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My Life Sucks!

Chapter 4


I was so excited to be going to school first time in my life this morning. I know I have been sheltered my whole life, but I never once been treated the way I had today. All right, I have to admit, maybe by Leah. When I arrived at the cottage, I noticed that my parent's weren't home. Like usual I entered the kitchen to get something to eat; taped to the refrigerator door was a note written in dad's fancy script "Your mom and I went hunting, we'll been home soon. There's, your favorite, triple chocolate cake in the ice box. Love,Dad." I had to laugh at my dad; sometimes he tends to show how old he actually is. Great, the time I really needed to talk to dad, he's out with mom.

I was so upset that I don't even bother with the chocolate cake, and go straight to Daddy's grand piano that just happens to be a Steinway. I started off tinkering around with figuring out how to play a pop song I really love. I had been at it since the first time I heard it. I know I just should go ask my dad to show me. But what's the fun in that? I ask you. Also, when I am mad at dad I can use it to drive him crazy.

I'm not at it for very long with the mood I'm in. Before, I know it I am pounding out "Darth Vader's Theme". Daddy taught me how to play it one day, after I had argument with Jacob about something stupid; I had started humming it in an endless loop. Lost in my thoughts, I hit a wrong note and started pounding on the keys out of frustration. It's at this moment, I noticed my dad leaning against the doorframe leading into the living room; where the grand piano is nestled, smirking at me.

"Daddy; how long have you been standing there?" I yelled somehow sounding like the one year old, that I am.

"Long enough to know something is really bothering you." He tells me, "But what did my poor piano do that you want to kill it?" adding jokingly, and sounding like my Uncle Emmett.

Dad flashes to me in a minute, and starts playing my lullaby when he sees me frown. He continues on not saying a word, he doesn't have to. Simply; well let's face it sometimes it good to have a mind reader as your dad: he has already read my thoughts. However my dad knows how important it is to voice your troubles, and waits while he continues to play.

Daddy gives me his crooked smile, and just like my mom I melt and start. "I hate school."

"What happened? It's just the first day." Daddy asked continues on saying, "You can't hate it already." While he continues playing and relaxing me.

"My classmates' hates me." I cried unto his shoulder, " I don't get it." Sighing. I continued on with "Everyone I know likes me. Before you say it, I know it's the first day of school and they didn't get the chance to really get to know me yet." He nods and shifts into one of my all time favorite songs when I am really sad. Charlie Chaplin's smile; towards the end I can feel a little smile coming onto my face. Dad turns to me and let's me know that those who seek to put me down are jealous of my confidence.

"Sure, Daddy." I reply a little sarcastically.

He gives me he's crook smirk and then says. "Come on, Let's work on your homework now."

"Alright." Smiling I finish with, "I love you."

"I know." Dad replies while pointing to his temple. I just had to laugh, in his, own way, dad just imitated Harrison Ford in Star Wars. My dad always knows how to get me to laugh.

As always daddy can make, well like the saying goes; "lemonade out of lemons".