Sorry about the delay, but I kept fighting with this to get it right, and almost 7,700 words later, this is what I´ve come up with. I hope that I´ve done it justice.


What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?


Three and a half years later…


"Happy Birthday dear Brook and Gunny… Happy Birthday to you…" the entire family sang joyfully as my now five year old twins blew out their candles. "Yay…" we all cheered. Thankful to see another year, it was moments like these that I really cherished.

Emmett stood there in a daze staring at the two hugely extravagant birthday cakes. Of course my kids each wanted their own cake. This year, Gunny´s choice was Nightmare Before Christmas, we can thank Emmett for that one, and Brooklyn, my spoiled Princess just had to have Alice in Wonderland, because of course she worshiped the ground her aunt Ali walked on.

"I swear I see drool glistening on your chin, Em," I teased my grizzly bear of a brother-in-law. Swiping my finger across his chin to remove the imaginary liquid I full-on belly laughed. "Yep, that was drool alright!" The rest of the family laughed heartily at my joke.

My brother-in-law loved cake!

Oh hell, Emmett just love food period!

It was one of those rare sunny day in Forks, Washington, and we were celebrating Gunner and Brooklyn´s fifth birthday in the meadow behind my Charlie´s house. The wildflowers were in full bloom, and I couldn´t have asked for a better backdrop for my kids celebration.

Finally, we were happy!

"God, lil sis," Emmett moaned around a mouthful of cake. "From now on, every family gathering, you are in charge of the cake. This cake is fucking awe-" too bad he didn´t get to finish that statement.


"Emmett Dean Cullen," Rosalie snapped, using her mom voice. "What have I told you about your mouth in front of the children?" She shifted their seventeen month old son Aiden to her other hip while glaring at her childish husband.

"Puh… puh… puh…" Aiden bounced up and down on Rose´s hip with glee.

Hot damn that boy was cute!

With Rosalie´s ocean blue eyes and blonde hair, and Emmett´s deep dimples and curls, the kid was a perfect mixture of the two. At his son´s declaration, I saw Emmett swallow thickly; the boy knew he was in deep shit.

Rosalie´s brow arched slowly, "Do you see what you´ve done?" It was like watching Jessica Rabbit scold Roger!

Rosalie Hale-Cullen was one scary bitch when she was mad!


"Sorry, babe," Emmett apologized, turning beet-red in the face and looking properly chastised. I almost peed my pants, I was laughing so hard.

"I´m not the one you should be apologizing to," Rosalie corrected him sternly. "This is not our son´s birthday party." Emmett´s head was bowed in shame, so he couldn´t see the smirk that was playing on Rose´s lips. I on the other hand was still laughing my ass off along with everyone else that privy to our little discussion.

This shit was pure comedy!

Emmett Cullen may have been the size of an NFL linebacker, but he was nothing but a big old teddy bear, soft and cuddly. And most importantly, Rosalie owned his ass, just as I did Edward, and Alice did Jasper. The men in our lives were crazy about us, and would do anything in their power to make us happy.

Of course Rose was just giving Em a hard time, because no one took a word Emmett said seriously, and we were all well aware that he had no brain-to-mouth filter, especially, when food was involved.

"Sorry, B," he apologized quietly.

By this time, I had a steady stream of tears running down my face, and I think I had peed my pants just a little. "I-i-it´s o-okay, Em," I stuttered through my laughter. "I know it was th-th-the cake talking." I lost it again after that.

Who the hell had tickled my funny bone?

Oh no, here comes trouble! I thought as Eli and Charlie walked up. They were two of Emmett´s biggest defenders. In their eyes, their uncle Em could do no wrong!

"No mama," scolded Eli, my little Johnny Cochran of the group. Just like O.J., Eli could get you off too. Never mind that he was usually the ringleader for the trouble in the first place. "No waf," he said sternly, pointing his stubby little finger in my face. "Unkwie Em say him sowry… no waf mama." His little hands went to his hips, and I couldn´t be sure, but I believe the little guy tapped his foot in finality.

As usual, his co-counsel had to put his two-cents in, "Yea mama, no waf at Unkwie Emmy. Now him sad," Charlie so eloquently pointed out," going over to pat Em on the cheek. And you better believe that bastard milked it for all it was worth. "You make him cwhy. Say sowry, mama!" I sat there with my mouth gaping open like a giant sea bass.

No my son did not just order me to apologize!

Emmett didn´t make it any better. Jackass sat there fake crying while my sweet little boys comforted him. Of course, the little rascals were only turning my words against me. They knew no matter how great of small the offense; you had to say, "Sorry" to the ones you loved.

Feeling my blood pressure spike, I took the high road. "I´m sorry Uncle Em for making you cry," I said through clenched teeth, giving him the evil behind Charlie and Eli´s back. When the boys had run off to play, the bastard had the nerve to flash me his signature Emmett Cullen grin, complete with dimples and all.

Oh it was so on, dear brother-in-law!

"Like mother, like son," Esme grinned, squeezing my shoulder as she passed by. "Looks like Eli and Charlie are going to be attorneys like you, mommy." Everybody laughed at her joke, including me.

I could only hope that my babies decided to follow in my footsteps.

Lord knows they spent enough time down at the office!


I just shook my head and looked around at all my family and friends enjoying themselves. I couldn´t help but feel blessed. My life was full, and I was surrounded by people who loved me.

After my brush with death, not once but twice, the petty things didn´t seem to matter anymore. Good or bad, these people were my family, and each one of them brought something special to my life that no one else could.

My eyes found my best friend, where he was manning the bouncy house. The corners of my mouth pull up into an involuntary smile; it felt good to have Jacob back in my life. Too bad it took me almost dying to realize that I needed to let go of the past, forgive my best friend, and move on. Edward beating the shit out of Jacob the first time they met was just added bonus! But hey, I got my friend back and that´s all that matters.

Ironically, that included Leah as well.

After several year´s break-ups and make-ups, they finally got their heads out of their assets and got engaged. Although I want to say that they finally wised up on their own, I had to give credit where credit was due. The beautiful russet-skinned baby girl nestled comfortably in Grandpa Billy´s arms was the glue that held those two idiots together.

Nothing like a child to show you what´s important in life, thankfully, our goddaughter had done just that for her mom and dad. Edward and I were completely blown away when Leah and Jake asked us to play such an important role in Rebecca´s life. Sue, Esme, Carlisle, and Billy, along with all the pseudo great-grandparents couldn´t have been happier to be adding another grandchild to their ever growing numbers.

As we learned three years ago… blood didn´t matter!

My little Eli was a perfect example of that!


It never failed, anytime I thought of the hardship that my little boy had to endure because of his brutal entrance into this world, my heart pounded and my eyes filled with tears. Had Edward and I not fought for such a precious little gift, where would Eli be now?

I shuddered to think of my life without my precious baby boy.

Thank God, that´s something I would never have to find out. No one would ever take Eli away from us. Watching Eli and Charlie play quietly off to the side by themselves those two were like peas in a pod.

Seeing the two of them interact with one another, you would never guess that Eli was born with a slight addiction to heroin. Tanya had stopped shooting up, but they was still quite a bit left in his system.

God, he´d come such a long way!

Eli was a fighter!

My little man wore glasses, and still had trouble with his allergies and upper-respiratory infections, but aside from that, Eli was a perfectly healthy little boy.

Both of my little boys were!

I guess I have a bit of explaining to do.

Edward Charles and Eli Anthony Cullen were both born on the seventeenth day of December 2008. They were delivered via emergency C-section, and it was touch and go for both of the tiny infants.

Charlie´s lungs weren´t fully developed and he had a terrible case of jaundice, but Eli´s lungs were much worse as were some of his other vital organs. He weighed in at only three pounds six ounces. God, my little boy was small. He fit perfectly in the palm of Edward´s large hand.

Although Tanya had somewhat slowed down on the drugs, it wasn´t nearly enough to undo the damage that had already been done. Just thinking back to pain my boy endured from withdrawal, the seizures, countless needle pricks, and life threatening infections, had me wanting to dig up Tanya´s body and kill her all over again!

To this day, I still owed the staff of Northwestern Memorial Hospital´s neonatal ward the lives of my precious boys.

That night is still so much of a blur and from the bits and pieces that I can remember, and what I´ve been told; I was in pretty bad shape when we finally made it to the hospital. The stress of our captivity and almost being raped had sent me into premature labor and try as the might; they were unable to stop it.

The baby´s heart rate was dropping, and my body, to protect itself, was trying to shut down. After several failed attempts to get my blood pressure stabilized, they rushed me to OR for an emergency C-section. I´m told it was a bloodbath.

I was hemorrhaging from the spike in my blood pressure, and from what Edward and Carlisle said it was touch and go there for a minute. Not only was my life hanging in the balance, but I was also seconds away from losing the ability to possibly have more children.

When I heard about what happened, it only served to fuel my budding anger more. That would have been just one more thing added to the ever-growing list of choices James and Tanya had taken away from me. I thanked my lucky stars daily that Carlisle was there to intervene, and save me from a lifetime of hurt.

Finally, I slipped into and coma, but not before they were able to stop the bleeding. I was given several pints of blood to replenish what had been lost. For several days I lay comatose in a hospital bed, completely oblivious to the world around me. I didn´t even get to hold my babies after delivery.

I was angry at the world when I finally got home and had time to process just how much had been taken away from me.

It took me a long time to process how to channel all my anger into something positive.

Therapy made me see that yes, I had lost a lot, but in retrospect, I had gained much more than I lost!

Esme and Sue – both of which never left my bedside for more than a minute – were beside themselves, as was the rest of my family. They couldn't understand why I wasn´t waking up.

Carlisle, always in doctor-mode, explained to them that I had been through a lot, and this was my body´s way of protecting itself from more harm. I would wake up when my body told me to.

During that time, Edward refused to allow them to give our son´s formula. Not trusting just anyone to do it, he had Esme and Sue pump my milk, so he could bottle feed it to our boys. He was adamant, if I couldn´t nurse them directly from my breast, then at least their meals would come from their mother´s body!

I bet you´re wondering how we went from a son to sons.

Well allow me to tell you.

One look at the tiny little guy, and I was hooked!

I vaguely remember pushing James´ lifeless form off of my half-naked body, and then struggling with Tanya to get the gun. Somehow, it went off. I must have fainted, because everything is pretty much a blank slate after that.

No matter how much I hated Tanya´s guts, I never wanted to see her dead. I begged God so many times over the years to forgive me for what I´d done. Edward assured me that there was nothing to forgive, because I was only protecting myself and our unborn son.

Any mother, in m shoes, would have done the same thing!

I prayed that he was right!

Things were really hazy, and I don´t know if I dreaming or not, but I have a very vague memory of Tanya asking me to save her baby. Thank God the paramedics were able to keep oxygen flowing to her brain long enough to get her to the hospital. With or without her dying wish, I would have saved him anyway; I´m just grateful that there was someone to save.

When I awoke from my coma and found out that Tanya´s baby had indeedsurvived, I took that as a sign. He was meant to be ours! There wasn´t a moment of hesitation, I had Edward contact Jenks at once to get the ball rolling on making this tiny angel a permanent part of our family. There was no way in hell; I was going to leave him behind in that hospital, all alone to become a ward of the state.

Since Edward was the only one besides Carlisle allowed in to the see the boys, he had pictures on his cell phone. Because he couldn´t use the flash on his camera, and the lights were dimmed to protect their eyes, the pictures were very poor in quality.

That wasn´t good enough!

I wanted to see them, touch them, hold them… nurse them myself!

Those were my little boys and it was my job as their mommy to take care of them!

The moment I was strong enough, I insisted that Edward take me down to see my boys at once. Charlie, thank God, weighed in at four pounds 4 ounces, and because of my excellent prenatal care he didn´t have to stay in the NICU as long as Eli did, but we refused to let my boys be separated. I didn´t want Eli to feel like we were abandoning him.

Since Carlisle worked at Northwestern, they were very accommodating to our situation. A special room was set up so that Edward, Charlie, and I could stay in the room with Eli. I just knew my sweet boy would gain strength from our constant presence.

Being wheeled into the dimly lit room where my two boys were being kept for the first time was surreal. It almost felt like this was happening to someone else. It wasn´t until the nurse gently placed Baby A in my arms, and he was suckling greedily on my breast did the name Eli come to me.

"Eli," I cooed softly, brushing my finger across the light dusting of blonde hair on top of his head.

"What?" Edward asked softly at my declaration.

"Eli," I repeated through my tears. "I want to name him, Eli." Edward and I had thrown around several names, both girl and boy, and Eli was one of the ones that stuck with me.

Edward smiled proudly as he placed my other little one on my free side, so he too could nurse. The feel of Edward´s hand gently positioning my nipple at our little boy´s pursed lips, filled my heart with an over abundance of love.

Things couldn´t have been any more perfect in that moment!

Looking down at the two tiny angels taking their nourishment from my body, I couldn't help the swell of pride and joy that flooded my soul and the tears that cascaded down my face. I couldn't believe that something so beautiful could be the result of so much tragedy.

"And what about this little guy?" Edward asked, breaking me from my thoughts. "What are we going to call him?"

Without a second thought, I said, "Edward." After all, his penny-colored downy hair made him his father´s little clone, already I could see so much of Edward in our son. Smiling down at my two sons, I re- introduced them to their father. "Daddy, I´d like you to meet, Edward Charles and Eli Anthony Cullen." Biting my lip nervously, I asked, "Is that okay?"

Placing a chaste kiss to my temple, he looked down at the boys and whispered, "That´s more than okay, mommy… it´s perfect!"

Eli spent three excruciating months in the NICU; I was there every step of the way, only leaving his side to be checked out by the Doctor. Edward and I sang, read, talked, and prayed with our fragile little boy for hours, wanting him to know that he wasn´t alone and that he was loved.

Never would my little one know what it felt like to be alone and unloved!

Due to the lack of Tanya´s prenatal care and her continued alcohol and drug use, he suffered from several complications and the doctors' weren´t very optimistic about his survival. They were predicting that he would suffer from a lifetime of complications, including, but not limited to, mental retardation, and that was only if he survived.

Absolutely not!

Eli not surviving was not an option!

My baby boy had fought too hard to get here not to make it!

That wasn´t good enough for our son, and that´s why every type of specialist you could think of was flown in to assist with his case. Sooner than anybody thought possible, Eli was ready to leave the hospital. Thanks to our family´s connections in the medical field, Eli was able to be seen by some of the world´s top specialists at home on our family´s island.

Eli, which meant, the offering or lifting up, was definitely a gift from God.

And his name said so!

My little boy would grow up to be a great man someday!

That was three years ago, and with lots of love and care, Eli has developed into a perfect little boy. His last check-up proved just that. Developmentally, he had surpassed his age bracket. Instead of singling him out, he learned right alongside his brothers and sister. We didn´t treat him any differently that the other children, and I could see just how big of a difference that made.


Gunner and Brooklyn were amazing, and their patience with their little brothers was limitless. From the moment we brought the little guys home, the twins had become their fierce protectors. No one messed with their little brothers!

Later on once Edward started working again, I began to feel overwhelmed, but didn´t want to solely depend on our relatives for help. After a bit of careful thought and consideration, Edward and I decided to hire a nanny, but not just any old somebody that would take on the responsibility of raising my kids for me.

No, that´s not what we wanted!

I wanted someone who would help to nurture and develop my children´s minds as well as care for them physically.

Siobhan, our nanny/tutor, was a godsend!

The woman absolutely adored my children. After what we´d been through, it was very hard for me to trust just anyone except family, with my kids. But Siobhan came highly recommended from Eli and Charlie´s pediatrician. So, after an extensive, I´m talking really extensive background check, she was hired. And it was honestly one of the best decisions I had ever made in my life.

And trust me; I had made some good ones!

Edward refused to let me give up on my dream of becoming an attorney, so when the entire family decided to relocate to Washington, I prepared myself to take the state bar exam.

After everything that we´d gone through with Eli, I set my sights on becoming a family law attorney that specialized in adoption. I was able to finish getting my master´s online from Isle Esme, while we healed and grew stronger as a family.

After two and a half years of island life, Carlisle called a family meeting to discuss our pending return to the states. For me, Chicago just wasn´t an option anymore, I didn´t feel as safe as I once did in the Windy City, too many bad memories. Everyone seemed to be in agreement with that, especially since Rose and Alice were now both expecting children of their own.

True, we had lost a lot, but we had gained so much more.

There were several things to consider with this move, Cullen Pharmaceuticals, Seth´s schooling, Carlisle´s medical career, and Esme´s interior design firm, not-to-mention Alice and Rose´s businesses. I couldn't expect them all to give up everything just for me, so I started psyching myself up for the worst.

If push came to shove, I´d just take one for the team. Tyler still worked for us, and I wasn´t averse to having him by my side 24/7.

It was actually Carlisle who made the suggestion about us moving to Washington.

Secretly, the old goat had applied for the Chief of Residency position at Seattle Children´s Hospital. While we thought he was taking care of business in Chicago, he was in fact making trips back and forth to Seattle.

Edward spoke up next concerning Cullen Pharmaceutical. Apparently, he had already discussed this with Emmett and Jasper. The three of them decided to offer a lucrative relocation package to the members of the lab, which would soon be calling Seattle home, and the day-to-day financial operations would remain in Chicago.

Emmett would oversee those, making monthly trips back and forth to Chicago. In Emmett´s absence, employees would answer to the company´s CFO Eric Yorkie. He and Emmett were best friends and college roommates, so the guys trusted him implicitly.

My eyes flooded with tears when I found out that everyone was pretty much in on the secret except for me. Alice was leaving her store manager Tia Amun, to run the Chicago boutique, and opening a new larger one on the west coast, while Rosalie had already put a bid in on a vintage car dealership in Seattle and was just waiting to hear back from them.

Seth, who was slated to start school at Northwestern in the fall, had already transferred everything back to Washington, where he´d be attending the University of Washington on a full scholarship in August. Sue and Esme were already working on opening their own interior design firm together; I couldn't believe that they were in on it too.

I, Isabella Marie Cullen, was the deciding factor.

One word from me and the entire family would be making their new home in Washington State.

Decisions… decisions… decisions…

Oh who am I kidding!

How could I not say yes?

Seattle Children´s was one of the best pediatric facilities in the country, it would be perfect for our little Eli. And what made even better was that his pop-pop would be running the hospital, advertently overseeing his grandson´s care.

That wasn´t the only surprise my family had up their sleeves!

I was a bit wary of our separation though.

The set up on the island had made me dependant on my family´s constant nearness. We each had our own private bungalows, but the main house was big enough for us all if we wanted to stay together. Having Rosalie, Alice and the rest of my family only a short walking distance from my house was very comforting.

I didn´t know what I would do if I lost that!

Luckily, I would never have to find out.

We were all moving to Bainbridge Island!

It was quiet and exclusive, not-to-mention only a short ferry ride into the city. This would give us a perfect mixture of both convenience and privacy. Not only were we moving to the island, but we would all be neighbors. One sturdy wrought iron gate, strong enough to keep out even the strongest superhero, surrounded our entire property. My family would continue to be at arm's length without sacrificing their need for personal space.

Even Sue and Seth had a nice sized two-bedroom apartment overlooking our garage. That way Sue would be able to live between La Push and Seattle comfortably.

How fucking cool was that?


Time continued to pass, and with each tick of the clock, things just continued to get better. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be partner at my own law firm. Well, it was half mine anyway.

My only friends from high school, Angela and Ben Cheney were looking to leave their current firm and step out on their own. I had an offer to join McCarty, Stevenson, and Newton after I pretty much aced my bar exam, but I was still undecided.

Ben and Angela were both established and came with a pretty impressive list of clients, so I thought, why the hell not. If nothing else, I saw it as a good investment, and so did Edward. Initially, I was sitting in as second chair, but had recently started seeing my own clients.

I loved my job!

Especially, since it didn´t have to worry about my children.

Because of their joint entrance into life and the way they fought together side-by-side to survive the odds; Edward and I had decided to raise Eli and Charlie as twins. Being that the Denali´s wanted nothing to do with Tanya´s offspring – my children included – we weren´t sure if we would ever tell Eli about his true parentage. Just like with Brooklyn and Gunner, we decided that we would cross that bridge when we came to it.

Siobhan worked tirelessly with all of my kids, and it showed. When we had Gunner and Brooklyn tested for placement into private school, they were charting at a very high first grade level.

Edward and I decided that it would be best to follow their lead, and let them set the pace. Both of us had skipped grades in our primary years, so we didn´t mind it one way or the other. We supported our children, and if they chose to skip ahead, so be it. Ultimately, the decision would be Gunner and Brooklyn´s to make. Edward and I saw no reason for us to intervene.

School was starting in a week, and I was in no way prepared to let my kids go. Lately, I´d been crying non-stop because my babies were growing up so fast. I could use the excuse that I was pregnant, but there was only so much I could blame on hormones.

Yes, Edward and I were expecting!


And it would definitely be our last!

This time, my sexy husband, with his super sperm had knocked me up with twins!

I was carrying a set of twin girls, and was due any day now. Three boys, three girls, I was confident that our family was complete. And if not, we were just going to pretend that it was. As fate would have it, Alice and Rose were expecting too, so there would be plenty of cooing to go around.


I hated to brag, but at the young age of twenty-six, I could honestly say that I had everything I ever wanted in life. I had a wonderful and sexy husband of three years, four beautiful children, two on the way, and the best family that a girl could ask for.

The tragedy with Tanya mended several broken bridges in my life. Not just Jake and Leah, but Renee also. Apparently, Phil, Renee´s husband, was watching the news one night and saw what happened to me. Surprisingly, Renee was on the first plane to Chicago.

When I woke up from my coma, I was shocked to find the woman who had abandoned me all those years ago staring at me from across the room.

Talk about shocking!

Letting Renee back into my life wasn´t the easiest thing that I´d ever done, but as I knew all too well, life was too short to live in regret. She had a wonderful husband, who fawned all over, that I completely adored, and I had a twelve-year old sister that I´d already fallen in love with.

Though I had no idea about either one of them existed, Phil and Katie knew all about me. With patience and a lot of counseling we were slowly developing a relationship. My little sister on the other hand was ecstatic to find out that she had so much extended family, and we were quickly becoming as thick as thieves.

Katie and I bonded, while Esme and Sue kept a close eye on Renee.

There would be no second chances if Renee fucked up this time.

Too much was at stake!

I refused to allow her be a revolving door in my children´s lives.

Phil had already assured me that no matter what happened Katie was in our lives to stay. And I trusted him to keep his promise. As I watched him swing Eli up to perch on his strong shoulders, and my sister running up to her favorite brother-in-law to give him a kiss… three years later, I still wasn´t regretting my decision to let Renee into our lives.

The more the merrier!

"Mind telling me just what´s got you smiling so big, Mrs. Cullen?" My sexy husband whispered in my ear while wrapping his strong arms around my expanded waist.

Having just celebrated his thirty-eighth birthday yesterday, Edward still made my panties just as wet, if not wetter than he did that day I met him four years ago in the Seattle airport. For a while, I had trouble with being intimate, but Edward never lost patience with me.

Now, of course, at eight and a half month pregnant, I was insatiable. Feeling about my husband thick cock pressed up against my back has me involuntarily squeezing my thighs together. But that did little to quell the ache coming from my pussy.

I melted into his embrace before giving him my answer, or trying to at least. "Mmm… Mr. Cullen," I bit back a moan. "I can´t form a coherent sentence when you call me that and rub on my stomach like you´re doing now." His warm chuckle vibrating against my back caused my skin to break out in gooseflesh.

"I´m sorry, angel," he pouted playfully. "Maybe I should keep my hands to myself." He pulled back a little, just enough to break our connection.

Immediately, I felt the loss.

"Edward Anthony Cullen," I threatened teasingly. "Unless you want to sleep at your parent´s house tonight, you´ll get back over here, mister."

"Yes, ma´am," he saluted playfully before stepping up to once again bring his body flush with mine. "Now will you tell why you´re smiling so big?" The way he looked at me with the famous Cullen pout, I was putty in his hands.

All the Cullen grandchildren had mastered it, Eli best of all. I swear that damn kid could make his lip quiver in a way that had you offering up every last one of your vital organs just to make him smile again. His big baby blues, and big blond curls didn´t help either.

His father was a close second that´s why I was always spilling my guts to him. "Because I´m happy," I said simply.


"That´s why I´m smiling, silly, because I´m happy." For years, Forks and my father´s house held nothing but painful memories for me, but now all that had changed.

The house had been renovated and was now used often as a weekend get-a-way spot from the city, and my children loved it. They knew all about what a wonderful man their Grandpa Charlie was.

After their first visit to his grave site, they insisted on checking up on him at least once a month. More, if they could swing it. The boys loved to sit and listen to Billy go on and on about his weekend fishing trips with their Grandpa, while Brooklyn, my girlie girl, loved to sit with me in Charlie´s favorite recliner while we read together on her kindle.

Looking out over the serene meadow, my heart nearly exploded. "We´re so blessed, Edward," I said getting all choked up. "Never again will I take life for granted." His arms tightened around me and I could feel his warm breath saturating the strands of my hair.

The next morning we packed everything up, closed the house, and headed back to Seattle. Renee, Phil, and Katie stayed another week before heading back to Florida. We wouldn´t see Phil and Renee again until the Christmas holidays, but little Miss. Katie was a different matter altogether.

With Phil getting picked up for another season with the Florida Marlins, little Miss. Sunshine would be spending more time with us. Since she was homeschooled, she could study from anywhere.

I kind of liked the idea of getting to spend some more quality time with my baby sister, and of course, Brooklyn thought her Tee-Tee hung the moon. At twelve years old, she was already wise beyond her years.


Gunner and Brook needed very little help with showering, so that just left Eli and Charlie. I was getting too big to bend down over the tub, so Edward would bath and dry, while I waited in the kid´s rooms with fresh jammies.

Well, in a perfect world that´s how it would be!

But since this was the Cullen household and not a perfect world, it didn´t surprise me when suddenly a screaming naked two-year-old materialized out of thin air, and plastered himself to my fluid-filled leg.

"Eli," Edward called, just as my other adorable son crossed the threshold naked as the day he was born and without mumbling a single word, plopped down, joining Eli in his stand against the man.

Charlie, seemed to just be along for the ride

"Nooo…" screamed Eli at the top of his lungs. I just stared down at the boy, or at least I attempted stare down where I thought the boy may be. At eight and half months pregnant with twins, I could barely see the floor much less two naked two-year-olds. "No dada… mama baf ma pee-pee… No dada… nooo…" Eli continued to chant, tightening his grip on my leg. He was in one of his mommy moods and no amount of Edward´s coaxing was going to get the little guy to budge. Hopefully, he will be better by the time the girls are born.

Stubborn little shit!

To say he wasn´t biologically mine, he was the one who most displayed my personality!

Of course, monkey see… monkey do, and that's how I found myself soaking in my Jacuzzi with not one, but two greedy little boys suckling on my tits.

Before you say it, I know they´re too big to still be breastfeeding!

But they´re my babies for Christ´s sake!

In my defense, it´s only at night!

During the day, their greedy little asses drank from a cup. Also, they´re not biters, so, it makes it hard for me to say no. My entire pregnancy, I´ve been pumping and freezing my milk like crazy, so that when the twins get here everybody will still be happy.

I´ve tried every type of milk known to God and mankind, but Eli won´t drink it. Like I said, monkey see… monkey do, if Eli won´t drink it then Charlie´s not going anywhere near it either. What can I say, the boy values his brother´s opinion.

You´ve heard the old age question, "Am I my brother´s keeper?"

Well Charlie and Eli live strictly by that code!

Where one goes, the other quickly follows. Though Charlie was very reserved, quite like his namesake, he insisted on getting into trouble with Eli. They were the complete opposite to Gunny and Brook.

My big boy and girl were all about individuality these days. In Gunner´s mind, he was no longer a twin, well he just didn´t want to have a girl twin. Girl´s were yuckie! His words not mine. It was okay for me to dress him and his brother´s alike, but in public, he wanted no part of Brooklyn.

I believed that the kid could quite possibly be off his rocker.

At night, I could pry him away from his sister, but as soon as the sun came up again, he was back to being a little butt. Brooklyn didn´t mind, she was too excited to be getting not one, but two sisters.

What in the hell have I gotten myself into!

Once Thing One and Thing Two had gotten their nightly fix and were damn near comatose, I called Edward in to help us all get out of the tub. The boys were passed off to a very eager-looking Charlotte and Shelly, since Siobhan was in Ireland on holiday visiting family.

I didn´t make a habit of doing so, but I kissed both of their sweet-smelling foreheads, bid them goodnight, and let their Me-Me´s put them to bed. Wrapped in an oversized fluffy white towel, I plopped down on the edge of the bed and tried to catch my breath.

Carrying twins was hard fucking work!

Wincing from so much pressure down in my nether regions, I sighed when I felt a tiny bit of relief. During my check-up on Wednesday, Dr. Collins had informed us that the babies had started moving into position and I could go into labor any day now.

And I was so fucking ready to get these two out of me, I didn´t know what to do!

Seriously, this shit was no joke!

Thankfully, my doctor didn´t foresee any complications with me delivering vaginally. I was afraid that after having the C-section with Charlie, I would automatically have to have another one with this pregnancy, but as fate would have it, I did not. I had my heart set on a water birth.

The soft click of our bedroom closing shook me from my thoughts. As soon as my eyes locked with my husbands, I was wide awake, and ready for some action. Licking my lips, I allowed my eyes to slowly rake over his toned body.

Damn, the man was fucking sex on legs!

His lids were hooded, and his mouth lifted up on one side.

Wetness pooled between my legs.

Damn crooked grin!

"I take it that you see something you like." He stated cockily rather than questioned. Moving like a predator stalking his prey, faster than I thought possible, he was standing before me. "If you want it, then take it."

He didn't have to tell me twice.

With a new found energy, I released the drawstrings on his sleep pants. My eyes glazed over with lust when I saw his hard cock bounce back and slap against his toned stomach. I could have cried his erection was so hard and beautiful.

I wasted no time swiping my tongue through his glistening slit. His breath hitched and the muscles in his stomach tensed as I teased him mercilessly. Taking his entire length all the way in, I swallowed around his engorged head. "Ungh…. Ahh… ungh…" he grunted and groaned in pleasure, tangling his fingers in my hair. "Fuck baby… yeah… I love it when you suck my cock… ungh… so fucking… ungh… good Bella!" His breathy words of praise had me doubling my efforts to get him off.

I moaned deeply around his length when I felt him pinch and twist my rock hard nipples. Edward´s hands on any part of my body always set me on fire. Pushing me back, his cock left my mouth with a soft audible `pop´.

Pulling me to my feet, Edward´s lips crashed against mine. Our kiss was all-consuming, it threaten to take us both under. His tongue ran against my bottom lip, and instantly, I opened my mouth to him. There was no part of my mouth that his tongue didn't explore. The thought of him tasting himself on my tongue had my pussy flooding with arousal.

Breaking away, only for the sake of oxygen, Edward´s lips found their way to my pulse point. Gently he sucked my neck and drove me wild. "Edward, please…" I begged shamelessly. Never had I felt more desperate to feel him inside of me as I did in that very moment.

The need to be joined with my husband was so great, it was almost painful.

Pulling me over to the single most brilliant piece of furniture ever made, our Tantra chair, Edward positioned himself flat on his back on the lower end, leaving me to use the other end to support my back. Like the gentleman he was, he helped me get one leg over to the other side so I could straddle him. The chair was ideal for a hugely pregnant woman like myself.

Feeling up his cock at my entrance, I slowly sank down on Edward´s hard length. "Fuckkkk…" we both hissed in unison.

Already I was close!

"Yes… yes…" I panted, cupping my heavy breasts. "Mmm… close babe… feels… ungh… so good." I pulled and tugged on my throbbing nipples, ignoring the letdown of my milk as Edward moved in and out of me. The first time we made love after the boys were born, I was so embarrassed that I cried, but Edward refused to let me go. He held me close and told me how much it turned him on to see me nourishing our babies from my body.

From that day to this one, it´s never come up again!

Edward´s hands cupped my expanded belly, gently caressing my flesh. God I loved it when he caressed my stomach like that. "Christ, baby," he rasped between thrust. "You´re so fucking beautiful, Bella. I love you so fucking much, baby."

"Aaa…" I cried out, feeling his thumb apply pressure to my sensitive swollen clit. When the fuck did he move his hand? "Christ, Edward that feels so fucking good baby! So… fucking… ahh… full… harder… please baby!" Gripping my hips tightly, Edward began to drive into my pussy with wild abandon. The back of the chair molded to my back as I leaned away from Edward. The new angle had him going even deeper than before. "Yes… yes… ungh… just like that baby… God I love you… just like that… so fucking close…" A part of me felt bad for making him do all the work, but all thoughts flew out the window when I felt the head of his cock pound against my sweet spot.

"Shit… shit… shit…" he chanted over and over. "Baby, I need you to… God… so fucking tight… so fucking wet… fuck… can´t hold it much… God… longer…" His jaw was clenched in concentration; I was using my PVC muscle, clenching his throbbing cock on each upstroke. I knew my man´s body, he was definitely trying to hold back and not cum.

The coil in my stomach tightened and I opened my mouth to scream, but my voice got stuck in my throat as a sharp pain hit and a rush of warm liquid left my body. Both Edward and I screamed for very different reasons. Edward, because the contraction caused my pussy to grab he dick live a vice, and I hollered because I was going in to labor.

Edward threw his head back and yelled, "Fuck baby I can´t stop… I´m cumming! Arghhhhhh…."

And me, well I just yelled, "Edward, my fucking water just broke!"

My man was gone, total out of body experience. I´m talking eyes squeezed shut tightly, toe-curling, firework-seeing Euphoria. His mouth had even fallen open to form a little blissful `o´ shape. I waited impatiently with my arms crossed and my brow cocked for him to come back to the fucking earth.

After what seemed like forever, Edward´s eyes went wide and his face paled with realization. Ding dong, the motherfucking light bulb finally went off! "Oh my God, baby," he exclaimed with wide panicked eyes. "Your water just broke!"

Ya think!

Irritated beyond measure, I snapped. "No shit, Sherlock!" But Edward still made no move to help me get up. He just kept staring at me like an idiot. "Edward," I said a little more forcefully. "Are you going to help me up, or just sit there with your dick pressed up against my cervix?"

"Oh shit, babe," he blushed, finally jumping into action. "Sorry sweetheart." I couldn't be made at him because technically, this would be our first time.

Easing me to my feet, Edward guided me to the bathroom so I could get cleaned up. Placing a sweet kiss to my swollen lips, he breathed a quiet, "Thanks for making me a father again, I love you" against my lips.

God, I loved this crazy ass man!

Never a damn dull moment in the Cullen household!

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