Naruto X Digimon Cross-over

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Summary:The Digital World has crossed over into the World of Ninjas. A great Evil is rising in power after years of imprisonment. Will the new Destined Children and their friends be enough to stop this threat as well as their own?

Pairings: NarutoXRenamon

Naruto: "Ninja Tamer"

Chapter 0

"Fox meets Fox Host"

The Village of Konoha, also known as Konohagakure – The Village Hidden in the Leaf – is known throughout the Elemental Nations as one of the strongest of the five Great Shinobi Villages. The village has survived and fought in Three Great Shinobi Wars, along with the other villages, but always has come out on top with some Legendary Figures and tales.

One such legend is their Greatest Hero, a man that made a name for himself during the Third Great Ninja War as 'Konoha's Yellow Flash' when he single-handily defeated a full Iwa Platoon by himself. The man was regarded as a prodigy amongst his peers, a shining idol to his villagers and a saviour to his people. Later in life he became the Yondaime Hokage (Fourth), successor of the Sandaime (Third) Hiruzen Sarutobi. His genius was limitless. Gifted in the arts of sealing, in which he used to create his Ultimate Attack the Flying Thunder God Jutsu (Hiraishin no Jutsu), he was able to do the impossible...

... He defeated the Nine-Tailed Fox, the Kyuubi no Yoko (Kitsune)... The Ninth Biju in the world.

Many people found it hard to believe that a single man could pull off such a feat. Many others however, knew of few that could. Such few included Madara Uchiha, a man that could control the beast with his Sharingan eye, and Hashirama Senju, the Shodai Hokage who could manipulate the very earth to create trees with properties to tie down the savage beast and its kind.

But Minato's act not only saved the village of Konoha all those years ago, but also condemned a young newborn to act as its jailor. For you see, he defeated the beast with one method and one method only. He used a combination jutsu... One to create a seal to contain the beast... the other, to summon the very essence of Death itself and use its power to forever tie the beast to the life of its holder. With these two techniques, he brought the mighty Biju's power down by half, and sealed it into a small newborn child.

The child... Naruto Uzumaki... was to be seen as a Hero for containing the beast with its will power alone. His final words were for him to be seen as the True saviour of the village... But alas, Human Fear is a very difficult thing to predict. For when the child was introduced to the public, his title being announced for all to hear... his very life was called for death by the village's own people.

Since then, young Naruto had endured and stood against the hate... the abuse... the insults... whispers... rejections... everything that the villagers could throw at him. Hiruzen Sarutobi, re-instated as the Hokage after the death of his successor, had made a Law after Naruto's life being called for death. That law was to prevent the younger generation of ever learning of Naruto's burden... but even then... 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' as they say. The children followed their parents lead, and taunted and abused the boy.

Not even amongst his own age could he find refuge against the discrimination... And all he ever wanted... was a friend...

-X-X-X Na-Digi-Ru-Mon-To X-X-X-

In a rundown apartment complex of two floors, twenty rooms... but one occupant... one Naruto Uzumaki lay on his second-hand single bed staring at the object he was currently holding with his hands. The object of such attention is an orange tinted goggle he had received for his sixth birthday from the Ichiraku Family. That celebration had come and gone roughly a week ago, so here he was laying in the dark as the moonlight provided enough light for him to see.

Blue cerulean eyes kept themselves open as he stared intently at the present he received from Ayame Ichiraku (Daughter and Single Child to Teuchi Ichiraku – Owner of Ichiraku's Ramen). She was always a nice girl, always friendly and very helpful in advice when Naruto needed it. He saw her as a sister figure in life, while her old man as a mix of a father and grandfather figure. Yet... despite the closeness he always proclaimed the three had, he never 'felt' he belonged... it might have something to do with the fact their business isn't all that good (Despite their food being absolutely delicious), and he knew why... it was because of him.

Nobody would want to eat at a place that the 'Demon-Gaki' (Brat) ate at. It was ludicrous for them to even think it. So because of this, he always spend as much time as he can there and eating as much to provide them with a steady income to keep them afloat. Oh yes, Naruto was smart. Not smart as a genius or close to one, but enough to realise the small things.

He noticed the Ichiraku's Financial Situation (Yet they never turned him down or ever mentioned it), so he practically keeps them stable himself with the orphan income he receives from the Hokage. He notices as well the whispers, glares, insults and basic rejection he gets anywhere and everywhere around Konoha. Hard to at most time when they literally spit in his face. Not to mention the abuse he receives at a constant near daily time. Luckily they were always stopped just before they get out of hand and he was seriously hurt. Yeah... just in time.

But... he always stood tall and smiled at everyone. They call him monster... Monsters don't smile and be friendly with everyone. They call him demon... Yet demons don't cry when they're alone. He stands tall and marches forward to prove one day to everyone that he IS Naruto Uzumaki, and will one day be Konoha's Protector as a Shinobi of the Village.

... Yet...

Sigh... Lowering goggles on the bedside table, Naruto brings the blankets of the bed up and covers himself to sleep. Silently, tears roll down his face at having yet another day spent all alone in his broken down apartment. The cold winds blow in through the broken window in his room. It didn't help when it reminded him of the isolation he always felt.

Every day he tries to find a friend... a village of over ten thousand roughly, give or take, yet each and every day he cannot find a single friend. Was it so hard to find one? Was it so hard for God to give him a break and perhaps at least give him one for even a day?

... Maybe not the God of this world... But in another, perhaps that could be obtained...

-X-X-X Na-Digi-Ru-Mon-To X-X-X-

A number of eyes open up in the darkness of its realm. The red of them, not one of Malice or Evil, but of Devine power and Warmth, stared at seemingly nothing. But if one were to look closer, they'd see that the eyes were not focused.

For once in a long time, the mighty eyes of this god like entity softened. Its very eyes able to see through the barriers of worlds, and peer at what lies at others, yet these very eyes could see things many cannot.

"Such a soul of one so pure yet alone" Its voice booming like a lone voice in a cathedral for all to hear, yet not a single soul around it to hear him "To think, the countless years I have watched over the connections my world has with the worlds of the real. I have never once seen such discrimination amongst their kind."

The entity brought one of its huge claws up to its body, and plucked a single scale from off its large reptilian golden body. The single scale shined and shrunk. It continued until it had reformed itself into the shape of an egg. Holding the egg up to its face, so that its eyes can see it, the creature gave a firm nod of approval.

"You, who seek companionship" The entity's voice booming once more, lifting its claw higher above its head as if praising it the egg. "You, who seek acknowledgement for your existence" The egg started shining once more before slowly floating off the claw and into the darkness of the realm. "I Fanglongmon, bestow upon you, a life in which you will find this companionship" The egg rose higher into the air, its light illuminating all around. The light revealing the creature known as Fanglongmon, "A partner that will forever acknowledge your existence till the end of time" A portal of digital data opened above the egg, as it rose higher and higher towards it, "You! Who are your world's Chosen Child, bring Peace upon your lands forevermore. May you and your friends, fight for all that you believe in, and defeat the darkness that not even I could destroy!"

The egg reached the border of the portal, and in a flash it seemingly gets itself wisped into the swirling vortex and into the great unknown. Darkness returns to Fanglongmon's domain. The great God-like serpentine dragon slowly lowered its massive golden scaled body back down onto a comfortable position, its eyes the softest it has ever been, as they gazed into one of the worlds his is connected to...

... Its eyes settling on the sleeping form of Naruto Uzumaki, a shine could be seen before a drop of something landed right on his bed, beside his head...

"... May you and your friends defeat the very evil that I could not young Naruto Uzumaki..." A childish laughter of insanity could be heard from within his mind. A memory long forgotten resurfacing as a great Evil grows stronger from within his prison. A creature of untold evil, cunning and ruthlessness, that not even he could destroy... only delay... "For your world is going to be in grave peril soon..."

Turning its head, Fanglongmon started the task of creating the new Destined Children... Naruto being the first, the others will come. For it will be them to finish what it could not. For it will be them to destroy the great evil its own world had birthed.

... For it will be them that will defeat Evil incarnate...

That insane childish laughter once more ringing in its mind, plaguing the great dragon of horrid images of hundreds upon thousands dying in that thingswake...

... The skies burning red with the blood of the fallen... The cries of the innocent screaming for mercy as they are slaughtered... Young to Old, none were spared. For this creature had no soul anymore... only bloodlust and an unquenchable hunger for power and rule over all worlds. Pray for salvation, for The Angel of Death will be reborn...

... And he's angry...

A single tear rolled down from one of Fanglongmon's eyes. The very cores of all those innocents taken, never to be reborn in the world... How it ached the God-like being's very heart known it could not save its children sooner.

Determination rose, Fanglongmon's eyes hardening with pure drive to prevent this inevitability. The numerous eyes of the great beast stared into the abyss and into the world the first child lived. It was time to find the others, before its children started breaking through the barriers that has been placed between the two worlds. Once it has been broken, then it will be up to the Destined Children and their Friends.

His gaze settles upon a young female with green hair, a white cropped outfit and strange enough... orange eyes...

-X-X-X Na-Digi-Ru-Mon-To X-X-X-

Morning rose in Konoha, its villagers starting their days routinely. It is also the day the new term and students would be starting at the Ninja Academy. Many of which are the heirs of prestigious clans, while others are from civilian families. Naruto Uzumaki is one of such person that is enrolling in this year's group. His sponsor being the very Hokage himself, as the man has become a grandfather of sorts to the young boy, though has been very busy at times to ever being there for him when he needed it.

Waking up to the sunlight in his face, Naruto gets out of bed and begins his morning routine in a zombie-like state. Not even once noticing a yellow ball of fluff that was sleeping on his pillow where his head was near.

The sounds of flushing water could be heard through his bathroom door, as the ball of fluff's ears twitched to the noise. The door opens and out walks the still zombie-fied Naruto. Heading into the kitchen, he opens up his fridge to reveal... nothing but expired milk...

Rubbing his eyes, he slams the fridge close in annoyance and headed to prepare some hot water and a cup of ramen... again. The noise of the fridge closing jolted the fur-ball on his bed awake. Yawning cutely it shook its golden yellow furred body and white tipped tail straight. Opening its eyes to reveal crystal blue, it looks around the room it found itself in, before hearing noise outside the opened door. A smile coming to its face as it remembered something wonderful (to its mind at least) and hoped off the bed and trotted towards the kitchen.

As it headed towards the noise, it took time to notice the condition of the apartment. A frown came upon its face at seeing the few holes in the walls, ones big enough for mice to hide in, the colour fading wallpaper that was also coming loose at some parts, and finally the few furniture's it has come across in the hallway that looked to have been broken and repaired. It noted that it was repaired fairly well, and with experience from the looks of it. It almost looked new, yet you could tell where it has been broken, repaired, and attempted at repainting.

Its observation ceasing as it heard mumblings and cups being moved about. The smile returning once it remembered who was here as well. Moving into the kitchen, it found Naruto's still zombie-sleeping form preparing breakfast. The aroma of Ramen being prepared got the little creature's mouth watering slightly. It knew ramen was unhealthy, but could anyone blame it when the smell was so inviting.

Jumping up on the table, Naruto took notice of his guest before nodding to himself still half-asleep. Grabbing a second cup, he poured half of the ramen from the container into it as well as himself and set it on the table. And without further word, they both dug into their meal. Naruto ate at a solemn pace, unseen by anyone from Konoha, but in private Naruto preferred doing it this way to savour the taste at least. The little fox creature however, ate fast, enjoying the taste of real food it ever had in its short birth.

Finishing their meals, Naruto collected both cups and went to the sink to wash them. The little creature following behind before jumping next to the sink to help... Naruto washed, and it wiped. With breakfast done, Naruto went to change to prepare for the Academy. Now many would think he would be thrilled to enrol to become a Shinobi. While many would be true at that fact, it wasn't entirely true. He was thrilled, oh yes, but he was also wary about the 'adult' staff. That part he wasn't looking forward to. Neither was the fact he wasn't going to make any friends anytime soon if the last six years were of any indication.

As Naruto moved about getting ready, the little fox hopped off the counter and trotted into the living room before settling on the coach waiting. It didn't have to wait long before Naruto returned fully dressed in blue sandals, dark blue shorts and white shirt with an orange spiral in the middle and lastly slung over his shoulder was his dark orange sleeveless jacket with a hood combo. His spiky blonde hair pointing everywhere while his cerulean eyes were wide awake and that fake smile plastered on his face.

The last one made the little creature frown again, but more of concern than annoyance or anger over the fake smile.

"Well, I'm off to the academy" Naruto said to the little fox on his coach, "While I'm gone, don't make a mess of the place. I'll be done soon hopefully, if I don't get held back for something" Moving to the door, he opened it before stepping out. Sticking his head back in for a last message, "And if someone knocks or comes, be sure to hide"

"Bye-bye Naruto" The fox replied happily in a soft feminine voice (A/N OMG. It's Female! Haha), as it jumped on the coach, "Be sure to come home soon!"

Nodding happily Naruto closed the door, leaving the talking fox alone in his home...



Wait... Talking fox...? In his home...? ALONE!

Hearing frantic running coming towards the door, the little fox looked curiously at it before it burst open to see a wide eyed, mouth gaping, panic stricken Naruto standing there as he pointed at the fur-ball. "Y-You... F-Fox... T-Talk... H-How... W-Where..." was the ramblings that could be heard coming out of Naruto's mouth, as his brain tried to catch up with what just happened.

His intellectual talking was cut short from the giggling coming from the small fox thing, "Yes~ I'm a talking fox. Is that really so shocking Naruto?" she asked, only getting a silent nod from the boy. The fox sighed playfully before jumping off the coach and trotting up to the still stunned Naruto.

"How about we sit down and talk... ne?" she suggested, all the while using her tail to grab Naruto's wrist and guide him to the coach. Getting him to sit, she got herself comfortable, "Now... I'm sure you have question, yes? Why not ask, and I'll answer."

His mind finally rebooting, Naruto took time to go over what just happened before ending at the start of the Q&A time. "Alright..." looking at the fox with a bit of curiosity mixed with caution, "Are you one of those summons things a few Ninjas use? Like the Toad Sage, Slug Princess or Snake Traitor...? But with foxes?"

A good question deserved a good answer, "No. I'm not one of this world's summon creatures" She spoke honestly, before giving an opinion, "Though I am quite interested in it, as it is something I have never seen. Despite the knowledge that was bestowed to me" mumbling the last part mostly to herself.

"Who are you?"

"Ah! Sorry! Sorry!" Bonking herself with her tail playfully, "Where are my manners? My name is Viximon. I'm what you call a Digimon. And an In-Training as well so you know"


Sighing to herself, she should have seen this coming. This world didn't have as much technology, but enough for a connection. Yet it wasn't this world that had created them or even the world that knows of their existence to an extent. "Digimon... short for, and please don't take it the wrong way as it is just a reminder of our race during the beginning, Digital Monster" explaining as best she could without causing a panic come from Naruto.

Naruto sat there staring at the 'Monster' as she called herself. But it didn't make sense... It was small... cute even... Looked completely, harmless like a big ball of fluff with tiny legs and the only part long being the tail and ears, so why call herself that? And what did she mean 'In-Training'?

Rubbing his head with both hands as a headache began he could tell this was going to be trouble, "Alright... can you please start with the beginning, like how did you get here and where did you come from? Also, explain what did you mean 'In-Training'." Knowledge was power, as his 'Grandfather' told him numerous times, so might as well learn all he could from this creature.

Nodding, which looked weird he realised coming from basically a creature with no visible neck, "Like I said, I'm a Digimon. Viximon is my race's name as well as our names. In-Training is one of many states of evolution that we grow in, with and out of. There are several stages. Baby, who could be considered like the name states, as a 'Baby' state... In-Training, that could be like 'Child'... Rookie, which could be seen as 'Teen'... Champion, 'Adult'... then there are two others, Ultimate and Mega. Still considered to be 'Adult' but more powerful, with Mega being the strongest."

Naruto nodded slowly at the information, looking even more freaked out by the second. "Now... As to why I'm here, it's because our God of sorts, Fanglongmon-sama, had chosen and created me to be your partner." Here she got a slow widening of Naruto's eyes at the proclamation, "From what knowledge Fanglongmon-sama had bestowed upon me during my birth, it seems he has been watching you Naruto. He knows of your dreams... your goals... and your desire. He created me for the sole purpose of simply being here for you... to be with you. To be your companion... to acknowledge who you are... to help you fulfil your dreams in life until the end" She finished with a gentle smile.

Looking at the smiling fox beside him, Naruto sat there root shocked at what he heard. Someone considered a god was watching him? And knew everything in his life apparently! It was creepy and downright an invasion of privacy, were the first thoughts going through his mind. But hearing the rest of what the now identified Viximon had explained... about why she was here... he didn't know what to say...

... Tears started gathering at the corners of his eyes, which were wiped away by Viximon's tail. Looking at her, he saw the soft concerned look from the small creature's eyes. Something he had never once seen on anybody else's face when they looked at him. It was either hateful... indifferent... oblivious... or unknowing due to the mask he wears in public. But this... this was something he had always wished for... someone that actually cared and didn't look away when his mask was gone...

Whether by instinct, by choice, or just by sheer joy, Naruto grabbed Viximon and hugged her closely to his body as he wept with joy for once in his life. The little digital fox hugged back as best she could with her tail... That was until her body started glowing a bright white and her form changed...


"Viximon digivolve to..."

The small body of Viximon grew taller, as her limbs too grew longer than how they were before. Her form became more humanoid in shape and size, her tail extending further and grew in size. As the light died down, what was in place of Viximon was now for better term of less, a humanoid looking fox. The body in a mix of the Golden Yellow fur Viximon had, with White furred hands and feet, Torso from the neck downwards to the nether region with a mane at the chest area, and the same white tipped tail as before. The legs bipedal in shape allowing her to assume a four-legged stance easily, with three clawed toes. Her arms having three spikes of fur sticking out from the shoulder towards the back each; she's wearing purple fingerless gloves on each arm that nearly covered them, leaving only a small portion of her shoulder-joint area and where her three finger claws came out. Adorned on her gloves were the black and white symbols of the Ying and Yang. Just above her knees, two tomoes is also seen decorating her legs. Lastly, her head was more angular than the curved shape it used to be on Viximon. The ears having white tips now as it stuck upwards straight; but what really changed was her eyes. They were now an icy blue, yet still holding the same warmth inside them, and just under each eye was a single lightning-like marking that started from one point of the eye to the other end only.


Naruto stared in shock at Viximon's now Renamon's transformation. She was extremely taller than him now, that's for sure. Renamon looked down at Naruto, the same smile still on her face as she had before on Viximon. Never once had she let go of the hug. Feeling a weight dropping in-between them, they both let go of each other and looked. On Naruto's lap was a small hand-held device. A Greyish-white body with a small square screen on the centre of the body's larger portion of the body, the screen had an orange coloured border circling around it. There was a small red button on the left side of the border as well, just below the screen. Where the device's body was smaller, were two more orange buttons. One on the left and one on the right of a small circle design. On the side, they took notice that there was a small opening that seemed to be able to fit something through it... or maybe swipe? Attached to this device, was an orange strap with a metal hook, the hook itself looked to be able to attach itself on a belt by the looks of it. (A/N – D-Arc Digivice)

Before Naruto could ponder on what this was, Renamon resumed hugging Naruto with unrealised strength, "You got a Digivice! I'm your Partner Officially!" Laughing merrily, it took several minutes for her to notice that she accidently knocked out Naruto due to lack of air from her hug, "AH! NARUTO!"

She frantically shook his shoulders trying to wake him up, neither one aware of a series of red eyes watching them with amusement and happiness from within his realm.

The World of Digimon has crossed into the Real World, the World of Naruto and Ninjas! How will the Elemental Nations handle this in a few years according to Fanglongmon? And what is this great Evil Incarnate he spoke of? Will Naruto and his future allies/friends be able to do something not even a 'God' in the Digital World was able to do and destroy this great Evil?

Find out Next Time in Chapter 1: "Years of our Life" STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT!

Chapter 0 End