Summary: "You should hate me."

Spoilers for the identity of the Death Knight and mild one for the ending of the first LSK novel. Spoilers up to chapter 154 for Noblesse.

For the 'Roland & Takeo, "I want you to hate me."' prompt for No True Pair.

Crack crossover. Don't think about how it happened too much. XD Noblesse character in Legend of Sun Knight world.

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By Dark Ice Dragon

"You should hate me."

Takeo frowned, leaning on the pink wall. "Why?"

The man in front of him had ashen-grey skin, black markings on his cheeks, and his eyes burned, completely black – as transformations went, Takeo had seen much worse. The man also wore a pink apron, even frillier than what he and M-21 had to wear.

"I'm a Death Lord," the man said, like that explained everything.

If Takeo had come from this world, he would have probably understood what that meant instantly, but he wasn't. He wasn't sure how he ended up here, but he definitely wasn't on Earth anymore; the cells patrolled with swords on their hips, wearing steel armour. At least he didn't stick out that much with the length of his hair anymore, but that was a small consolation.

The man tilted his head at him. "You…don't know what that is."

He shook his head, and at that, the man frowned slightly.

"A Death Lord is the higher form of a Death Knight."

And Takeo had heard neither of those terms before.

The man blinked at him slowly. "A Death Knight is created by a necromancer…"

Ah, now Takeo was starting to understand a little bit. He didn't know what a 'necromancer' was, but he could guess. The situation though…

"You should be hated because you were made like this?"

He got a nod as an answer, and Takeo pursed his lips. "Why?" It wasn't his fault what had been done to him.

The man's expression became confused. "I'm undead; I no longer have the blessing of the God of Light."

…What? Takeo stared at him. He was-

Takeo whirled around at the sound of the door behind him opening. Shit, he'd been too distracted!

In the doorway were two people (the man had the same discoloured colour as the man Takeo had been talking to, while the girl's was a shade pinker than Takeo had ever seen on anyone), and when the little girl smiled at him, Takeo suddenly had the same sense of foreboding he normally got just before Frankenstein made him do something.

Takeo either never saw the cobweb illusion of the house at all (because of his altered state), or saw it and went in, thinking it'd be a good place to stay for a while.

*snerk* The word 'pink' appeared a fair bit in this fic. But that's unsurprising, considering where it's set and the characters involved.

Damn, Takeo just has no luck when he goes into the LSK world, huh? XDD;