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Dawn of Hospitality

Moving day

In the grimdark nightmare of the far future, there is only peace(Sort of).

...wait, WHAT?

Our tale begins on the planet Nyrronis III, a colony of the Imperium of Man. It had been the most recent battleground for all of the Imperiums enemies to meet and face the Emperors finest. Numerous battalions of Imperial Guardsmen and three companies of Astartes dug in on the planet as it was besieged on all sides by enemies from all reaches of the galaxy. First came the Tau, who were counterattacking into Imperial territory after a brief assault on one of their frontier worlds. Not long after the fighting began, the forces of Chaos were baited there by the amount of bloodshed and joined the battle. Next came Eldar, both 'normal' and their dark counterparts entered the fray as the conflict dragged on. Continuing their galaxy-wide genocide, the Necrons arrived at their newest target to harvest and destroy. Lastly, and most troublesome, were the orks. With hundreds of ships almost constantly entering and exiting the system, combined with a newly arrived ork warfleet, caused an event that would put our story into motion.

A warp storm erupted in the system, tearing apart any ship in space and grounding any that was in the planets atmosphere. The planets occupants, both defenders and attackers, found themselves trapped with no way of supplies or reinforcements from the outside. Fighting continued on for several more weeks before all sides began to grow weak from the lack of supplies and troops. Finally, the Imperial General sent an olive branch to each faction. Something that was almost forgotten by the human race and unheard of to most Xeno.

A cease-fire.

The Tau were first to accept, finally seeing a chance to both stop their soldiers from dying and a chance to try and spread the 'Greater Good'.

Next came the both Eldar groups, having joined forces after they found themselves outnumbered by so many different enemies.

Shockingly, Chaos was the next to join. As a group loyal to Tzeenth, they would use the time to plan and reorganize while showing others he too wanted 'peace'.

By now the factions who had signed on had, while without making it official, had made an alliance against the Necrons and Orks who refused to stop fighting out right. Of course, after more and more of its supposedly immortal soldiers and unstoppable monoliths fell, the Necron Lord caved and joined to save his remaining forces. With most of the planet under control of this 'alliance', they began a purge of every ork on the planet. At first the greenskins offered heavy resistance, often even pushing them back. But with mixed numbers and firepower, the other factions began to prevail. In a months time the orks had been decimated, a surviving Nob begrudgingly accepted but refused any part of the oomies(The blue skinned and Chaos boyz too), and 'ointy ears alliance.

Aside from an occasional ork raiding party that was quickly put down, the planet slowly entered a new peaceful state as each factions kept to themselves, licking their wounds and preparing defenses. Each factions retreated to different parts of the globe to call home and set up new bases,

The north hemisphere, filled with wide plains, forests, and snow-capped mountains, was home to the Chaos and Imperial forces.

The west, mainly small tropical islands scattered across a vast ocean, belong to the Eldar, both light and dark.

The east, roving and blistering deserts with scattered oasis, sheltered the Tau and Necrons.

And to the south, filled with rainforests, swamps, and other natural overgrown deathtraps, paid home to the orks.

But when it finally came time, everyones forces ready and reorganized, most realized something.

Not killing each other for a change wasn't so bad as they thought. And so, the restart of the war was held off until a later date. Again, and again, and again. Months passed and settlements, real settlements and not simple military outposts, began to spring up across the planet. Most interesting, however, were the ones built near or even on faction borders. These certain few held people from both sides working with(Or at least tolerate) one another. After months passed a city was founded in the middle of all seven borders, a large place were all had the option to live and work as a whole.

It is here were our story really begins, as one young Guardsmen begins his first day in the city of Sanctuary.

Michael Dunken scratched the back of his head nervously, trying desperately to remember the apartment number he had been given as he walked.

22,241...33,478...come on think! Oh I know! 40,0-


Michael fell backwards onto the ground with a yelp, the door that had opened in front of him denting his helmet. Looking up at the door, he gulped as a shadow lumbered forward.

Thump thump thump thump...

The young guardsmen began sweating as the lumbering form of an Astartes came into view, staring down at him. After a moment a gauntleted hand extended and offered him assistants up.

"Private Dunken?" He asked as Michael stood, quietly and quickly nodding.

"Your now under my care here, I'll explain inside." He motioned toward the door. Slowly, Michael entered, taking note of how massive the door frame was and that he was in one of the largest(Non-destroyed) apartments he had ever seen. Before he could continue gawking, however, the Astartes grabbed him and shoved him onto a nearby couch.

"I am Brother-Captain Argyle Jones, the owner of this barracks," The Space Marine explained, sitting down in a reinforced steel chair near the couch. "I assume you have questions?"

"Well, I don't have any money ri-."

"New occupants are given a week to adjust and find employment. Until then you can get to know the city and your fellow...housemates."

"W-wait, theres other people living here?"

With that Jones sighed, shaking his head slowly as if burdened by something.

"As part of the agreement, I have orders to keep peace when needed inside and outside the barracks. As a loyal servant of the Imperium it is my duty to-."

"For the last time I told you the Imperium SUCKS!"

Michael shrank into the couch as the third new voice literally made Jones' right eye optical twitch on his helmet. Rearing his head to face down a hallway, the warrior of the Emperors finest gave a much more intelligent and refined answer.

"And for the last time I told you to SHUT UP!"

"No you!"

"Um..." Michael squeaked as Jones began to storm down the hall. "Sir?"

The Astartes froze and turned his head, "Yes guardsmen?"

"Who all is living here, exactly?" He gulped. His attention was taken away from Jones, however, when someone vaulted over the couch and landed next to him.

"Cool! A new guy!" A tau fire warrior cheered, sending the guardsmen rearing back in shock.

"A mon-kiegh of all things." Turning around Michael saw an Eldar woman staring at him with a non-too-pleasantly look.

"Oi! Oomie!"

A claw tapping his shoulder sent Michael jumping off the couch to face the group of the Emperors enemies. However, heavy breathing behind him forced him to slowly look over his shoulder.


Everyone watched as the guardsmen crumpled to the ground unconscious.

"-AAAAAGH'TACH THINK OF DA PLACE?" The ork looked down in amusement as the human curled up into a ball as the rest of the apartments occupants came out of their rooms to investigate the new noise.

"Get an Apothecary!"

"Eh, 'es fine. Justa bump on is 'ead s'all."

"Can we please at least introduce ourselves before knocking the newguy out?"

"Pffft, if hes that easy to scare I can't wait to put him in a fear-coma when he wakes up."

"Another one eh? I bet your happy ain't ya sis?"

"Of course, another mon-kiegh. Just what we needed..."

"Interested Statement: It seems we have to wait until he wakes to see how well he can handle the rest of us."

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