A Father's Love

Chapter 5

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. But, wish to thank their Brillant creator Stephenie Meyers. I am so glad that she understand the fans need to continue on where her universe left off.

Edward's POV

After the conversation I had with Renesmee, I so wanted to go to her school and scare the living day lights out of those who saw fit to torment her. I was able to make her feel a little better, but deep down I knew that like me; Renesmee would keep on wondering what she did that made her classmates hate her. It was hard for me to know that she had inherited more of my personality than that of her mother.

For the first time, in more than a hundred year's since I'd been turned; I wished for my biological mother. Carlisle and Esme did their best to understand me and help me through myself inflicted turmoil, but they have never come close to really understanding me. Not like my mother Elizabeth Masen could. I so much wanted to go to her right now and ask her to help out with Renesmee. Just like my Bella she could get me to tell her what is really on my mind. Damn! Why did Bella decide go away with Alice and Rosalie this weekend? She would definitely know what to say to get Renesmee to open up.

I could still hear my little girl up stairs sniffling a little. I knew how much she liked her privacy and allowed her that. Except, for the fact that I had redirected Nessie, by having her focus on her homework for a while; it had worked. But, now just like me Nessie went back to wondering why her classmates had been mean to her and not invited her to play with them or even asked her to sit with them.

I was so lost. I wished that I could fix it and make her happy. But, at the same time knew that she had to work this out herself. What more, is that deep down I wanted to strangle Jacob for suggesting, that it would be safe for Nessie to be enrolled in school down at La Push. He reassured me it would be fine. But it wasn't and now Renesmee is upstairs quite upset with the outside world. Knowing I couldn't do anything more to help her; I went to the little space set aside, for the baby grand piano, at our cottage. And, resumed playing every song I know Nessie loves to cheer her up. I finally ended up playing Jerry Lee Lewis's "Great Balls of Fire", and repeatedly playing it speeding up the tempo until I was playing the song with all my vampiric speed. Little by little I can hear Nessie giggling, louder and louder until she was laughing as full heartily has her uncle Emmett does.