Lost in Time and Darkness

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Chapter 1: A New Soul Emerges

Sophitia and Cassandra Alexandra rarely sparred but when they did they didn't hold back. Cassandra used to envy her sister for her adventures. Sure loved to hear the stories but she wished she could have journeyed with her sister and met some of the people. Sophitia herself was glad Cassandra didn't join her adventures until one day her sister went off on her own journey. The elder Alexandra sister had worried so much she left her husband Rothion and her children Pyrrha and Patroklos to search for Cassandra. When Sophitia had found her sister she was pleased to learn that she was okay but still scolded her for running off. Then later Cassandra had done it again and once again Sophitia had to go and retrieve her. This time however when they reunited they were at the Lost Cathedral when the creature Abyss appeared and were lucky that nearby was an old friend of Sophitia's Siegfried Schtauffen. Cassandra watched as Siegfried anf Sophitia attacked the creature and destroyed it but they knew that the sorcerer that had been possessed by Abyss wasn't dead. Siegfried parted with them in order to pursue the demonic creature Nightmare. When Cassandra asked she saw that Sophitia wanted to answer but she held her tongue in respect for Siegfried. Siegfried only said that it involved his past. This confused Cassandra but since he was an old friend of her sister's she didn't pry anymore.

Presently Sophitia and Cassandra were sparring at full force using wooden versions of their swords and shields since they had both returned their holy weapons to their resting place. The two sisters clashed with their different styles of the same weapon type. Sophitia's stance indicated that she had the calmer style while Cassandra's style would give some one the impression that she was more unpredictable. The sisters were also on their last set of wooden weapons because of how they put their all into their spars. This session had been going on for a good twenty minutes and both sisters were covered in sweat and their clothes were sticking to their skin. Cassandra knew that both her and her sister were tired but he also knew that Sophitia was also sleepy giving the younger sister the advantage. Cassandra charged the more experienced blonde but when her wooden sword met her sister's wooden shield the wooden sword broke. Cassanda looked at for second before falling to her knees.

"Not again!" The younger sister exclaimed. Sophitia, despite herself, had a small amused smile on her face. This was usually how their spars ended with Cassandra breaking her sword.

"You did well." Sophitia said. "Normally our spared would have ended ten minutes ago but this time we almost went on for half an hour." Cassanda looked up at her sister and smiled.

"True. Next time though I am definately going to beat you!" Cassandra proclaimed. The two laughed until they heard a rustling in the bushes. Sophitia assumed her stance in case it was a threat btu they were surprised to see a confused looking young man. His attire was strange to say the least. He had on black boots, tan cargo pants, a dark blue shirt, black jacket with a shoulder guard on the left shoulder and a metal spidery tribal design all the way up his right arm and black gloves. On his thighs were holders for twin swords. His hair was light brown and his eyes were grey with circles beneath from what appeared to be lack of sleep. He saw the Alexandra sisters and saw Sophitia's stance and stopped walking and held up his hands up to show he meant no harm.

"Sorry." He said. "If I interrupted something I'm only passing through." The sister examined him and decided that if he was a threat that he would have attacked them since they only had wooden weapons and he had twin swords. Sophitia relaxed out of her stance and the young man sighed in relief.

"Where are you going?" Sophitia asked. She wanted to ask about the his strange clothing but she knew that foreigners had different clothes so he may have been from far away.

"I was on my way to a city called Athens. You know where it is by chance?" The young man asked.

"Yeah we aren't far from it. We live there." Cassandra said. She was still cautious about the young man but she knew that if Sophitia was okay with him being around that she could be to.

"Really? You mind taking me there? I'm looking for information on something and I heard of some one who could tell me about it traveling to Athens."

"We would be happy to show you the way to Athens. My name is Sophitia Alexandra and this is my younger sister Cassandra." Sophitia said with a smile. Cassandra waved at the young man who smiled and waved back.

"Nice to meet you and thanks. My name is Mark Frey." Mark said. He was glad that he didn't have to fight since he was opposed to needless bloodshed. "So what exactly are you doing with wooden weapons?" Mark asked.

"We were sparring." Cassandra said simply. Mark nodded in understanding and went over and picked up Cassandra's wooden shield. "Oh yeah that's mine. You can leave the sword though."

"I'll carry the stuff back. I mean you're showing me to Athens so this is the least I can do for you." Mark said. Sophitia was slightly surprised to hear that his voice carried no condescending tone. He genuinly wanted to repay them by carrying the sparring equipment. After Mark had collected Sophitias wooden armaments the trio began their walk to Athens which took about an hour. During that time Mark and the Alexandra sisters talked about themselves and Mark was surprised to learn of Sophitia being only a married baker because he said he thought she was some sort of guard from her stance and calm when they first met. Cassandra was then able to get Sophitia to talk about some of her adventures and Mark enjoyed hearing her tell them. He asked questions about her friends but one in particular he seemed to ask a lot about was Siegfried. When Sophitia asked him why he was so interested in Siegfried he simply replied that if Siegfried was supposedly the leader Mark wanted to know what he was like. Sophitia seemed to accept this answer and continued to answer Mark's question. When they had arrived in Athens Mark immediatly asked where the inn was.

"You may stay with us if you like." Sophitia said which surprised the young man.

"Are you sure? You only just met me and I haven't had time to completely repay you for guiding me here." Mark said. Cassandra knew that Mark was the kind of guy to want to fully repay his debts so she decided to use a tactic on him since he was a fun person to be around.

"Then consider taking our offer as the rest of your payment." Cassandra chirped. Sophitia was surprised but she did like the idea of actually having company over. For some reason few people visited her home except to come to the bakery on the first floor. Mark had a thoughtful expression on his face for a moment before he nodded. "Good! He're we'll show you where it is we live." The sisters walked through the streets with Mark right behind them carrying the wooden shields and sword. When they arrived Sophitia unlocked the door for Mark.

"There. Just go on inside and put those in the back. We need to go and get my children. They are probably playing near the square again." Sophitia said.

"Okay. See ya soon and thanks again Sophitia." Mark watched them leave before going into bakery. When he entered he smelled the unmistakeable smell of humidity and sweat that came with only one activity. Mark set the sparring equipment on the counter but grabbed on of the shields since he didn't feel like using his own weapons so he wouldn't kill any opened the door to the living room and saw two people getting dressed. Though he had never met either of them he recognized the man immediatly from Sophitia's description of him. The man was Rothion, Sophitia's husband. Rothion saw the young man and saw that he was carrying Sophitia's sparring shield. He also realised he didn't hear forced entry so that meant this man had either picked the lock or was let inside. When the woman was dressed she walked past Mark and winked at him but Mark didn't notice. His rage had given him tunnel vision and all he saw was an adulterous husband.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" Rothion asked trying to remain calm. Mark growled slightly.

"I'm a guest of your wife's who is out getting your children to bring them home with her sister." Mark said feeling nothing but the urge to break the man's entire skeletal structure. "I could tell her about this but I won't." Rothion seemed relieved to hear that. "You will." Rothion almost snapped his neck when he looked at Mark again. "If I say it it will be devestating and I don't want to do that to a kind woman like Sophitia so you will tell her what you've been up to tonight at dinner. And if you don't I will tell her. The way I see it if you man up you can save your marriage." Mark said as turned to let the stink of adultery out of the house. Twenty minutes later Sophitia and Cassandra returned with a young boy and girl as Rothion went upstairs to bathe. Mark immediatly knew that they were Patroklos and Pyrrha, Sophitia's children. When they first saw the strange man they were slightly scared but he smiled at them warmly and they felt that he was a good person and immediatly ran up to talk to him.

"What are those?" the little girl Pyrrha asked pointing to Mark's deck of tarot cards.

"They are called tarot cards." Mark said.

"What's tarot? A game?" The boy Patroklos asked.

"Not a game. Tarot is the art of reading the future using cards. I admit I'm still new but I am a little accurate." Cassandra looked over his shoulder at the deck.

"You think you can use a card and tell us what's to come?" Cassandra asked. Mark shrugged and drew the top card and looked at it and his smile turned into slight frown. "What's wrong?"

"I wish I said no now." Mark shows Cassandra the card and it shows a man in full armor rding a demonic lookig horse holding a large grail above his head. The card was upside down. "The Lord of Grails in Shadow. Treachery." Mark said as he put the card back in the deck. "I actually hope I'm wrong." Mark then stood up and started to walk out the door.

"Where are you going?" Sophitia asked. Mark turned to her slightly but tried not to make eye contact.

"The person I'm looking for is supposed to be coming through today at around this time. I'm hoping I can find them. I'll be back in an hour." Mark replied before closing the door. As he walked away he looked back at the house. "Sophitia I wish I never saw what I did. I wish he had not done what he did. But the truth is both things happened and I hope that your marriage will go on if he is man enough to tell you.

"Well that was kind of strange?" Cassandra said. "If he knew that why didn't he come with us to get Pyrrha and Patroklos?" Sophitia thought for a moment as she began to get things ready for dinner.

"Maybe he didn't want to be a bother to us." Sophitia said. "I mean we were going to pick up the children so maybe he thought it was best not to join us so that the children wouldn't over react." Cassnadra nodded her head.

"Yeah that sounds like him from what we've seen so far. I just hope he finds the person he's looking for. I wonder what information this person has that Mark wants so badly." Cassandra said to herself before she went over to help her sister.

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