Lost in Time and Darkness

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Chapter 3: Master Assassin

Mark and Sophitia had arrived in the city of Venice and they both had to admit the city was beautiful. Currently they were being shown around by a gondolier whom they saved from a gang of thugs and said he would give them a free tour in exchange. "You two wouldn't happen to be fans of art would you?" The gondolier asked the Athenian and the young man.

"I do enjoy art a little." Mark said. One of the very few things that calmed him down when he was enraged was good art and some pices he even analyzed to see if he could understand the painting more.

"Really? Never would have guessed you like art Mark." Sophitia said. "I guess there are still things I need to learn about you." Mark chuckled a little bit. Over the time he and the Athnian woman had been traveling together he had slowly but surely developped feelings for her. However he knew her heart belonged to Rothion and Mark was not one to steal another man's girl no matter how beautiful she was.

"Well Venice is a great place for lovers such as yourselves to get closer." The gondolier said almost making his two riders fall our of the gondola. "Is something the matter?"

"Um I think you missunderstand our relationship." Sophitia said. "Mark and I are only traveling companions and nothing more. The two of us are searching for information on something he wishes to reclaim and I am helping him." Mark nodded not wanting the gondolier to think something worse. Also he was afraid his and expressions would give away his attraction to Sophitia.

"Oh then my apologies." The gondolier said slightly embarressed for assumong his saviors were lovers. "Now as I was saying before hand that if you like art we have a wonderful painter who lives in the city. A Leonardo Da Vinci." Mark put a hand on his chin in thought and looked over to Sophitia.

"Perhaps we can see something of his if we ask nice enough." Mark said. "We haven't found any leads in month so doing something for fun for a change would be nice." Sophitia nodded in agreement. "You wouldn't know exactly where this Leonardo is would you?" The gandolier smiled at them and quickly too them to a street and let them off.

"Follow the street behind you and take the third left and you will see Leonardo Da Vinci's workshop. Stay safe travellers." The gondolier said as he made his way down the canal to start trying to earn fares again. Mark and Sophitia bade him their farewells as they turned to head to Da Vinci's workshop. They saw a lot of people on the streets such as children running and playing as their parents visited stalls and shops, mercenaries looking for a job, courtesans looking to give people a good time, and even the odd gang gambling along the streets.

"Not a bad city all in all." Mark said. "You know I could settle down here."

"How do you see yourself settling down?" Sophitia asked. "I mean children, wife, stuff like that?"

"Hmm. I see my self in a nice home with my weapons mounted on the wall not only for decoration but a sign that says I'm done fighting. I see children playing in the house and that we have a lovely view of the Grand Canal." mark said.

"And your wife?" Sophitia asked.

"She's be so beautiful that the gods would envy her and she'd also be strong. Should be kind and caring but willing to defend our children. She would be smart as well. She would be blond with breathtaking eyes as well as Athenian and her name would be Sophitia-" Sophitia looked at Mark shocked that he was describing her but when she saw him starting to laugh she knew that he was joking around with her and she laughed too. When they were done Sophitia looked at Mark again. "That was funny Mark but what if I took that too seriously?"

"I knew you wouldn't." Mark said. "You can tell a lot about a woman from her children. The fact that Pyrrha and Patroklos were so good natured with a great sense of humor means you are very similar so I knew that a joke like that would not be taken too far. Trust me Sophitia I would never do something to hurt your feelings." Mark said with great sincerity. Sophitia knew that in truth Mark wouldn't. He cared too much.

"I know." Sophitia said with a smile. "So you really learned that about me from my son and daughter?" Mark nodded. "Wow you are quite observant." Mark shrugged before they turned into a small square and Mark pointed to a building.

"I think that's the workshop the gandolier was talking about." Mark said as they walked over and knocked on the door. The person who answered was a young man wearing stereotypical european dress with brown hair. "Sorry for bothering you but would you happen to be Leonardo Da Vinci?"

"Why yes I am. Who would you be?" Leonardo asked.

"Oh allow me. My name is Sophitia Alexandra and this is my traveling companion Mark Frey." Sophitia said. "We heard that you were a great artist so we wanted to see if we could see some of your work."

"Oh is that all? By all means come in." Leonardo said. Mark and Sophitia walked in and saw all of Leonardo's various inventions. "Oh don't mind those. Just some things I tinker with."

"Actually they are quite interesting." Mark said looking at one in particular. "A flying machine correct?"

"Why yes you are." Leonardo said. "However I don't think it'll get very far." Mark thought for a moment before snapping his fingers.

"What if you used fire? Surely that would allow it to fly longer." Mark said. Leonardo was shocked at first before he went into a thinking pose.

"Yes that could possibly work. Yes that makes perfect sense." Leonardo said. "I must thank you. I have been trying to work on that." Mark smiled but before he could say anything the door was opened and they saw a man in white robes and when he lowered his hood they saw it was a man with brown hair and a goatee. "Oh Ezio. I wasn't expecting you my friend."

"Yes sorry about barging so suddenly." Ezio said before noticing Mark and Sophitia. "Oh my apologies. I didn't know Leonardo had company. My name is Ezio Auditore de Firenze."

"My name is Sophitia Alexandra amd I hail from Athens and this is Mark Frey."

"I don't have a home." Mark said simply.

"Well that is regrettable." Ezio said. "So what brings you two to Venice?"

"My companion and I are currently searching for leads that will bring me to something that was taken from me." Mark said.

"Well now from the way you said companion this charming creature is not your lover?" Ezio asked before kissing the back of Sophitia's hand.

"No we're not lovers but I have a husband back in Athens" Sophitia said causing Ezio to back away. "Why does everyone assume Mark and I are lovers though? I mean do we look like lovers?"

"I think it's because you two travel alone." Leonardo said. Mark thought for a moment face palmed himself.

"That is so freaking obvious! How in the name Belial did I not figure that on out?" Mark exclaimed. "I really need to be more on the ball about these things." Mark continued to berrate himself as Ezio and Leonardo looked at Sophitia.

"Not to seem rude but is he normally like that?" Leonardo asked.

"He is but that's because he's a good guy." Sophitia explained. "Every mistake he makes haunts him and he punishes himself for them in different ways. Mark realizes he's no saint and he doesn't want to be one but he still hates making mistakes. He says he's made too many in the past and that he needs to atone for them. In fact he sounds like a friend of mine." Sophitia thought of Siegfried who had the same way of thinking. "To atone for all of his sins."

"That is certainly and honorable thing to desire to do." Ezio said. Leonardo looked over to his friend.

"So Ezio what is is that you are here for any way?" Leonardo asked his friend. Ezio looked confused for a moment before remembering why he was there.

"Yes do you have the information on that woman with that odd circular shaped weapon?" Ezio asked getting Mark and Sophitia's attention.

"I wasn't able to get much other than the weapon is called a ring blade and that there was once a female assassin in a group ca;lled the Birds of Passage that wielded the same weapon." Leonardo said. "From what the reports say and if the assassin is the same girl you met her name should be Tira." Sophitia gasped upon hearing that name.

"Nightmare's servant is here in Venice?" Sophitia asked causing Mark to look at Sophitia.

"Nightmare as a servant?" Mark asked.

"Yes. Tira is an insane girl who has pledged her loyalty to Nightmare to help gather souls for him to devour to increase his power." Sophitia explained.

"Wait when you say Nightmare you mean the Azure Knight?" Leonardo asked. Mark and Sophitia nodded.

"He's the one that has what is rightfully mine." Mark said. So if this Tira girl is here then she should know where her master is and I intend to get her to tell me." Mark headed towards the door but was blocked by Ezio. "Out of my way."

"No. Whoever this Tira is I won't allow you to fight her." Ezio said. Mark glared at the man before punching him in the jaw and followed up with a kick to the gut that sent the man out the door.

"I have to reclaim what's mine." Mark said. He stepped over Ezio with Sophitia running to catch up to him. "I know that could have been handled better."

"Yes it could have but I wonder why Ezio tried to stop you?" Sophitia asked since it was odd that he tried to stop Mark and odder still that he wanted information on Tira. The two of them found an inn to use as their base as they searched for Tira. They searched until nightfall yielding no results. As they headed back to their inn however they saw a figure jumping across the roofs of the city and decided to follow it. Though they had almost lost it a few time they were able to follow it as it poinced on a an official and stabbed him with a blade hidden in its bracer. Mark quickly drew his blades holding the one in his left hand in a reverse grip while the one in his right was in a forward grip. The figure looked over and saw the gleam of the blades in the moonlight and drew a sword to defend itself. Mark charged forward and clashed with his left bladeand stabbed with his right. The figure twisted out of the way and was in the light of a torch. Mark was only able to catch a glimpse of the figure's outfit's color but immediatly knew who it was.

"Buena Sera, Ezio." Mark said to the figure in italian who was none other than Ezio Auditore de Firenze. Mark jumped back and flipped his left blade into a forward grip.

"I should have known you two would figure me out." Ezio said. "I'm sorry but this man had to die. Like you I am on a mission. My father and brothers were killed and I need to kill the ones responsible."

"But that doesn't give you the right to kill this man." Sophitia said. Mark nodded but it was half hearted. He had people he would do anything to kill as well.\

"I realize this but I have to. If I don't then my enemies will gain power that they shouldn't." Ezio said. "Listen we cannot stay. If you would permit me to explain when we arrive some where less open I will but I won't let you kill me." Mark glared at him but put his blades back and nodded at Ezio. "Grazie." Ezio said.

"Follow us to the inn we're staying at and keep to the shadows." Mark said. Ezio nodded in compliance. Sophitia didn't like the fact that Ezio had killed this man but she would listen to his story before passing judgement on Ezio.

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