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I'd decided to run away. What was the deal with that old Elmore woman anyways? I landed on a branch, bare-footed and pushed off again, landing on a block of my Material High before landing on yet another branch and pausing for a moment. I pushed white hair out of my dark-skinned face and scanned my surroundings in the woods, brown eyes catching what light came through the leaves.

I knew I wasn't normal.

I jumped, moving to the next tree, the next branch, the next block of my Material High. Tenjuin Elmore- or 'Granny' as she wished to be called- had fished me out of the woods of Brazil. Tigers had attacked my home two years ago, when I was seven, leaving only me alive, thanks to my Material High, which I'd had no control over at the time. My foot just barely grazed the next branch, and I cursed, eyes widening in alarm as I fell downwards, just barely managing to make a strong, flat surface to fall on in time. I was moving quite high up. I lay there for a moment, arms splayed out over my head, and looking up at the light coming through the leaves, suspended in mid-air near the tops of the trees. I blinked, and moved an arm to lie across my stomach, eyes watering slightly. If I had been able to control it like I was now, I would've been able to save my parents, instead of just myself. I felt a sob rising in my throat, and gagged on it, forcing it back down, rolling onto my side before getting up and jumping on like some kind of monkey.

What was Elmore's idea anyways? Uprooting and relocating me to Japan like that, adopting me. I furiously wiped the wetness from my eyes- they weren't tears- and focused on what was in front of me. She'd never be my 'Granny'. I wasn't related to her!

I had to get out of there! She had me cooped up in her mansion like some kind of wild animal in a cage, not allowed to leave. I wasn't some tiger, going around killing people! I was a human, just like everyone else! I reached the woods around the edge of the playground I was aiming for and stopped, standing in the shadows, one hand resting against the tree trunk as I looked down at the normal families with sad eyes, watching them living normal lives.

I was different. That much I knew as a fact.

Kids my age stayed away from me unless they were made to, like the other kids at the mansion. They were afraid of me… all of them. I sat down on the branch, one leg dangling, the other propped up, foot planted against the branch I was on, pushing my back against the tree trunk as I watched the other kids my age playing, happily ignorant of my existence. This tree was smaller than the ones I had been running through, and so I had a better view of everything I was missing. The happiness of a normal life.

"Who wants to be normal, if it means being someone like you!" I blinked, stiffening in surprise for a moment at the young girl's voice that had grated so abruptly against everything I was feeling at the moment. The girl had sounded angry, but like she was half-crying. I looked for the source of the noise, and found it from my perspective in a matter of moments. A younger girl with brown hair turned away from the other girls she was standing with in the middle of the playground and ran towards me, into the woods, eyes cast down to the ground, hidden. Something glimmered as it fell off her face as she ran. She was crying.

"Don't come back, freak!" shouted the ringleader of the girls the crying one had left behind, her cronies laughing as the girl sobbed and covered her face as she ran. I frowned at the girls she left behind as they turned their backs, the girl in question running under the tree I was sitting in and past it. I could see who I assumed to be her mother standing up and calling after her worriedly.

Without a second thought, I followed her.

She bulldozed through the undergrowth of the woods like a blind animal, one arm covering her face, the other one held out directly in front of her and swaying back and forth like an elephant's trunk. If her arm grazed over the tops of some bushes, she stepped higher. If her arm hit a tree, she turned away from it, hand tracking the tree until it was next to her before moving it back in front of her and carrying on. She came to the side of a ditch like that, and instinctively, I made a flat Material High to take the place of the ground, and she blundered on, unawares. I followed her from the treetops until we came to a little clearing I hadn't found before, where she fell to her knees, and cried.

I sat on a branch high above her head, staying in the shadows, watching her curiously. What she had said before ran through my head over and over again, only increasing my curiosity. 'Who wants to be normal, if it means being like you!' I watched as she covered what I assumed to be her face with her hands, her back to me as she shook, crying. I blinked, unconcerned. She was just a girl, and girls cried all the time. This girl was just a little bit more interesting than the others. Who wants to be 'normal' huh? …I guess just being alive is a curse then….

She was wearing jeans and a yellow and brown plaid jacket with fur lining the hood, a pair of uggs covering her feet. She was well equipped for the weather, and by that alone, I knew somebody loved her. Probably her mother. She confused me.

"Why are you crying?" I asked loudly, so that she could hear me as I jumped to a lower branch, and she gasped loudly, whirling around to face me, blue eyes wet. I rolled my eyes. Girls were always so dramatic. The little attention-seekers. I sat on the lowest branch I could find, unwilling to get any closer to the cooties-laden thing, and waved, bored.

She looked at me, completely fascinated. I frowned. That was disturbing.

"Your hair is white." She stated, and I gave a blank expression of dull exasperation. Well duh. It's been that way since I was born. She stood up, facing me with the same look of fascination she had before, and I eyed her warily. She looked as though she was searching for something to say. "That's so cool."

I smirked as a tingling, warm sensation of pride flooded through me and I crossed my arms and legs, eyes closing, swinging one leg back and forth from where I was sitting. I paused dramatically.

"Yeah, I am incredible, aren't I?" She giggled. Right next to me. My eyes flew open in surprise and I went rigid, slowly turning my head to my left to see her grinning cutely at me. Then I shrieked in surprise and fell out of the tree, hitting the ground before I could realize I was falling. I blinked. The ground really wasn't that far away.

"Are you ok?" I looked up to see her frowning down at me from the branch I had been sitting on in concern. I scowled and jumped to my feet, posing to show I was fine.

"Ha! A little fall like that was nothing!" I proclaimed loudly, still scowling, and she giggled. I felt an eyebrow twitch in irritation.

"You're funny! I like you." I had nothing to say to that, so I just stood under the tree, scowling, hands on my hips. A moment or two passed like that, a breeze stirring the leaves, and a bird or two chirping. "…you're not going to run away?" Her voice asked sadly from the tree, and I looked up, surprised, dropping the stance I was holding.

"Huh?" She really did look sad, eyes shadowed by her bangs with her arms wrapped around herself. I looked up at her, confused. "Why would I?" She looked at me, gaping at me with an astonished look. I frowned up at her curiously.

"Really?" She asked, voice completely surprised. I frowned up at her, confused by her reaction, so I just crossed my arms and shrugged, waiting for her to say something else. She blinked down at me like an owl. "If you're not going to run away, that's just amazing." I frowned and watched her carefully as she rolled over onto her stomach on the branch, and then carefully wiggled backwards off the branch until her toes touched the ground, where she let go and turned to face me. She was looking me directly in the eyes without any sense of restraint, and I blushed, embarrassed, yet too proud to look away.

It took a few moments before her eyes cleared, the light returning to them as she blinked, giving me a soft, somewhat shy yet genuine smile like sunlight shining through water. The analogy made me blink. She reached out for my hand, and I didn't resist as she held my one hand with both of hers in between us, my hand limp. Blue eyes met my brown as she smiled.

"You are a wonderful person… " She paused as if she didn't know my name, and being too caught up by her face, I didn't respond, so she moved on. She smiled at me. "One day, you will be strong, I am sure of it. You will change the world." I looked at her peacefully, curiously, listening to what she had to say. "Right now, you are…you have a choice to make." I frowned at her, and she elaborated. "There are two roads you can chose from right now, and you can only chose one. Once you've started down that one road, you can't turn back." I looked at her with wide eyes, somewhat alarmed. What the hell was she talking about? She looked at the ground sadly. "I have always been able to see into people's hearts and tell them things they don't want to hear." My eyes softened. So she was like me. "That's why I'm considered a 'freak'. People don't like hearing stuff." I frowned, and her hand a quick squeeze, sympathizing. I knew what that was like. She looked up at me with wary hopefulness. I gave her the smallest of smiles, trying to reassure her, but uncomfortable with the gesture towards a girl.

"What are the roads called?" I asked, and she straightened, looking me in the eyes, but she didn't smile.

"One road is called loneliness." I tilted my head slightly, interested. A road with the name of a feeling? That was interesting. "It is a dirt road, and there is only one person on it. No one will join you on this road. You will be alone." I frowned. That didn't sound good. "Then there is another road called 'happiness'," I smiled faintly at that. That road sounded nicer. "-the road is made of gravel, and is lined with trees with a mansion at the end. The sky is clear, and there are many people waiting for you on this road, but there is a gate." She paused, eyes growing distant for a moment. "Called 'change'." I blinked in surprise. A road called happiness with a gate called change. That was something, and even though I was slower than most people, it felt real. "The gate is quite tall, but it's not hard to open. You just have to want to walk down that road, and by doing that, you will open the gate yourself. No one can do that for you." She had been looking upwards as she spoke, but now she blinked and looked me back in the eyes, smiling sheepishly. "That's all I know I'm afraid. I don't know if that was very useful- oh."

The girl dropped my hand, and she half-turned as if listening to something, eyes sharpening as if concentrating. I frowned at her curiously. She was an odd one, but that was kind of normal for people like us. She blinked, eyes going distant, hand drifting up to her chest. "My mom is calling for me. She's worried. I have to go." She turned to look at me, smiled and hugged me before I could get away. I stiffened in surprise, face turning red.

"Wh-wh-wha…?" I stuttered, and the girl giggled and leaned away, eyes shining.

"I hope I'll meet you again someday, Magic." She smiled, and my blush faded. Freaking cooties. She frowned at herself, and I frowned in response as she cast her eyes down. "One last thing though… it's been nagging at me, and it doesn't make much sense to me, but…" She looked up and met my eyes. "-Call her 'Granny'." My eyes widened in shock, and she grinned before turning and running off. She waved, "Until next time Magic!"

'Next time' didn't happen for 11 years.