Disclaimer: The characters featured here belong to their wonderful creator Stephenie Meyer. This is my take on Edward's thoughts once he is able to focus on Renesmee also.

A Father's Love

Edward's Point of View

When I finally, stared down at Renesmee I couldn't believe my luck. How could I be so fortunate to receive another beautiful girl in my life? I almost could hear what Bella would say to me. She'd tell me that no one without a soul would be blessed with such a gift as the little girl, I currently held in my arms. How could I be so selfish? If Rosalie hadn't forced Renesmee into my arms and giving me the bottle to feed her, I wouldn't have taken notice. The first thing I noticed was that Renesmee had Bella's beautiful, warm chocolate brown eyes. Then, I noticed how Renesmee's hair was a mixture of the both of us. She'd had her mother's curls, and my bronze coloring. Finally, I noticed that she had my nose and her mother's chin. Renesmee definitely was a miracle; she is truly a child who is both vampire and human.


Today would have been Bella's twentieth birthday, if she were still human. However, it's now technically Renesmee's first birthday. She, however, looks and acts like a ten year old. So, that was how her birthday party was going to be. Alice was having a field day coming up with the best theme possible for my little girl. Of course it's not what Renesmee wanted. To Alice's demise, Nessie is just like her Mother on parties she'd rather it just be her immediate family and the wolves. Although, being the only child in a big family, Nessie is use to being the center of attention. But, it has to be on her terms. Bella believes personality wise Nessie is more like me. Yet, I disagree. She can be just as stubborn as Bella. Maybe she has more of us than just her features.

Every time I see Renesmee smile, I regret wanting to force Bella to abort the pregnancy. I know this sounds cliché, but I can't imagine my life without my little miracle child now.