Chapter two

Shit was the first word to come to mind when Beat saw the mask fall from the Noise Tank's face. He spoke it after he won the game of tagger's tag and the worthless robots all exploded. He slammed his fist to the chain fence in Sky Dinosaurian Square, a loud "shit" punctuating each blow, startling the pedestrians. He spun when he felt a hand on his shoulder, ready to punch someone out.

Corn grabbed his wrist before he could land the blow, twisting his arm behind his back.

"Come on man," he hissed at Beat. "Chill the fuck out."

Beat glared. "Why should I?" Beat had been hoping that Yoyo had been the traitor, he was brainwashed or something, so Beat could punch him in the face and get him back to normal or at least demand an explanation. This imposter set up just proved that he was a victim and highlighted Beat's failure in protecting the little dude.

Gum stepped up. "It's not your fault he got taken."

"Yeah," Corn agreed, crossing his arms with a glare. "Little bastard deserved it. Going after the Rhinos like that what was he expecting?"

In the next second Corn was on the ground, clutching his nose as blood oozed from between his fingers.

"Don't call him a bastard," Beat growled, standing over Corn's prone form.

Gum pulled Beat away and helped Corn up. "Guys, fighting isn't going to get us anywhere. We still need to find the real Yoyo and get him back."

"If it's worth it," Corm mumbled.

Beat jumped at him, but Gum stood between them, hands outstretched. "We'll find him," she said, more to reassure Beat than anything. He had been losing it since Yoyo vanished. "Besides, we can't let the Rhinos think they got one over on us." She directed this to Corn.

Corn nodded slightly and turned. "Start in the morning," he said, skating in the direction of the garage.

Beat stared after him. Gum Placed an hand on his shoulder.

"We will find him. Corn may act like an asshole, but he really does care for the kid."

Beat snorted.

"You know if you get this torn up every time something happens to the kid he is going to become a target, right?"

Beat swallowed, discomfort feasting on the thought. "I'll protect him," he said after a moment.

"Does he know?" Gum stared into Beat's eyes, obscured by his shades.

He looked away. "He wants to prove he is more than just a punk."

"That's not what I…" she started, but Beat waved her off and headed back to the garage.

Gum sighed. Boys were so useless