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Chapter 1: Salazar Godric

I couldn't help but beam as I looked around the Great Hall. All of my friends were chatting away happily. Opposite me, Parvati, Padma and Lavender were gossiping about a Ravenclaw who was supposedly pregnant. They were not at the top of my friends list, but they were still my companions. We did have our differences, well basically only Lavender and me, but both of us learnt to get past our "problem" and become friends. Near them, Seamus and Neville were arguing over some chocolate frogs. I giggled as I noticed Neville's face becoming redder by the second. No one messed with his chocolate frogs. And then there were my two best friends, almost brothers, Harry and Ron, sitting next to me engaged in some petty discussion about a pretty Hufflepuff.

Ever since the war last year, things have been pretty, well, normal actually. We all returned to Hogwarts for our seventh and final year. This year was going to be great because I was given the opportunity I have always wanted ever since first year. As I fingered the Head Girl badge pinned on the collar of my robes, I smiled. Mum and Dad would have been so proud.

Oh no.

There I go again, thinking about them.

I vowed ever since I heard of their death that I would never think about them. Not that I didn't care or didn't love them. It was just too painful to think that now I was all alone in life and that my parents who were always there for me, were gone. I did cry a lot, but then I realized that my parents would have wanted me to move on and do well in school, and not let their demise affect my academics, and ultimately my life. But time-to-time, I do remember them or think about them. I just can't help but ponder over how they would react over certain things like my last year, or me being Head Girl. All that keeps me going is the thought that they would have been so proud of me, and that they are always watching over me.

"Hermione? Hermione!" Harry shouted as he shook my shoulder gently. I snapped out of my thoughts and turned my attention back to the two boys in front of me. Harry was looking at me quizzically. I seldom drifted away into my thoughts. Well, at least before the war. But then Harry understood the misty look in my eyes. He too lost his parents and so he understood what all I was going through. It was him that helped me cope with things after we defeated Voldemort. He became my brother, and I knew I was never truly alone if he was always there.

"You alright, Hermione?" he whispered. I nodded my head with a small laugh as I blinked back a couple of unshed tears. Harry just smiled and squeezed my hand. And that was all I needed to calm me down. That was all I needed for comfort.

"Oi! Mione! Since you're the Head Girl, do you know who the Head Boy is?" Ron questioned with his mouth full of food.

"First of all, Ronald, swallow before you talk. And second, no, I don't know who the Head Boy is. So I suggest you quieten down now that McGonagall is starting so that I can find out." I replied. Ron just rolled his eyes and turned back to the front.

"Welcome back, children, to Hogwarts! I trust you all are excited about another year ahead of you. For some, the last." At this point, my thoughts drifted back to all the crazy adventures I experienced at Hogwarts. From the Yule Ball, to Dumbledore's Army, to all the times we battled against Voldemort or Death Eaters. I just tuned out McGonagall's speech as all the memories came flooding back. Hogwarts was such a big part of my life. It always will be. This was where my family was. This was where I felt safe. This was my home.

"And for our Head Girl, we have Hermione Granger from Gryffindor!" my head snapped up as the entire Hall broke into applause and cheers. I smiled and blushed from all the attention as I slowly stood up and made my way to the front. Harry and Ron smiled at me proudly as I stood next to McGonagall.

"And for Head Boy, we have…" I closed my eyes and prayed it was someone nice and decent. Someone I could actually work with civilly. Someone whom I liked. A friend or at least an acquaintance.

"Draco Malfoy from Slytherin!"

My jaw literally plummeted to the ground.


How could Malfoy be Head Boy?

Head Boys were supposed to be responsible and noble and caring and just everything opposite of what Malfoy was.

As I watched Malfoy saunter to the front, I noticed him glaring at me. I narrowed my eyes back at him and seethed.

He was not the only one upset about this arrangement.

Now let the feast begin!" McGonagall exclaimed before turning to me and Malfoy.

"You two, follow me. I'll be showing you your dormitory." She said before turning and walking away.

Malfoy and I sneered at each other before following after McGonagall. I made sure I was walking much faster than him, so that he was not in my range of sight. I was seething at the back of McGonagall's head.

How could she make that monster Head Boy?

"Right. Here we are. The Head's dorm. You two will be sharing a dormitory. Of course, there will be separate sleeping chambers, but there will be a Head's common room and you will have to share the bathroom."

"WHAT?" Malfoy and I shrieked in unison.

"Professor! Please! I cannot share a dorm with her. It was bad enough you made her Head Girl, but now I have to live with this abhorring Mudblood? No way!" Malfoy shouted.

Tears filled my eyes as he hurled that word. I hated that word. For 6 years I was tormented with that word. And now I will have to endure it another year!

No Hermione. Don't let him get to you.

I blinked back the tears and lifted my head straight. There was no way I was going to let him break me.

"Mr. Malfoy! I will not tolerate such name-calling and defiance! The decision has been made. The two of you are to live together in harmony and that is that. There will be no problems caused by the two of you. Am I clear?" McGonagall spoke with a hint of rage as she glared at me and Malfoy.

We nodded meekly. McGonagall told us our password- Salazar Godric- before leaving. Malfoy and I continued glaring at each other before entering the Dorm.

The Dorm was huge and generally magnificent. (A/N: I'm not gonna describe it that much since I suck at these type of descriptions and generally, I don't wanna make the story too long and dragging.)

The common room had a grand fireplace with three couched around it in a square form. The couches were a deep purple and the floor was carpeted gold. There were two bedrooms on either sides of the common room. One had silver walls and a green bed, presumably Malfoy's. The other had gold walls and a red bed, presumably mine. The bathroom was spacious and grand with a big silver bathtub and a golden vanity.

"Ok, listen up Mudblood. You don't come anywhere near me. I don't go anywhere near you. Stay away from me and maybe I will spare you your life. Don't ever enter my room and don't even speak to me unless under orders from the old cat Ginerva. Got that, Mudblood?" Malfoy spat before disappearing into his chamber and slamming his door hard, leaving me in the common room, stunned with tears running down my face.

He really knew how to break me…