Dawn of Hospitality

Interruptions, Part II

After the initial shock of seeing what seemed crazy, even by Tau standards, things went fairly smooth.

Despite Briana's initial hopes, they didn't each get their own room. Instead there were four in total, each holding two bedrooms and accommodations for any race. The two Astarte's bunked together, despite protests from both, while the Sisters took another. Even though she assured them she was old enough, Tali joined them after her initial pout failed. Flipping a coin, Michael and Romminal took another room while Tai and K!113r shared the last.

Por'la'Normanaleztii, or Norman, as the other staff had coined him, had been all too happy to tour them around the resort and tell them of its origins and what it had to offer. There was something for each of them, ranging from gyms and a bar to an arcade and free extranet access. Aside from the standard services and activities, he was also pleased to tell them about several high-key guests staying with them.

After that they were taken to their rooms and turned in for the night, followed by the beginning of a very interesting morning.

"Congratulations, you almost lasted four minutes! I believe that's a new record."

"Hey, it's not my fault! Just, ya know, been a while…"

"Excuses, excuses."

A typical morning for Michael consisted of waking up at the crack of dawn, showering and getting ready for the day. A cup of his special caffeine, now labeled after Briana's 'incident', and he was ready for the day ahead.

Today, he had slept in, relatively speaking, and took his time doing his morning routine. Not having to wait in line for a shower was a serious plus. Whereas about this time, he was usually slogging out the first order of the day; now he was flat on his back, an Eldar straddling him, with both of them panting and spent.

So far, he was really enjoying his vacation.

"Keep it behind closed doors, children." Xelus called, making both of them quickly get up off the sparing mat. They both talked at once, trying to give an excuse while he only grinned. Still watching them, he raised a hand and caught the fist aimed at his face before throwing Jones over his shoulder. The older Astarte landed with a thud but recovered and grabbed the Traitors full attention again as he knocked his feet out from under him.

"This place definitely has our usual place beat." Michael remarked casually as he hopped down off the ring. Their typical, albeit secret, weekend routine consisted of visiting a nearby gym, usually starting with a simple work-out and ending in a sparring match. Michael could count on one hand the number of times he had won.

"Agreed," Riiana said, joining him in taking a breather and accepting the offered bottle of water as they walked.

"I didn't hurt you too badly, did I?" she asked.

"Just my pride." Michael chuckled, "Though I think I hear my leg creaking."

"I'll find you a wrench," Riiana sighed, feigning sympathy.

As they left, laughing as they went, the two Astarte shared a knowing smirk as they watched them go. Then Xelus threw a punch that would have knocked the head off a normal human, had it connected. Instead, he only hit air and Jones slammed into him from below, knocking the wind out of his Chaos counterpart and sending him tumbling backwards to catch himself.

"Ok. I'll admit," Xelus coughed, bringing up his arms to block a kick, "That one was pretty good."

"Try calling me 'old' again and see what happens." Jones quipped before they went at it again. Despite how it may have looked, the fight was only half-hearted.

"So what made you decide to go along with this?" Xelus asked

"I can't enjoy myself every now and then?" Jones replied

"I didn't think it was possible, no." Xelus said

A hit, a parry, a near miss!

"Then you've still got a lot to learn," Jones kicked him off the ring and as an afterthought and added. "Youngster."

Xelus blinked away the stars he was seeing and glared at the hand offered to him. Regardless, he took it and stood with as much dignity as he could muster.

"The others should be waking soon," Jones noted, "Best be getting back to them."

"Best two outta' three, tomorrow?" Xelus asked.


As they gathered their things and prepared to leave; Jones glanced over at his companion and noticed something odd.

"You've… got something on your back." Jones said

"Eh?" Xelus asked curiously

The Chaos Astarte reached around and peeled something off of him, bringing it around to find himself staring at a slightly flattened Cultist. He idly poked it with his free hand, watching it twitch in mild amusement.

"So when he wakes up you're taking the blame for this, right?" Xelus asked

"What?" Jones asked startled

"Hey, you're the one who made me land on the guy." Xelus stated

"And you're the idiot who left himself open to be hit!" Jones yelled

This back and forth went on for several minutes. As the two Astarte continued to bicker, the Cultist decided it would be best to just keep playing dead.

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