Okay guys, gonna try my hand at a drabble fic! Won´t be beta´d so all run-on sentences belong to me

DISCLAIMER: Sadly, Twilight and none of its beautiful characters belong to me! Thanks Stephanie for allowing me to play with Edward and Bella!

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?

Chapter One


It´s cold and raining…

Constantly, the water pelts against my skin, but I don´t feel it.

The temperature is frigid, just like me.

I should be cold, freezing actually, but I´m not.

I don´t feel anything!

I can´t!

Feel, I mean.

Everything is a blur of activity, and before I know it the funeral´s over and I´m back at Charlie´s, sitting in my childhood bedroom while Sue, the only semblance of a mother that I´ve ever known, dries my hair and helps me change into dry clothes.

I´m catatonic!

She coos to me softly, but I don´t hear, there´s a ringing my ears and I can´t… hear.

Sue loves me, and in my own way; I love her too.

She loves me, that´s why it´s going to break her heart when I leave. That´s why I don´t tell her. I couldn't bear to see that look in her eyes, the look of a mother pleading with her child to stay.

And I would… stay… for her!

I can´t though, there´s nothing left for me here; Forks, holds nothing but painful memories for me now.

Jacob and I are over…

Charlie´s dead…

My name is Isabella Marie Swan and at twenty years old, I´ve seen more heartache than most!

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