Disclaimer: I want to give my thanks to S.M. who gave us the "Twilight" Universe. Thank you Ms. Meyer for understanding your fans need for more stories from that universe, and accepting the fact that there are other aspiring writers that love and care for your characters as much as you do.

The above is my thanks. I hope that either Ms. Meyer or any friends of her is reading this and get my message.

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The party was successful in everyone's eyes. I must admit Alice is the queen of party planning. Renesmée loved every single gift, given to her.

From Bella, our daughter received the box sets two both of Nessie's favorite series. 'Anne of Green Gables' and 'Harry Potter' both of which she has reread them so many times that every single book in both series were falling apart. Combining both old and new classics in her every growing library. Alice as always was the one handing Renesmée her gifts. I on the other hand, bought her a kindle. Since, I was planning on getting her the latest iPhone for her Christmas present this year. It always amazes and amuses me; how she can sit listening to her favorite songs on her iPod, and at the some time read her favorite books. My little girl really on the most part is the perfect mix of both Bella and I.

From Rose and Emmett, well Rose got her a matching diamond necklace and earring set. It's from "Kay Jeweler's" to Rosalie and Alice's dismay, but they both know how much Nessie loves the simplicity of Jane Seymour's Open Hearts collection. They got her the Butterfly design, well I did sort of help Alice still can't fully see Renesmee. However, Alice is so in tune to me that she was able to pick it out from me. Nessie was intrigued with how that the simple heart was used as part of the wing.

As for Alice, well is it not obvious. Yes, you guess it a whole new wardrobe. She somehow managed to buy every single color combination of Nike Shox that Nessie loves so much. And, managed to get Renesmee heels in her size to match all the dresses that she received also. Jasper usually goes along with everything Alice wishes. However, this year he got a present of his own with a little help from Alice. That would go along with Esme and Carlisle's gift a replica playhouse of Tara. Jasper gift was Scarlett's bar-b-q dress the green and white chiffon piece.

That night after I got Nessie to bed in the cottage, we gathered around the dining room table to discuss the idea of sending Renesmee to school. Over, the years our dining room became the Cullen's boardroom. I was dreading this moment. How were we to include Renesmee and by fault Jacob into the group. It would be simple to say that Renesmee was my niece, and I was her godfather who happened to be her only relative she had left. But, that still left Jacob. Could we say he was a distant cousin on her mother's side? Would any one believe that now that Bella was a vampire herself?