I hadn't slept at all last night. I was up hunting with a different group. I put my long sword away, another monster down. I heard one final roar from the Barroth. I could tell that he was through. The muddy king of the desert was down for good this time. As the other hunters were carving the wingless wyvern, I sat on the ground in a sort of sadness. I remembered the last time I saw my best friend, Isaac, in the heat of the desert. Not a time I really want to remember, but another hunter had asked me about it. I guess I had no choice. The story starts here. The final battle with Isaac.

We had just left for another quest. Just me and him, ready to find the queen of the blistering heat, the Diablos. We had both been pretty new to the more challenging quests, him always a little farther ahead than I was. I looked over my shoulder, there he was, standing right beside me with his glorious Agnaktor armor on. It was glistening from the golden light of the sun. I was wearing a much smaller set than he was, a simple Gobul set. My head had turned back forward, waiting for the monster to pop out of the ground. We had taken a few steps toward some cacti that we had seen, the giant armored queen had launched some Delex, or sand fish, into the air.

Isaac drew his amber bladed switch axe, I was amazed. I look over to see the Diablos charging straight for me! I barely rolled out of the way and drew my sword and shield, ready for battle. I put up my shield to take away from some of the pressure of the mighty horns, the shield didn't help much. The great horns slap the shield from my hand, leaving a gash along my arm. I couldn't help but scream in pain and anger. I run over to get my shield to see the dragon had turned it attention to Isaac. Something went through my mind that I needed to protect him from this attack. He was careful this time though and rolled with mighty agility.

A long battle insued as I was starting to feel weak. I ran over behind a rock pillar and started to drink a potion. I hear a smash into the pillar, what just happened? The Diablos had gotten it's horns stuck inside the pillar. Isaac used the morphing ability and turned the mighty axe into a sword, quickly taking the opportunity and dicing up the legs of the creature. The pillar falls over and the Diablos breaks free, both of us running like hell to get away before a tail whip.

The Diablos started to dig underground, was it running away? No. The mighty wyvern had appeared under me and launched me into the air, blood dancing across the horns of the mighty monster. I get back to my feet and see Isaac slashing at the legs once more, he had to have been a little crazy to do this. I run over and start hitting the armored legs of the monster, I was surprised that my sword went through it this easily. The Diablos wasn't pleased with us as I see a black smoke coming from it's mouth, I run away to try to save myself from the ear shattering roar of the beast. There was no roar as I turn around and hear a scream in pain.

The Diablos had taken advantage of my sudden movements and targeted Isaac. The horn going straight through his armor...and his stomach. The Diablos had pinned his dying body against the wall and pulled the horn out of his body. My world stopped. I could only stare at Isaac in disbelief. "This can't be happening!" I yelled out loud. The Diablos had again taken advantage of my confusion and ran away.

I ran over to his body as fast as I could. I couldn't believe it. It couldn't be true...but it was. His hand was on his stomach as he spoke quietly and slowly to me. "I guess this is it Eric...I can't believe it ended this way...of all...the ways to go... and this was it..." He coughed through his sentence. I could feel his body getting cold, even in the desert. I threw him over my shoulder and started to run back to the base camp. I was going to try to save him.

Through the tears in my eyes and my shaky body, I get him back to the base camp and call for the balloon. I set him on the bed set up by the guild so he can rest. At that point in time I hadn't realized it was too late. I started break down. Starting with the anger. I started to yell at him to open his eyes. He wouldn't respond. So I started to cry and beg him to open his eyes. Again, nothing happened. My world stopped. My closest friend was gone.

The balloon had arrived, I placed him on the bench and sat across from him, shaking from fear and confusion. He was gone and nothing could bring him back. I had never seen a hunter actually die when fighting a monster. A stand up as we take off and look back to the desert. I see the Diablos eating some cacti, almost as a taunt or victory meal. I clench my fist and look at the beast, swearing that I would get revenge some day soon. Nothing was going to stop me from that.

The balloon had stopped back at Loc-Lac, his friends and mine surrounding the gate. I walk through the gate, my head low, while I carried his body. Many friends of his did the same that I had done. Nobody could believe it. Tears form in my eyes as I walk through the city, holding the fallen hunter in my arms. I hear a yell from someone he knew, a girl named Izzy. I turn my head around and look in her direction. She had noticed something was wrong when she saw his armor, his face, no weapon, and no life from his body. I turn my body around and I start to cry, right in front of her. She turns and runs away, I felt horrible for letting this happen.

The Guild Master had let a few of his closest friends go through his belongings. Kelli, Daniel, and myself started to look through his house, looking for something he could have hidden or a note for someone. I check in his pocket and there was a note...for Izzy. It had a heart on it and a ring taped inside of it. Was he planning to merry her after he hung up his armor? My heart broke. I didn't want to show this to her. I put it in my pocket and hide it from the others. The Guild Master being the only one who knew I had it.

Later that night, I sat alone at that table drinking. The Guild Master calls me over once more. I walk over to him with bloody red eyes, not looking at him but at the ground. "I know you have that note boy. As a part of the laws of this guild, you must hand it to either me or the person it was to." he said with an unusual sadness. I reach into my pocket and hand him the paper, not wanting to let it go. He nodded and sent me off. I walked away, tears starting to flow once more. I start to run to the ferry back to my village. I get on the boat and sit at the back, near the motor, alone.

I put my head on my knees and could only think about Izzy's reaction to his death. They were very close friends. I hadn't known that Isaac felt this way about her but that wasn't my business. I pull the sword from my back and look at the blade. I needed something to distract me from the depression and hatred for myself. I pull out a whetstone and start to sharpen the blade. I couldn't help but still think about the hunts that we had...but he was gone.

The ferry drops me off at Moga Village. I set foot on the dock as the people run over to me with smiles on their faces. I feign a smile myself and act like nothing happened. I told them I was tired and would pick up my hunting in the morning. I walked into my house, Chamberlyne looking up at me and noticing the pure sadness on my face. He stepped outside as I covered myself with the sheets, tossed my armor in the box, and cried into my pillow. "Good bye Isaac" I muttered into my pillow.

I had been up all night. The other villagers had asked me to hunt a few things and I did the tasks reluctantly. I couldn't keep myself from thinking about what had happened yesterday. His burial was today and I couldn't miss it. I had finished the tasks as quickly as I could and immediately headed to Loc-Lac City. I was wearing my best armor, Bnahabra armor, and quickly set foot on to the burial grounds. There, in the casket, lays his body. I lowered my head and left a weapon by his side, his weapon, the Amber Hoarfrost. I step away from the grounds one last time, muttering the same words from last night, before putting on my Guild Bard Lobos and walking away. Nothing could stop me from clenching my fist one last time and swearing to the Diablos that I would have revenge. I would fight it alone if I had to. I wanted his carcass on the ground. I boarded the ferry one last time to go back to Moga Village. Maybe returning home was all I needed for the time being...