Chapter one

It was worse getting caught like that, not the Yoyo would admit how it happened to anyone, but kidnapped sounded better. It sounded like he didn't go out late and try to screw with the new 'cops' that were after them and he defiantly wasn't knocked on his ass like a punk. That just didn't happen.

"Yeah," Yoyo mused. "Kidnapped sounds way better."

He had listened to the news blast on his pocket radio, all the GGs had one to listen to JSR when they were on the streets. He heard about his 'abduction' and nearly cried, partially from relief that he didn't sound like a punk. He almost broke the radio in frustration not a week later when he heard about the other Yoyo, running around with the Noise Tanks of all people. He screamed at the fake's betrayal.

"It's not me!" he shouted. "I'm not a traitor!"

But he felt like he was. As the youngest member of the GGs Yoyo never thought about the stupid decisions he made of how he usually had at least one of the other GGs to back him up. Now his reckless cockiness almost ruined the GGs. He wished Beat was here to beat some sense into him or yell at him or something, anything. Beat was good at that. Or maybe it was because Yoyo had the biggest crush on the older skater and wanted Beat to think he was cool, or at least not a punk who needed to be bailed out all the time.

It wasn't long after fake Yoyo was revealed to be a Noise Tank in disguise that Yoyo's batteries died. He was officially alone with no way of knowing if his friends were even still looking for him, though why would they after all that had happened. He doubted he was worth it.

Yoyo remembered getting pissed. How dare they abandon him like this? Was he really worth so little to the GGs? He threw the radio out of his cage, watched it sail over the edge and, after a moment, heard it shatter when it hit the ground. Fuck.

He slept a lot after that, there was nothing else to do and the Golden Rhinos barely feed him half the time so it kept his mind off of his hunger. He had reached the point were he no longer cared if his friends came and rescued him or if he died. He just wanted it to happen soon. Though his delirious mind had no idea how soon that was.

Curling into a tight ball on the floor of his cage Yoyo stared at his sock clad feet, for the first time truly not missing the feel of his skates. He pulled his hood over his head and closed his eyes behind his shades, welcoming the darkness with the hope that this would be the last time