Beginnings Aren't So Simple

Chapter Twelve: Heartbreak Warefare

Kakashi paced back and forth in his room. Genma watched as his best friend was falling apart and there was nothing he could do. The past few hours had been agonizing for all of them. The three of them: Genma, Kakashi and Shizune sat in one of the conference rooms looking over the kunoichi that Suna had chosen. It was a terrible sinking feeling in all three of their stomachs. It was quite obvious who Suna's elders deemed good enough and who Konoha deemed fine enough to let know. The file had been filed with lesser kunoichi and the Sakura. It was very obvious to the three of them who they would have to give up.

Kakashi kicked over a chair bringing Genma out of his thoughts. "How can the elders do this!" Kakashi yelled.

"Kakashi sometime you have to do things you don't want to do," Kakashi glared at Genma.

"You're not helping," Kakashi said, his voice as cold as ice. The two men started at each other for a moment before Genma stood and left the room. Kakashi sighed before sitting down on the bed. His shoulders fell. What was he to do? He promised he would never hurt Sakura. He never wanted to hurt her. But here he was. He had already hurt her. He had also made a promise to his country. He was their Hokage. How could he just turn his back like that? He knew that if he didn't continue with this compromise that there would most surely be a war. That was something he did not want to have to ever see again.

He laid back and started at the ceiling fan. He watched as is moved around and around. Why did it seem like thing could never be simple. He could never and would never stop loving Sakura. But he would have to give her up. She would have to be Gaara's wife. It was so obvious that the young girl who was being given to him was just as in love with someone else as he was. There was nothing he or she could do. They had made promises to their villages to protect them in what ever way they could. Even if that meant... doing what they weren't comfortable with.

He closed his eye and prayed that the tears wouldn't come. How would he ever be able to look at her? How could he explain what was going to happen? He had no idea what he was going to do. All he knew what that his life was coming to an end.

Sakura smiled as she walked down the streets of Suna. It was nice enough for winter. It still amazed her how warm it managed to be in the middle of the day here. It was a much different climate then what she was used to, but it was still enjoyable enough. She looked from shop to shop in hopes of find a perfect Christmas present for Kakashi. It would be their first Christmas as a couple. Yuugao walked next to Sakura looking around herself. It had been awhile since the older Kunoichi had a normal mission.

"Excited for Christmas?" Sakura asked. Yuugao nodded.

"It'll be nice to be home for a change. I've been debating on leaving my ANBU status behind and do something different," Sakura smiled.

"I bet you'd be a great teacher," Sakura smiled.

"You know I think I would be,"

"Kakashi you know just as well as I do that there is nothing we can do!" Shizune yelled exasperated.

"Think Shizune. There has got to be something. Anything you can think of!" Kakashi said. He began to pace the room again. Never had he been so thankful that Sakura was enjoying herself enough to not be near him at the moment.

"The best thing I can think of is to give her a new duty station. Konoha rules are that if a shinobi recieves a new duty station they must remain their for three months before they can move," Shizune said sitting down, she brought her hand up to her head and rubbed her temple. Shizune couldn't even think of a position to put Sakura. The only move she could think would be for Sakura to take the ANBU exam but that would be ridiculous. That wasn't what Sakura wanted. Sakura hardly wanted to take the Jonin exam.

"There has got to be somewhere we can put her," Kakashi said.

"I can't think of anything," Shizune said. "She's already worked in the medical field for god knows how long. There is no way you can convince her to take the ANBU exam and if you did you'd have to send her on S-class Missions. She's not gonna sit around and do nothing Kakashi. Sakura loves this land just as much as you do. She knows what she has to do,"

"Stop! There has to be something you can do! You're my secretary for gods sake! You know all the job open-"

"The secretary position!" The two yelled together.

"I'll fill out some paper work right now but put the date for before we left. All that you would have to do is convince her to be your secretary. That would buy us some time to at least figure a few things out. We could even try and convince the Suna counsel to take another Kunoichi. That'll take a lot of work. Who knows maybe we could also have them see that it would be better for Matsuri to marry one of our ANBU members. We could tell them you're gay!"

"You're taking this a little too far now Shizune," Kakashi said annoyed.

"Sorry! Sorry!" Shiznue said quickly. The two stopped and stared at each other for a moment.

"We can't tell her," They both said in unison. They both nodded. There was no way they could tell Sakura the truth. It would crush her. And after all the great breakthroughs that had been happening. There was no way they could tell her the reality. They would have to keep it a secret.

"I'll go get everyone ready for the trip home," Shizune said walking out of the room to leave Kakashi with his thoughts.

Kakashi laid back against the bed once more and stared up at the ceiling fan. Since when did he have to lie. Sure he was good at not telling whole truths. But he felt terrible not telling Sakura the truth. This was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. No matter how dim and far away that future was he would fight for it everyday. Maybe keeping her in the dark was wrong but all he knew was that he couldn't break her heart again this month. He had already hurt her once by saying that had to hide their relationship. He couldn't tell her this. Not yet at least.

A knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts. He sat up as the door opened revealing the beautiful pinkette of his thoughts. "Ready to go when ever you are Hokage-sama," the minx said with a wink before shutting the door behind her.


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