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Spain x Romana

It had all started back then.

After the whole 'kiss' incident with Belgium back then (hey, who was to judge? Belgium was very pretty and as an Italian, Romana always appreciated beauty, if it was a person of the same sex), she had started to wear her hair ribbon on a regular basis.

"Oh, Belgium," Spain's eyes were bright as was his smile, "You got another headband?" He waited as Belgium nodded excitedly, adjusting the red ribbon in her blonde hair with appreciation, "It looks really cute on you!"

"You think so?" Belgium looked pleased at the praise and neither seemed to notice a sulking Romana underneath them as she pouted due to lack of attention, "I'm so happy, Spain! Broer didn't care about it!" She huffed, frowning at the thought of Holland and his irritating attitude.

"I cleaned your room," Romana attempted to interrupt Spain and Belgium's conversation, "Do I have to do anything else?" She inquired, looking angrier every second that passed when Spain did not respond or even seem to hear her, "Oi, Boss Spain!"

"I really think you should get a green one," Spain said eagerly and charmingly, "It would match your eyes–OOMPH!" Spain staggered back out of surprise as Romana headbutted him with all her might while Belgium looked on wide-eyed (yet amused at the same time), "Romano! What's gotten into you?" He asked breathlessly, holding his now bruised stomach.

"Stupid Boss!" Romana pouted, throwing her snack (a tomato) with all her might and hitting Spain right in the face as she quickly fled the area with a bright red angry flush.

"What the...?" Spain wiped the splattered tomato away from his face, looking completely clueless, "What's gotten into Lovina?" He glanced up, blinking when Belgium simply giggled behind her hand with a knowing look to her face.

He didn't figure out what Belgium already knew until later.

"Oh?" Spain glanced up from his bed, surprised to see a grumpy yet shy-looking Romana standing in the doorway, holding a blanket, "You want to sleep with me, Lovina?" He smiled widely, completely forgetting the little incident that had happened earlier, "Come here." He patted down a spot beside him on his bed.

Romana frowned, sulking again but not saying anything as she crawled up into the bed; intentionally swiping all the blankets away from Spain as he simply sighed in exasperation.

The silence was uncomfortable until Spain glanced down and finally noticed, "Lovina," He patted her brown hair, ignoring her half-hearted protests, "This is such a cute little ribbon!" He smiled as Romana stiffened and her blush grew deeper, "The headband really does suit you! You look even cuter than Belgium!" He absently figured the pink ribbon that Lovina had placed carefully in her hair earlier

Romana simply withdrew further into the blankets, trying to hide the pleased flush to her face as Spain chuckled at her cute behaviour.

"...Stupid Boss..."

She slept with a smile that night and the ribbon became a constant in her hair.