy. Not like my healthy Chinese food."

"You're both wrong! Nothing surpasses French cuisine."

"Well, Tony says that Mcdonalds is the best and he's an alien!"

"What?! Your friend is just biased or has never tasted French food before!"

"Who would wanna eat frog legs and snails?"

"Mon dieu! You're acting like Angleterre! Both of you have ruined tastebuds!"

"Hey! Did you hear that Iggy! The frog said- hey England?" America turned towards the English nation. Only to find that the man was happily snoring the meeting away.

Granted that the meeting would have been more peaceful without him commenting how idiotic they all were.

"Hey Dude! How can you sleep in a world meeting!?" America shouted, poking at England.

"That is unfair, here we are working while this tasteless Englishman only sleeps!" France said, peering at England. The man sure looked like he was deep in slumber.

"Germany! Wake up this lazy-ass!" America shouted over to the other end of the room. Germany looked up, only too happy to get away from the Italian who kept on mumbling on how Pasta would look like on the moon. German tried telling him that it'll look like the same soggy pasta here on earth for like the twentieth time. Only to realize it was a wasted effort seeing that Italy still continued to ramble about the said food.

Germany stood behind the sleeping man. He didn't take England as someone who'll fall asleep in a meeting. That was Greece's forte…But then again, Greece is about a hairstrand from ripping Turkey's throat and try to snap it. Okay, maybe somehow the two switched personalities? Germany silently hoped if that is even possible, that this will last only for today. He needed England. Who'll help him knock some sense into their fellow countries if the man was busy taking a nap? He needed another sane-well sane enough to hold selves together to keep him sane through this ordeal. Germany doubts if any country has a perfectly sane mind, given what they have to endure.


Germany was annoyed when he saw the man ignore him and turned away from him. Okay, now he knows that calling out to the man won't work. The German took a large breath.

"ENGLAND!" Germany almost feel backwards when the said Englishman suddenly stood up.

"WHAT THE HELL!" If it's you again birdbrain, I'll make sure I make you into bird stew!"

"Dude, why would you murder a bird just for stew?" England turned to glare at America, although it didn't look that threatening because he still had that sleepy look on his face.

"Sod off." England said, still groggy from sleep.

"Well, at least I wasn't the one sleeping in the meeting."

England blushed, scowl on his face. "Well, that wasn't…"

"Angleterre don't deny it, we all saw it~"

"It wasn't my fault! I barely got any sleep last night you wine-bastard!"

France raised an eyebrow at the Englishman. He let out a hum coupled with his trademark smirk. England backed away slightly at that familiar look on the Frenchman's face.

"Then what did you do last night~" A lecherous look overtook France's face… though the way it looked like it was only natural to be there is astounding at the same scary for some nations.

England cocked his head to the side. "What are you talking about?" The Englishman asked, seriously confused at what France was trying to say.

France stepped closer to England and leaned it to whisper something. What England didn't notice was that a few countries also strained their ears to hear what France was about to say.

"I heard Portugal was with you in the room. Maybe a small tryst?" England tried to land a punch on the Frenchman's face. But France being used to these little embarrassed outburst(well, they do happen a lot) dodged England's clout albeit almost falling on his arse.

"WE DID NOTHING OF THE SORT!" England outroar echoed through the room, garnering even more attention.

"Of course not…" England was even more peeved at the Frenchman's sarcastic remark. And again, England tried to hit him. This time with his right feet.

"I was just asking!" France's eyes widened as if he remembered something.

"Well, it could Netherlands…"

"Shut your trap you frog!"

"Oooh~ Defensive aren't we?"

"No you bloody frog." This time England tried to calm down, his head spinning. Okay, maybe he needed more sleep.

"Well, I was just curious…"

"Go be curious somewhere else, more like ten meters away from me."

"But you have such a fascinating love life, Mr. Sex ambassador~" England blushed at the moniker but then frowned. He never liked that nickname, it seems something France would come up with…

France was probably the one that made that up…

Along with the rest of Europe.

"If it makes you happy, it was just a bird, a noisy, annoying bird that didn't stop his bloody racket!" England smirked at the clear disappointment on France's face.

"Well, it couldn't be just that right?"

England inwardly cursed. Damn, the frog bastard just wouldn't give up.

"WHY THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU CURIOUS ABOUT IT!" England shouted at France, not noticing the amused looks on the rest of the nations.

"Nothing really, but I like to be updated at whatever is happening to my dearest enemy ~" France said charming smile on his face. England was surprised by this but frowned.

It was a trap. England was sure of that.

"Well I'm curious too! What the hell you old guys are talking about?" America finally piped in. England had to remember that the American didn't like to be ignored.

"I'm also curious, it seems interesting~" Russia sung, violet eyes meeting England's, mirth in them.


"Well, you seem pretty defensive about it to be just nothing…" Spain said, finally getting up from the floor and dusting himself off.

"Kesesesese, I'm sure it is something. Franny has a knack on sensing these things." Prussia said, watching the whole scenario all this time. Well at least it was better than watching Spain and Portugal throw kicks and punches like there is no tomorrow.

"Bruder…" Germany muttered, trying to subdue his brother from invoking the English nation's wrath, France has done enough of that, thank you very much. But Germany would be lying if he wouldn't admit that he was also curious of it too.

"Ve, Germany? Why is everyone staring at England?" Italy asked. You could barely hear the slight irritation on the sunny nation's question.

"Stupid fratello. That's because they're interested. And you are staring too." Romano answered, grumpily. The other audiences didn't know if he was just irritated by Italy's question but some observant nations noticed that a dark look pass over the man's brown eyes.

"WHY THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU SO CURIOUS ABOUT IT! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU, IT IS NOTHING!" England shouted before breathing hard in an attempt to calm himself down.

The sudden arm around his should didn't help though.

":Whatever we did is none of your business, so there." Portugal sent the question countries a bright smile. "And it is something…I think." His grin got even bigger.

"IT IS NOTHING!" England protested but another voice from the end of the table said otherwise.

"No, it is definitely something. You guys were behaving like a sex-deprived couple last night and you're the one who has the gall to say you didn't get enough sleep." Netherlands said, letting out a puff of smoke, as if saying he was satisfied at the blush on both the Englishman and Portuguese's faces.


"I think we're acting normal last night…It wasn't that different from all the other times."

"You're making it worst, idiot!"

"What? I was just saying the truth."

"Then say it accurately!"

"Well, we did sleep on the same mattress."

To this England sighed. It was no use telling Portugal to stop talking. He'll only risk having the others misunderstand. And Netherlands is being a prick as usual. Though England understands that the Netherlands is a man of revenge, it was one of the things they have in common.

"You slept in the same mattress?!" America asked, looking over at England who was silently seething.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean anything. It is normal for us."

"You sleep with another guy on your bed?"

"Yes, if it's Portugal then it is normal. We're close friends."

"But we're also close friends! How come you don't let me sleep with you?"

"You'll hug the bed all to yourself so no."

"Well your small enough for us to fit…"

"I'm not small! You're just too big!"

"Nuh uh, you're short."

"Damn it, America! I'm not short. I'm rather tall."

"No you're not."

"Yes, I am."

"I'm taller."

England by this time had the strongest urge to throw a punch at the American's cheeky face. Especially with that annoyingly serious face.

"Well, I agree that mon Angleterre is of average height though most of his charges did surpass him." France said, rubbing his beard in contemplation.

This did it. The meeting ended with the rest of the nations trying to not get hit by the usual combat between France and England though some other nations such as the Iberian brothers and Turkey and Greece continued on with their own battles.


"Those stupid morons… When the bloody hell did they became curious of whatever I do in private?" England huffed as he sat outside. He didn't want to go to his room because he might throttle a certain Dutch. He already has had enough bruises for today. Still that didn't stop him from thinking of ways to get back at Netherlands.


England refused to look over to his side. It was that irritable voice again.

"What do you want!? Did you know that I just had a horrible day and it was all your fault!"

"What? I never did anything today." England scoffed at the defensive tone of the youkai who sat next to him in one of the chairs.

"Go away before I really try to make you into a soup." England said in a grim and serious voice. The youkai only let out a playful laugh.

"Where would you find a pot that big?" Karasu watched England as he really did honestly contemplate his question.

"I could cut you to pieces then cook you."

"Well, it must have been a pretty bad day huh?"

"Well, thank you Captain Obvious!"

"You're welcome then~ By the way, how about that offer I made to you last night, it's still on you know?"

"No way."

"You already pushed me out the window, the least you can do is to go drinking with me."

"That was because you're annoying."

"Well, I have something for you." The black-winged man handed a bottle to England. England took took it, seeing that it was a sake bottle.

"What am I suppose to do with this?"

"What do you with alcohol?" England scoffed at the question. Of course he knew what he should do with alcohol. But, of course there are a few ways England makes use of liquor.

For one, using it to hit heads of really annoying gits would be one. The rest are better left to France's imagination, well…or Russia's…Mostly Japan's…

"Where's the glass?" England wasn't someone that would turn down booze that's for sure. Even if it came from France and he'll risk it having sleeping powder too.

"Ah, here." Karasu didn't even try to hide the grin that came to his face as the English nation poured himself some sake. England resisted the urge to spat at that arse-shitting smile o the man 's face, seeing as the liquor in his hand smelled so good. Not particularly bitter but it isn't a sweet scent that's for sure.

England drank it with just one gulp. It was good, England would definitely wouldn't mind having seconds. It must be of good quality since it is almost with par with the sake Japan serve to them. In the back of England's mind, he thought it was even better.

The tengu stared as the sand-haired man drank the rest of what's left in the bottle. He presumed that Europeans are notorious for their appetites for liquor and he seems to be right, although he wouldn't say that to his easily-provoked guest. Waiting for the man to be done is boring but still the tengu waited. His patience with this human astonished him but he decided not to ponder about it. He was a tengu, their manners are fickle and their emotions can change within just a blink. It was unnatural for him to be so determined. Still, he didn't like to complicate things.

"I wouldn't lie. That was good." Karasu felt is lips curve into a bigger grin.

"Now will you go drinking with me?"

England thought for a minute. It couldn't hurt right but if England really wanted to drink there was the bar. But he was sure that there would be annoyances there too, after all it is the last day of the meeting and the rest of the nations are just relaxing after this day's blowout.


The tengu had this satisfied look on his face as he led England through the forest. England grumbled to his self most of the way. 'It better be good booze' England though as he watched the too-happy youkai walk in front of him. England looked at the sky. Only a few hours before the sun rest in the west.

Unbeknownst to the two of them, someone else saw their ascend to the tengu's temple. Along with the rest of the spirits that lingered in the area.

Page cut page cut page cut page cut.

"Romania-65, Hungary-69. Hungary wins!" Bulgaria announced, serving as the referee for the table tennis match. He cringed at the shouts from both side.

The Bulgarian stared at Romanian, who is doing a faceplant on the tennis table, although he keep on cursing in Romanian. Bulgaria grimaced as the curses became more and more dark.

"So who's the weakling now, huh?!" Hungary smirked at Romania. Victory felt so nice, revenge even sweeter.

"Shut up! That was only about a few points!" Romania shouted back. He hated losing and that is the bottom line.

"A few points, you still lose!" Hungary laughed at the glare Romania sent to her. It was always so fun to rile up her neighbor like this.

"Let's play another one." Romania said, determination and ire blatantly showing in his crimson irises.

"Okay! So I can whip your ass for like what? Like the fourth time already!" Hungary said with a mocking smile on her face. It further egged the Romanian on.

"No way."

The two of them stared at Bulgaria, who was frowning at their childish behaviour. Well, no one could blame the man…He had been standing here ever since this seemingly unending game started. And it just hasn't been just four rounds. All in all, the both of them had played seven rounds already, the last one was suppose to be a tie breaker.

Although Bulgaria should have known that none of the participant of this game would give up or at least accept defeat from each other.

After a couple of hundred years, Bulgaria should have known not to get in between the two when they are at each other's throats.

But that has never stopped the Bulgarian before and he figure it'll be too late to stop now for goodness' sakes.

"Why? I'm sure I can kick that crappy smile off Hungary's face no sweat~" Romania said, rolling his paddle between his fingers.

"Maybe Bulgaria is worried he'd have to drag your sorry-loser-ass when you lose again~" Hungary smiled sweetly. "You act like a kid when you lose, which is very frequently."

"Oh yeah, well let's play another game and see who'll lose."

"You're on!"

"Fuck, will you two stop being such warfreaks and listen for once!?" Bulgaria again shouted, before panting to catch his breath. He wasn't Canada to be just ignored like that! He wasn't that patient either.

"Look at the fucking line behind you, idiots. They've been waiting for hours! I don't want to be shot by Switzerland!"

Just like what the black-haired man said, the expectators were just people waiting for the two of them to be done. And Liechtenstein was with Belgium, quietly waiting. Both Hungary and Romania took a step away from the tennis table, letting the Belgium lead Liechtenstein to it.

It might have something to do with the glare Switzerland sent the trio, something Bulgaria has been feeling for quite a while.

"We'll continue this next time." Hungary shifted her head, to see a scowling Romania. The man wouldn't let it end in a stalemate.

"Yeah, I guess I have no choice but…" Hungary saw Romania's eyes strained over to the hallway. She tried to identify if the man was irritated or was amuse. It was hard since most of the time he was both. Still Hungary watched as the strawberry blond glided through the room and out the corridor, without much of a word.

"Must be something huh?" Hungary turned to face Bulgaria who was also staring at the direction Romania went.

"With that man, there is always something going on…" Hungary replied dismissively. It wasn't a compliment,

She is just stating a fact…

Page cut page cut page cut

The Kappa ran as fast as he could. He just saw Karasu take England up to his lair and that cannot be good. He tried to follow the two of them but as soon as he reached the gates of the tengu's temple, he was thwarted.

He needed to get help. He needed help.

Which is why he went to see Japan. His country might now remember him but he didn't have any choice at the matter.

But so far it wasn't working.

Kappa had been running around the large building for a while. Japan just passed him without even a second look. The rest of the other people he encountered didn't even know he was there.

Were folklore really been that deeply buried within modernization?

The thought made the kappa stop and sighed. Now what would he suppose to do now? He cannot go in by himself. Thought of him being worthless plundered his mind. He didn't even help England-san…

"Hey! What are you doing here?" Kappa turned his head to see who had call him.

Only to stare up a very, very scary human.

The youkai did what he usually does when humans are around.

He froze and tried to be inconspicuous.

"Tch, didn't you hear me?"

The Kappa quickly scrambled away from the hand that took a hold of his head but he didn't realize that the man was too strong. Instead of further struggling he just stopped.

"Now, it's the first time I've seen you here before. Usually it's those little, puny hanger-ons I see. So what is mountain-based creature doing here?"

The Kappa only stared up to the man's, now that he just noticed, peculiar red eyes. And he was talking to him.

'He must be one of those countries…' the kappa thought as he ignored the said question.

"Answer me when I'm talking to you~" The kappa cringed at the slight tightening of the hands on his head. Not to mention the shivers that ran through his spine when he saw the man's smile.

"I-I-I…" The Kappa was cut off a shout from the outside porch.

"Kappa! Kappa! I just saw Karasu take England-san up to the mountains again! What are you doing here?" Kappa watched as his friend, the kitsune ran towards him.

"I already know-" The youkai was again interrupted by an offending hand on his shoulder.

"What happened to England?"

Kappa froze at the look on the nation's face. It was angry but at the same time, curious. The strawberry-blond man had a sharp glint on his eyes.

If there is something the poor youkai knew that this man is scary, very, very scary.

Page cut page cut page cut page cut

"You should go quickly!" The Kappa shouted to Romania.

Romania, sort of irked that he is being ordered around by a what, a frog and a fox-mouse or something, asked the kappa. "What's the hurry, surely that man or bird or whatever he is, will not hurt England, right? The man is a nation."

The Kappa shook his head. "Of course he'll not hurt England-san. And England-san cannot be hurt by him. But you should understand that the longer England-san spends in Karasu's territory, the lesser chances of him escaping or be found."

"You know, England isn't that stupid." Romania grumbled. "He wouldn't let himself be stuck in there or at least put up a fight." Romania, thanked all gods he knows that he can run this fast, he doesn't know if he can keep up with this two if he runs like Austria.

"So where does this bastard live anyway?" Romania asked the frog-thing.(He settled he'll call it that for the time being)

"There is a rumor that Karasu lives at an old abandoned temple high up the mountain." The Kappa looked behind to Romania. He frowned. He wasn't sure why but there is something bothering him about this man.

Was it right to ask him to save England?

Again the Kappa shook his head. He cannot afford to doubt this man. There was no time for that.

He just ran faster.

Romania almost tripped when the fox-mousy thing stopped. He stared at the rocky path and the large torii before them. It is made of old mahogany and it towered over the tress in the forest. It was magnanimous. We'll at least it was something Romania had been expecting. Not to be like America and his hero-complex, Romania knew that villains always liked the rocky path scene or the foggy forest type. Romania held back the urge to laugh in amusement.

It wouldn't be good if his guides would think of him as an impolite bastard. Ah…that didn't sound right…

"This is the boundary, the tengu's gate. We cannot go beyond here." The fox-mousy thing said, pointing at the large torii. From what Romania could see, the path is going to be quite steep, not to mention that cliff…

Again, Romania resisted the urge to smirk at the challenge.

"Are you sure, you'll be okay? Even though you're different, you're still human. Can you even go in the barrier?" The Kappa asked, looking up to see the European's face.

Something is definitely scary about this man.

The youkai watched as the strawberry blond nation walked towards the barrier as if he was testing the waters first. Then the man took a casual step forward, as if walking through thin air.

"You really shouldn't underestimate me." Romania turned back to the youkais and smirked. "I also have a couple of charms up my sleeves as well."

"Well, then I'm off to save the princess then~ Ahahaha, I sound too much like that America!" Romania walked towards the steep, rocky path, whistling a cheerful tune. The kappa and the kitsune only watched as the man went deeper until his black trenchcoat disappeared.

Page cut page cut oagew cut page cut~

"Really, those dolts are stupid! Especially that frog bastard and his beard and that creep-shite Russia and that, that, America!" England shouted as he downed another glass of the liquor. The Tengu grimaced at how violent his guest is while drunk.

"Well, how about my country? Is he nice? I think Mr. Japan is nice, well at least the last time I've seen him?" The tengu smiled when he caught England's attention. "That was about eight-hundred years ago."

"Nihon is, hick, nice…One of the few countries I actually like. But he is being too close to that American brat that I fear he'll catch whatever the lad has on his system!"

Karasu laughed. "Well, judging on how the Japan-san is doing, he'll couldn't get anymore closer to Amerika-san than he is now." To this England just snorted. "No offense of course."

"None taken. I'm not personally concerned about whatever that stupid America does. My government might be but I learnt that it is best to let those younger ones be one their own."

"That is just the alcohol taking. And after a few hours, it'll really be just the alcohol…" Karasu said, as he stared outside his temple.

"What was that?" England said as he poured more sake in his glass.

"Nothing…" Karasu smiled as he saw the man down another glass. He was sure that the sake should be taking effect any minute now.

It was one of his crafts.

You'll literally forget everything when you drink it.

Page cut page cut page

"Well, looks like this is the place." Romania caught his breath. He hasn't hiked like that for a while. The Romania stretched his arms upward and yawned. He really must be out of shape if that got him tired. All he did was cross those steep cliffs and walk through the thick-forest. Romania looked up at the sky.

There were no signs of birds, the skies is gloomy and no wildlife prowling around.

"Typical." Romania mumbled as he walked towards the top of the hill. He's so going to get a drink after this. Definitely.

Up the steep hilltop stood a large abandoned Buddhist temple. Just like that mouse-thing said. Although it wasn't gruesome and surrounded with bones…Far from what Romania imagined. Romania frowned at this.

"Well, this is going to be boring…" Romania continued on walking.

It was just like Kappa described. The whole building was abandoned but would never be found by any human. It might have been because of the thick fog or the barrier. Almost all of the forest's inhabitants must be afraid of the tengu or whatever that guy was. Romania frowned.

Why in the world would England agree to come with that man anyway? Romania was sure he isn't that gullible or stupid…

"And that Russian bastard, I swear. He's must be stalking me or something!"

Romania raised his head towards the shout. He was sure that that was England. Albeit, Romania had a bad feeling about this.

His suspicions were proven when he peered through one of the windows.

England would never shout about Russia like that. That is if he still wanted to live. Well, except on few occasions.

Romania heard that England is a terrible drunk. He cannot hold his liquor in and often collapse on the floors of the pubs, rat-arsed, just waiting for someone to take him home. That is if the said establishment still had a floor to collapse into.

Looks like Romania would have to do the honors today because even America could see that England was drunk, dead-drunk.

"Good evening." Karasu's head snapped to the direction of the voice. He didn't even notice someone was there.

A foreigner much like his own guest smiled at him, hostility showing in his grin.

"Well, it seems we have a guest. Though I didn't remember asking anyone else other than England-san to come here…"

"Well, I'll be crashing the party then" Romania said as he heaved himself into the window.

The tengu just smiled "Oya? And just what makes you think that I'll allow you to do such a thing?"

Romania dusted his self and looked up to the tengu. Well, at least this is going to be fun…

"Because…" His ruby eyes met the tengu's onyx ones, ire mingling with unhidden amusement.

"I don't like other people touching my prey~" Romania said. He smirked at the startled look on the tengu's eyes. Especially when he saw his incisors, that usually gets them after the eyes that is…

The startled look on the youkai's face was replaced by a small frown. "It isn't like I'll actually keep him here forever…" Karasu grumbled.

"I just want someone to play with for a while~" The tengu whined. He doesn't understand why people like to take his 'toys' away. Well, he stole them from the first place but it isn't like they already belonged to someone else so he didn't see anything wrong with.

None whatsoever…

"Then go look for someone else cause I saw him first!" Romania said, irritation swimming in his eyes. How dare this thing take his latest curiosity away?

" Ey, ye got anymore booze?"

Romania and Karasu stared at England who already was done with the bottle of sake the tengu had so graciously provided him with. They both watched as the Englishman plopped to the tatami floor and began snoozing. Well, so much for being a violent drunk. That must have been good alcohol for England to be satisfied with it enough to go straight to sleep.

"H-hey, what exactly did you make him drink?" Romania raised an eyebrow at the tengu who only marched over to England's side and pry the bottle from the man's hands.

"Nothing much, just some special brew of sake…"

Romania watched as England turn, toss and grumble before his face contorted from discomfort to stoic calmness. However something is weird about it…Romania felt dizzy and his head throbbed in pain.

An intoxicating smell waff on his nostrils. It made Romania's knees weak.

"W-what is that?" Romania asked, trying to block the strong incense-like fragrance from entering his nose. It was no use. The Romanian fell on his knees, sight starting to waver, hearing dimming and his throat felt like sandpaper.

Only his sense of smell didn't weaken. That wasn't exactly a good thing though.

"Oya? What is wrong, Country-san?" Romania heard the tengu asked. He felt a need to break the man's neck when he heard him laughed.

"Eh? So, you can smell it too? It is a wonderful scent isn't it…"

Romania glared at the figured which he assumed was the bastard who started all of this shit. He didn't know what the scent was. It wasn't really that bad…It really did smell good but it bothered Romania a lot…

It made him suddenly ravenous too…

Romania's eyes widened at the realization where the scent was coming from. He threw a poisonous look at the tengu who only smiled at him.

"It's coming from whatever shit you made England drink isn't it?" Romania managed to croak out.

The tengu made a slight sway of his head, a mischievous look on his face. This made the Romanian frown.

"Guess again~"

"Just…just what are you playing at? What do you…" Romania can no longer think of any possible solutions for his head started spinning like in a maelstrom.

The tengu cocked his head to the side. "Nothing really, it has been hundreds of years since the last time I opened those brewing jars, I just wanted to see how strong the sake in there were."

"It is poison or something like that?" The tengu frowned, insulted that his concoction was just called as something as vile as that.

"Don't call it poison baka. It happens to be an illusion-inducing liquor. I happen to make the best one, definitely better than what that bastard Sojobo can produce…"


Karasu smiled at the confused reaction on Romania's face. "Well, how do you suppose I get my toys in to order hmm?"

"You use illusion?" Romania asked, watching the blond-haired man on the floor from the corner of his eyes.

"We are famous for our illusions and we use many types of mediums to make it."

"And right now, your friend is probably going to be overrun by my illusion, erasing everything he wanted to erase. I'm sure there is a lot he wants to be undone-" The tengu was cutoff, coal-black eyes meeting furious red ones. He kept a leveled face as he saw menace seep in multitudes through those blood orbs.

"You'll lift the illusions at once or I'll make sure to mount that head of yours on my wall for eternity!" Karasu could clearly see that the nation wasn't kidding. He wonders how exactly would the man do that to someone like him.

That was until a pair of hand wrapped around his neck, fully intent in breaking it or snapping it to pieces. The tengu tried to pry off those hand but they clamped even tighter on his neck. He felt blood rush to his head. His eyes widened at the cracking sound of bones creaking. With his breathing nonexistent, his eyes met the nation above him, terror filling his soul, something he hadn't experienced for a very, very, very long time. At the sound of his neck snapping, only one thought rationally formed in his oxygen-depleted mind.

This man…No, he wasn't even sure if this is a human or not.

What is he?

The youkai took a deep breath, afraid to even touch his nearly-broken cervix. His midnight black eyes looking up to his assaulter.

The man's hand twitched. The tengu isn't sure if that is a good thing. It implies that he might have not liked what he did or on the other hand might just be itching to wrap it around his neck to continue what it was previously doing. Red eyes were hidden beneath his fringes but Karasu was sure they were glowing, glowing like freshly spilled blood. The man's breathing was shallow. Karasu guessed it was from an attempt to reel his self back.

"Lift it before I kill you, you pathetic little mongrel." Romania muttered, head throbbing from that heady scent. It took the last drop of his self control to release the youkai.

He cannot lift whatever spell he had put on England if his neck was snapped into two. At least that is what the still rational part of his consciousness told him.

The rest of it just told him that the creature pissed him off and stopping it from breathing would also stop that nose-tingling smell.

Karasu's trance was broken, eliciting a rough cough from the youkai. He hadn't realize he was holding that back. His eyes widened at the sight of blood on his hands. He looked upward to Romania who was still seething.

This man seriously tried to kill him.

"I can't."

As soon as Romania heard those words, he flew into frenzy and lashed at the poor creature. Entirely, he blamed it on the heady smell. It made Romania lost his self-control, something he is so proud of. The thought irritated him so much that maybe ripping the creatures' throat, just to feel, see that warm blood splattered on his pale hands. Romania swayed as he wonders what the youkai's blood would be like in his hands. Though…

Thinking of how the youkai's blood would taste repulsed him…

It was something that made Romania halt and sharply turned towards the heady smell.

It was overflowing from England's body. The Romanian's eyes widened.

The smell of England's blood… Romania gritted his teeth in frustration. How could he not notice?

It was practically nonexistent.

"What is going on with him exactly?" Romania asked, blood-red eyes trained on England while asking the tengu.

"The sake will travel through his veins, dulling his mind and numbing it until he remembers nothing."

Romania further felt ire at the youkai's answer. So that is why he's nostrils were acting like a radar gone wild. Romania twitched his nose, futilely trying to shake of the scent. So much for that idea. This is the few times Romania wished he didn't have heightened senses.

"Any remedies?"

Karasu shrugged. "Well, if you could magically remove it from his body that should be enough." He averted his eyes away from the nation. "But last time I checked, you guys cannot do that can you?" He let out an awkward laugh. "Well, maybe it wouldn't last that long…You're not ordinary people after all…" His coal-black eyes wandered towards the Romania who wasn't there anymore.

Romania winced at the scent. He doesn't know how long he'll last without fainting or without drooling at it. Romania kneeled down the English nation and tried to steady the man. "Can you hear me England?" Not even a single grunt can be heard from the addressed Englishman.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Romania heard the tengu question as the creature rushed towards them peering curiously at them.

"What does it look like?" Romania snapped at the asinine question. "Help me here." Romania commanded as the hand down England to the now kneeling tengu. "Steady him right, bastard." Romania said irritation in his voice.

Karasu frowned. "No need to be snappy about it…" His eyes widened as the Romanian took one of England's wrist and pulled it close to his mouth. He stared dumbfounded as two long incisors look like they were about to pierce through the man's skin.

"WAIT! Wait, What in the world are you doing?!" The tengu shouted as he pulled away England from the man's grasp. A dangerous growl erupted from the strawberry blond nation. The tengu shivered as bright red eyes looked up to him, both holding hunger, ire, lust, anger. All at the same time.

"Fixing the problem." With that Romania grabbed England left wrist and sink his incisors in the man's veins. He heard vexing sounds of disapproval from the youkai but soon as he sank his fangs on the England, he was washed with giddy taste of England's blood even though said substance was laced with some potion that creature made.

To Romania's surprise the potion tasted sweet and it is thick on England blood. He heard a grunt from the English nation. He must have felt the sting of Romania's fangs. He could feel the man tense. Romania refrained from sucking right away, which was hard when the scent of blood was wafting so close to his nose that it drove him insane. Not until England stilled did Romania continued to drink, shallow gulp at first. He still has enough reigns on his self to be careful not to drain England too much. It would be dangerous if the liquid overwhelmed him for more-than-too-obvious reasons. It wouldn't do him or the English nation any good if the two of them lost consciousness at uncharted territory. Also, Romania feared that he might completely drain the man. Certainly, Romania would be in big trouble if he did.

However, the heat coiling in Romania's stomach was saying otherwise. More like it was saying to just fuck the whole thing off and leave it like that. Okay, Romania isn't sure if it was his self that said that or if it was the blood.

Romania tried to think of thing apart from England's blood flowing within him, how the warm elixir tasted just like how he imagined. Sweet, unbearably sweet. Of course, England already smelled sweet to Romania, he had that weird smell around him when the first time Romania saw him, but his blood is just too sweet. There is something different in the Englishman's blood. There is life-no, that wasn't it exactly. It was something unearthly. Romania smirked.

If there was one thing that was crystal clear in his head, it would be the fact that he is right.

He was right that England is different. That was sure.

Romania deeply drank, lost from the world. Unconsciously, his fangs sank deeper. He could the blood bubbling, warm and alive. It was euphoria. A groan came from his throat as the blood cleared of that vile liquid. He knew he should stop. He tried saying that to himself. But England's natural, not to mention, untainted and pure blood was…

He took another deep gulp. This time garnering a pained whimper from the still-unconscious Brit. Romania's tongue lapped at the blood that threatened to spill from his mouth He didn't spill even a single drop. England's warm breath tickled Romania's hair. Romania smirked as he retracted his fangs, glowing red eyes looking up to England's flustered face. His smirk got even smugger when he saw the furious redness on the man's face, his labored breathing and those thick eyebrows knotted together.

"Pfft, you're even more perverted than me, country-san." A voice above Romania said.

He scowled up at to the youkai, who was smirking as well. Well, that was a mood breaker.

"Shut up. I'm not the loser that had to kidnap someone just to have someone to talk to." Romania took satisfaction at the pissed off look that the youkai had. With his newly-replenished strength, Romania lifted England on his shoulders and walked towards the door. Karasu followed the pair, teetering side-to-side showing that he is amused by this whole fiasco.

"Well, we'll be off then." Romania laughed at the shooing motion that the youkai did.

"Yeah, yeah. You selfish bastard."

Page cut page cut page cut page cut page cut… (Actually was going to end it here but why not!)

England slowly opened his eyes. He blinked and abruptly stood up. His eyes widened as he let out a pained shout.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!" England tipped back onto the mattress, groaning at the impact his sore body made. He tried to stand up once again but he fell to the mattress again. He was about to try for a third try when he heard footsteps rushing to his room.


A panting Japan came into view. England stared at the man, surprise by the sudden intrusion. He stared as the man rushed to his side, confusion clearly illustrated on England's face at Japan's worried expression.

"How are you feeling?" Japan urgently asked, staring straight at England's green eyes. England quirked a small smile, enough to put Japan at a noticeable ease.

"Fine, a bit sore but fine. Though I wonder why exactly is that. Did that bloody frog have something to do with it? I swear I'll rip that man's beard next time I see him." England said, usual humour back. He saw Japan straighten up but he was perplex by the scowl on the Asian country.

"You don't remember anything?" To this England raised an eyebrow.

"No, what are you talking about?" England's heartbeat quickened at the serious and grim look on Japan's face.

"Last night, Romania-san brought you back from the forest, unconscious. He told me that you got lost in the forest and hit your head. He found you by lying on the ground. He went after you when he noticed you were missing." Japan shook his head. "He said, you were acting very strangely today so he was curious and followed."

England's eyes widened. No, he didn't go to the forest last night.

He went drinking with that tengu after a very stressful world meeting. But after that…

The English nation quickly tried to recover his memories of last night. He recovered nothing but blurred images.

Japan was startled by the suddenly fuming Englishman. He asked England if something is wrong, only to be surprised at the man's reply:

"What happened after that…"

Japan didn't understand the cryptic statement. He was about to ask England what he meant by that when his black eyes suddenly met green ones, fiery and furious.

"Where is Romania?"

"He's in the room next to you but- England-san!" Japan shouted to the Englishman who was out of the room without even blinking. Japan steadied himself before flinching at the sound of a door being ripped open.

'Those are new doors…' Japan inwardly groaned as he stood up and followed the raging Englishman.

Nonetheless, the scene Japan saw amused him. Definitely worth a few cracked doors…

"Wake up now, you bloody bastard! I have a few questions for you!" England shouted to the sleeping Romania. But that isn't what caught Japan's attention, of course not…

Maybe it's the fact that the Englishman was straddling the poor unsuspecting nation. Or maybe the fact that England didn't notice his yukata falling of his frail shoulders.

Or maybe the fact that Japan noticed the slight quirking on Romania's lips. So much for a poor unsuspecting nation…

When the man didn't even budge, England felt his fuse, which is by now practically perilously nonexistent, lose control.

Eyes beneath his fringes, England grabbed the man's collar, shaking him violently, roughly and with the promise of peril if the Romanian didn't wake up that second.

Fortunately or unfortunately he did.

With a drowsy smile, Romania looked up to England, who had that stiff-lip, satisfied look. The Englishman didn't notice the mischievous way Romania's smile curved as he felt himself being grabbed by the collar of his yukata.

His green eyes widened as he felt those lips quickly peek on his own, in chaste kiss.

"Good night."

With those words uttered, Romania let go of the sand-haired man before dropping to the mattress, letting sleep take over him once again.

England quickly recoiled from the strawberry-blond, blazing redness on his face. Japan didn't know if he should laugh or be amazed that the Englishman managed to get himself from the center of the room to the corner of the room, in such tremendous speed.

Japan didn't have time to think as he was busy trying to hold down England, who wished for nothing that moment to throttle Romania, who was comfortably sleeping, blissfully ignoring the murderous intent a certain Englishman had for him.

Japan was happy. He was sure he'll ask the security for that footage. Hungary would surely be overly-interested in it.

Although that night, he found out that the security cameras in that particular room was broken. One of the reason why there are no guest staying there.

Try your best next time Japan.

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