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DJ woke up as the horns of the traffic bellowed their tune, blinking her eyes slowly. She hadn't had gotten much sleep last night, she kept tossing and turning, unable to keep her mind at ease. It's been three days since the encounter with Mirage after her battle with Caroline and since then, DJ has been a wreck.

Day 1 saw her doing an impression of a vacuum cleaner, her ordering food from at least 8 different restaurants and eating all of it without throwing up. Day 2 saw her doing an impression of someone who had just died, DJ didn't even so much as moved an inch on that day, her body and mind weighed down heavily with her impending doom…and with her stomach so full, moving would have been a very bad idea either way.

DJ sighed and slowly got up, thanks to Aideen and her wonderful ability of keeping an idea on the cargo plane that was making its way to Washington, DJ knew where and when the plane was going to land. The plane would arrive later today at a military controlled airfield outside of the city and then the forces would probably move into the city, with Mirage leading the charge towards the incident site.

It wouldn't take a genius to figure out once they knew where the incident occurred, they would start spreading out and search the entire city, from the highest skyscraper to the lowest subway tunnel. DJ looked around her apartment, it was a good apartment with cheap rent and with a guy that didn't ask questions like where the money came for the rent which he collected but all good things have have to come to an end.

DJ started to collect the papers that littered her apartment, notes or ideas or maps of every single place you could think of laid on nearly every single thing on the floor or where hung on the wall by magic, tacks, string and wire. Even leaving one single piece of paper would be disastrous, even if the military wouldn't find it, then someone else would and DJ couldn't let that happen. So…until things calmed down, DJ was sending all of her paper work to Aideen for filing and safe-keeping while her things went into storage with a good friend.

DJ sighed again; her mind had been cruel to her and replayed that even over and over in her mind. Her meeting Mirage for the first time AND when she meet Mirage for the second time and found out that he was a giant robot from outer space. It made her head heart and her heart ache. She just couldn't understand it; nobody had even made her heart race like that, no one. No elf, no vampire, werewolf, zombie, magical fairy, magical being or even a normal person had made her heart race and made her feel hot.

DJ groaned as she continued to make a giant pile of paper to send to Aideen, she couldn't be thinking of Mirage like that, in a way, he was the enemy, she couldn't have feelings for him, it would jeopardized everything and there was too much riding on her, succeeding in this war was the first and only most important thing for her and for everyone that's living and will live.

"What the hell is this!? I know you told me that you wanted me to hold onto your paper and crap and organize it but I'm not God, I can't work with this!" cried a voice from behind, making DJ jump.

DJ turned around and there tapping her black high heel shoes was Aideen….or how Aideen would look if she was human anyway. Her red hair was short, around shoulder length as her brown eyes flickered with anger and annoyance. She was wearing black dress pants with a light colour sweater op with complimented her cream-colored skin, which had not a single defection on it.

"Nice to see you to Aideen, I love your disguise, better than the last one you made, how long can you keep it up?" asked DJ, as she continued to make a messy pile.

"Hump, dodging the question DJ? Should have known…..and for your information, I can keep this disguise for an entire week if I wanted to" said Aideen was she slowly walked around the apartment, surveying the disaster site.

"Really, that's a surprise, I thought you hated being disguised for so long because it made you uncomfortable to be able to go for a long period of time with showing your horns" snorted DJ sarcastically, making Aideen to stop and look at her with concern.

"Wow, you're really stressed aren't you? Look, what's done is done, nothing can change it. And what you did was right; anyone in your situation would have done worse. They would have killed those soldiers and those…robot things because they got caught, you didn't. You thought about the people of this world, both magical and none and you saw the consequences of what would happen if you took out those robots. You don't need to think of every time some non-magical folks find out about magic and you as doom and gloom" said Aideen as she walked over and pulled DJ into a hug.

"Then how come I don't feel any better?" mumbled DJ as she let herself be hugged, because right now, she felt like she was about to burst into crocodile tears.

"I don't know, maybe it's because you're a nice person and you're taking the burden of this war too much on yourself" said Aideen as she rubbed DJ's back, "Anyway, I know that I'm taking care of your crap, what about your stuff, you can't leave it here"

"I know that, that's why I contacted Yix, he's good with his hands so making a magic cloaking device is child's play. He was room in his workshop and has storage space put aside for my stuff in situations like this so he will be able to hide my stuff there and if anyone comes poking around, he just has to activate Solomis and they will be outta there faster than you can say, "Giant Fucking Golem!""

"That's true, I always admired the dwarves for their handiwork when it came to their mechanical cities or their technology, they probably the only race on this entire planet that could understand and comprehend the technology of those robots, cause if you ask me, it's something else"

"I know, that's why….that's why I'm going to stalk them"

Aideen looked down at DJ with a very shocked expression but DJ would tell what she was thinking since her eyes were giving her the "WHAT-THE-FUCK!" look.

"Not like that Aideen, for God's sake I'm not like a crazy fan or nothing! I just want to understand them! Not have sex with them! God!"

Aideen let out a loud sigh of relief and crushed DJ in her hug-of-doom, "Damn girl, you had me there; I actually thought that you were going to stalk that 'Mirage' fellow and see if they were compatible with humans or something"

DJ paled as her eyebrow twitched, Aideen serious thought that she was majorly head-over-heels in love with Mirage and wanted to see if they could have a family together? The thought made her heart race and her stomach heave.

"Let's just finish what you came here for so that I can call Yix to come and grab my stuff" said DJ weakly as she slipped from Aideen's grasp and went back to work.

"…Was it something I said?" asked Aideen with a smile, enjoying making DJ squirm.

"Let's get my stuff to your place or I'll tell your work crush what you really thought of him" said DJ, enjoying the smug look of Aideen's face disappear as a scowl took its place.

DJ and Aideen worked in silence as they manage to find every single piece and scrap of paper that DJ owned and placed it into the pile. Aideen looked over to DJ who gave her the 'go ahead' and Aideen clapped her hands twice while whispering a incantation.

The pile of paper rustled and shot upward as if some mysterious force below them had pushed them up. Aideen shimmered and turned to dust as the papers did the same and disappeared, leaving DJ alone in a, for once, clean apartment.

DJ made her way to her kitchen table and picked up her blushed and opened it. A bored looking ogre that looked like a cross between a wolf and a shark appeared and asked, "Hello, how may I help you?"

"I would like to make a call to Yix, Master Artisan, and Mad Inventor, of the RuneRak region, and it's from a friend that's friends with apple juice" said DJ with a smile, ignoring the "What-the-hell" look from the operator.

"Alright, stand by" was the ogre's reply as she was placed on hold, annoying elevator music being played as she waited.

"You'd think they would finally get with the times and play better music or at least a commercial when you're placed on hold" muttered DJ as she tapped her foot impatiently.

"Hello Yix here, it's good to see you again DJ, though I had hoped that we would meet under better circumstances" said Yix as DJ smiled. Yix was a dwarf in his mid-30's, with sandy blonde hair that didn't cover the top of his head who also had a beard of the same color as his hair. He wore spectacles that were on the bridge of his nose and DJ could see that he was wearing an old yellow shirt and faded blue coveralls, both stained with oil and grease.

"Hello Yix, good to see you too. Aideen already grabbed all of my paper work so it's now your time to shine"

"Alright" said Yix, "I will get things ready on my end, you start to pack things on your end, remember to label what it what, I really don't want a repeat of last time that you very much"

DJ winced, the last time Yix stored her stuff for her it had ended on a…very sour note. Yix was still a bit upset of what had happened to his workshop, and how was she supposed to have known that old slime from a toadstool became explosion under the right circumstances?

I will, don't worry Yix, that will never ever happen again"

"It better not, last time we almost got caught and we were both almost sent to a maximum security prison, I rather not be that close to going to jail again, that you very much" Yix said, with a sharp nod of his head.

DJ smiled and said, "I got you, and don't worry, everything will be ready to go when you get here, alright? Later Yix" and with that, DJ ended the call and got to work.

She already knew how everything was going to go, after all, she had made a list while she had been on hold. DJ looked at the list on her table and read over it quickly.


1 –Put extra clothing into boxes labeled "Clothing". Place breakables like plates and crystals into box with stuffing labeled "Fragile". Put utensils and other small items in same box labeled "Extras".

2 –Move furniture until all is lined up and can be easily taken out so: table, chairs, bed, desk, bed stand, couches, love seat, TV, TV stand, coffee table, dresser, cabinet and plants.

3 –Once all stuff I packed, break into rent taker dude's office and erased all personal information from paper files and computer

4 –Erase and/or replace memory of me in neighbours mind

5 –Find way to break into country wide data base and erase transactions between businesses, restaurants and bills

DJ sighed as she looked at the last 2, the first three were easily do-able but the last 2…..she would have to get back to them. DJ shoved the piece of paper into her sweater's pocket and got to work.

It wasn't too hard packing all of her stuff into boxes but moving her furniture with making so much noise and disconnection the TV and moving her favourite grandfather clock out of her room into the living room with breaking it made her tired and stressed, even when she did use her spells.

DJ stretched and heard her back make a popping sound as a loud banging caused her to freeze.

"DJ! You forgot to unlock your mirror!" yelled a muffled voice from another voice, causing DJ to make a mad dash for the mirror to unlock and let Yix in.

"Sorry…Yix" panted DJ, "I….f-forgot"

"At least you opened it" said Yix, walking through the shimmering glass and stepping into DJ's apartment, "You stuff is in the other room, I presumed?"

DJ nodded and Yix waddled out of the room; another thing about dwarves was that they were incredible short, like grade-schooler short. It was because of their small height that made them the butt of many height jokes all over the world. It was also because of this constant teasing that dwarves became very short tempered, no pun intended, and also sometimes quite violent.

"This is all? You've gained some more stuff DJ" said Yix from the other room.

"Its cause I lost some stuff that last time I called you for storage so I had to do some shopping and ended up getting more stuff" said DJ, as she made her way back to the living room.

Yix tsked loudly and set to work to moving the furniture while DJ sat on the floor and watched him work, not bothering to help him at all, since she knew better. Yix liked to do things a certain way and would snap at people if they got in his way so it was better to leave him be.

"Hey Yix, gotta do some breaking and entering so I'll be back soon. Don't answer the door cause I got my keys, alright?" asked DJ as she got up and made her way to the door. Yix didn't reply and only grunted as he continued with his work.

DJ locked the door behind her and made her way down the stairs to the main floor. The man who took the rent lived in the basement on the apartment complex and so that's was where the office was too. But the stairway to the basement was blocked by a heavy wood door and was monitored by cameras; this guy was paranoid as hell.

DJ slipped into the old power room that was left unlocked since no one had bothered to fix it since it got busted years ago. DJ smiled as she closed the door behind, this should be simple and easy and take only a few minutes. DJ spun around clockwise three times, and then counter-clockwise five times, muttering a incantations quickly under her breathe.

She shuddered as she felt the effects; it wasn't fun, feeling as if you've stepped into a minus 40 with wind chill ice storm. DJ felt herself become a mist/smoke like apparition and let herself float up and flow into the air ventilation system, making her way down to the basement.

Peeking from the air vent, DJ could see that the rent collector was passed and was reeking of cheap booze and even cheaper cologne. 'Dude, tried to get with someone and when he couldn't drown his sorrows in alcohol…I really should get him an appointment with a doctor or something…maybe for his next birthday?' DJ thought as she made her way from the air vent to the part of the basement that had been roughly converted to an office for files and other important crap.

Slipping through the cracks, DJ made her way to the filing cabinet and took out her file and scanned over it, all the papers she had filed out plus the receipts for the rent that he took were here and were hers for the taking.

Folding the papers and stuffing them into her pockets, DJ took out a piece of red paper and a pen and wrote something quickly on it and placed it into the file, and then taking out some white-out, she whited-out her name and placed the file back into the cabinet. DJ looked over to the desk and saw an extremely old computer, like the ones used back in the 1990's and saw how much dust and dirt and stuff was covering it.

'Dude hadn't used that thing in such a long time, I wonder if it's even working….I'll check it before I leave this city permanently to see if he had put the info on that old rat trap' DJ thought as she slipped through the cracks again and disappeared back into the air ventilation system, this time making her way all the way back to her room.

When she got back and solidify, she saw that Yix had finished and now was waiting for her in the now very empty apartment.

"All is good?" he asked

"Yeah, I took the paper and erased my name, it should be all good"

"That's good, while you were out, I stored all of your things at my workshop, and all that's left is the mirror. I'm going to need your help with that DJ"

"I know"

"And remember, once the mirror is stored, you are pretty much cut off from the magical world which means that you're on your own till you find a new place, remember that"

"I know that Yix, I plan to keep in contact with Aideen and my other sources and friends till I find a new place, so you don't have to worry"

"….Where will you be heading?"

"Texas, a wealthy oil lord there owes me a favour so I'll crash with him till I sort out my finances and all that fun stuff"

"Alright, I sometimes doubt you DK, but you have never done anything that would be dangerous…well, more dangerous than usual anyway, so I trust you. Now, help me move your mirror, got the teleporter ready and everything"

DJ nodded and followed Yix into the room where her mirror was stored. Yix motion with his hands for DJ to begin and she nodded.

"Pondere mundum dissolubilis normal" she said and the mirror seemed to shiver as she and Yix slowly manoeuvred the mirror over the green chalk lines and symbols that had been drawn onto the floor by Yix.

When the mirror had been placed onto the markings, Yix took in a deep breath and started the chant in his native language. The green chalk lines and symbols shivered and trembled and then with a small POP, the mirror disappeared, along with Yix.

DJ took in a deep breath and stepped out of the room, this place had a lot of good memories, there were bad ones but still, there were many good memories than bad ones. And DJ wouldn't admit it out loud but she had come to see this place as rather homey, better than the other places she had stayed, much better.

DJ took in a breath as she grabbed her backpack that she had packed earlier with her other stuff and placed it onto her shoulders. It contained everything that she was going to need, from extra clothing, soap, money, preserved food and other important necessities such as her books, compass, her changing-to-the-environment map, and her blush that she used to contact her contacts.

Pausing at the door with her hand of the knob, DJ took one last long look around, the memories coming back as she felt her eyes water. She had fun, it had been an awesome ride being here in the Big Apple but it was time to move on, maybe move to a small town in the woods or by the mountains, mountain air was always good.

"Good-bye" said DJ, her voice cracking as she opened the door, closed it and locked it. Patting the door three times for good luck, DJ took a step back, put the keys in her pockets that still had the papers and made her way towards the stairs to leave.

Maybe when this was all over she would return and rent this place until, she found a permanent apartment in this city, that was the only reason she was keeping the keys to her room she said to herself over and over again. It wasn't because she was sad or nothing, it wasn't that all.

==============(PAGE BREAKER, ONTO ANOTHER PART OF THE STORY)=======================

"Lennox sir, we have landed" said a solider as Lennox stretched his joints from that incredible long journey from Washington to New York. The journey, with the landing for either furl or to grab supplies or what not, had taken them three days with their planes and cargo planes going as fast as they can without causing a major scene.

Lennox waked off the plane and took in a breath of fresh air as he made his way to the cargo plane that carried the bots. As he watched Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Mirage roll off the plane, he made a motion with his hands for Mirage to come over to him. Mirage drove smoothly over the asphalt and transformed, kneeling down so that they could talk.

"I talked with Optimus earlier, and we both think you should scout ahead with myself and Epps and take us to where you meet the kid" said Lennox as Mirage nodded and transformed, opening both the driver and passenger door.

"Epps, get over here!" called Lennox as he made his way over to the driver's side and got in.

"Always wanted to be in the Big Apple" said Epps with a smile/

"Pardon?" asked Mirage

"The Big Apple, it's another name they call New York" said Lennox as he placed his hands gently on the steering wheel, making it look like he was driving instead of Mirage.

"I see" Mirage was quiet as they rolled out of the airport and onto to the road that would take them into the city when Mirage suddenly asked, "Why would you call a city after a fruit that is supposed to keep medics like Ratchet away?"

Lennox grinned as Epps just chuckled; this was going to be an interesting trip.

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