My first Transformers movie version fic, so go easy on my. And sorry if you guys get angry or tired or upset if I use "It", "its", "the figure" and "the person" a lot. And here might be a few words that say what gender the OC's because I didn't know how to replace it.

I don't want to spoil the gender of the OC in here, just yet. But I think you guys can already guess what gender it is


In the city of Paris, located in the country of France. A single lone figure, wearing baggy clothing of faded jeans that hung loosely around its legs and waist; only held up by a black leather belt and a old, weather-worn gray but almost white sweater, watched the city of lights finally getting ready for bed, except for those who had a job to do when the sun sets; like the figure who stood on a rooftop of across from a museum where it's night agenda lied with.

The air surrounding the museum was quiet, even the traffic nearby was pretty much non-existent. This played out perfectly for a figure nearby on a roof top as it watched the flashlights of the guards inside swish across the floor through the binoculars it had gotten for the occasion.

The figure smiled as she decided now was the best time to strike, after all; a theft never missed an opportunity like this.

As it began looking through its old but treasured duffel bag for something of importance, it couldn't help but chuckled; imagining the director's look of surprise and shock when he discovered the artifact missing.

The figure gave a quiet cry of victory as it pulled out a folder containing papers; papers that included a blueprint of the entire museum, schedules of the guards, best and worst paths to take to the artifact and most importantly, the picture of the artifact itself. One had to know what they were planning to steal or else what was the whole point of coming up with a brilliant plan, only to steal the wrong thing?

The figure already knew what to do and how to do it, but it never hurt to double check before going hot, as they say in the military.

After going over the papers for the last time, the figure neatly placed the papers into the folder, then into the duffel bag before double checking herself. Making sure everything she had was secured on well so that it wouldn't fall off and trigger an alarm or a guard. And after the figure doubled checked its pants, to make sure they wouldn't fall down if something went wrong and it head to run for the hills.

Giving it the green light, the figure leaned over the rooftop and grabbed onto the gutter piping, which lead all the way down to the ground.

Slowly but surely the figure made its way down and quickly covered the distance to the museum. After making it to the front doors, she gave it a pull and then a push, (since the figure couldn't read French, it wasn't sure if the sign on the door said "Push", or "Pull"). The figure sighed and shrugged its shoulders, oh well, it couldn't have hurt to use the front door; made things easier…and a whole lot simple.

After cleaning off the door and handle a bit in order to make sure the police didn't get any finger or palm or hand prints off it (one can't be too careful now a days), the figure made its way to the air vent that was going to be used a entrance and exit for the thief.

But this thief wasn't a ordinary thief for 1) It didn't have any equipment to do anything make its way to a air vent of the second floor and 2) well…the thief was someone who didn't take things seriously; like breaking into a museum to steal a priceless artifact wanted by several government for studies that just happened to be discovered in France.

The figure grinned as it placed on foot on the wall, shifting until it was satisfied that it was well placed and lifted the other foot.

Now, normally when one does this, they fall to the ground onto their back because no one can stand on a wall and no one can defy gravity, yet…yet this thief did and it wasn't because she was a supernatural entity like a ghost or an alien; it was because the thief…was a magician, a wizard, a witch; whatever name you decided on that describe a being able to do magic and defy the laws of the normal people and nature was fine by it.

The thief smiled as it continued to walk up the wall slowly; it could only imagine the guards and police scratching their heads as they tried to figure out how she did it.

Soon, the air vent entrance stood in its silent stance before the thief, who with a flick of its hand, began to undo itself from the wall and slowly glide down to the ground where it landed with a very small Tink!

With it on the ground, the figure grabbed something from its duffel bag; it looks like fine, black cobwebs weaved together to make a piece of cloth.

Again with a flick of her wrist, the black cloth flew from her hands and onto the entrance where it covered it and began to shimmer, like black silky water that you would see in some cheesy movie scene where the character dies by jumping off the cliff into the waters below.

The figure smirked as she stepped onto the black water and began to get pulled in, as if being sucked down by an unforeseen force.

Soon a torso was only seen, then a head and then…nothing as the entire thief disappeared into the black waters,


Inside the museum, past all of the security and other artifacts held within; on a marble pedestal surrounded by bullet proof glass; was a golden pyramid.

The golden pyramid had ancient symbols written all over it from a civilization from long, long time ago. An artifact that hold more mysteries that the Seven Wonders of the World combined and times by 7. And this was what the thief and master magician would be taking home tonight and not by any old government people with suits, cases, ties and a bad comb-over.

A black pool of water that acted like silk began to appear beneath the pedestal until it covered the entire area encased by the bullet proof glass, (which wasn't much). Soon it began to move as it slowly crawled up the pedestal until it reached the artifact. But the water didn't stop there, oh no, it climbed up more until it covered the artifact too. And as soon as it was up and covered, it made its way down but there was something different now. The artifact was gone!

Now, you would think that the guards watching the cameras would notice an absolutely priceless artifact wanted by everyone who was anyone in the power of politics disappear before their eyes…if the guards that watches the camera hadn't all fallen asleep, courtesy of them drinking warm milk before his shift because of a dare by the day guards. What a brilliant bunch of geniuses, no?

The water made its way back down the pedestal and slowly began to disappear. And by the time the guards noticed it (including the ones that had been monitoring the cameras and had finally wakened up from their work time snooze); the water was gone, along with the artifact.


The water moved as the thief reappeared, this time carrying the golden pyramid in its hands. It smirked as it heard the alarms going off, one by ones and wasted no time as it walked down the wall and onto the ground. With two quick flicks, the back water returned to her hand as it had been before; a black piece of cloth and the gate covering the air vent returned back to where it belonged.

With a burst of speed, the thief ran with all its might across the grass and sidewalks until it reached the roads and continued to run. It ran and ran, until it disappeared from sight, leaving the museum far, far behind with a very expensive, expensive artifact.


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These fic is going be based around my OC: DJ Studebaker (the last name taken from the '1949 Studebaker 1-ton flatbed'...sorry, I couldn't of anything else) and Mirage (aka, Dino)