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"Lag, you look so cute! It's a shame you're a guy." Sylvette said as Lag stood in front of the full-length mirror. He heaved a sigh; he really did look like a girl.

Sylvette had dressed him up in a cute pink dress that had white ruffles around the edges as well as a lacey apron. He wore a pair of pink flats and had a white and pink purse over his shoulders that Sylvette had made. To top it all off, he wore a silver wig, the same color as his normal hair, that went all the way to the middle of his back and had a white lace ribbon bow on the top of his head.

It was too much.

'How did I get myself into this?' Lag asked himself.

Earlier that week

"Lag, please come with me!" The pale haired girl begged.

"But, Sylvette! It's a girl'steas party! You were so excited about it when you told me earlier." In fact, Sylvette had been glowing since telling Lag about how she had met five girls at the bakery. They'd hit it off and had invited her to join them for tea.

Lag glanced at the Maka child that was sitting across the table. "Take Niche! She's a girl." Niche looked up at the mention of her name with a chunk of bread hanging out of her mouth. Ever loyal Steak was perched on her head gave a 'ni-nyu'. Sylvette heaved a sigh.

"I would, but Niche is just too…immature for a tea party. Besides," she rolled her wheelchair up next to where Lag sat at the dining table. "You have that day off and I need you there, Lag. As my moral support! I'll owe you a favor."

"A favor?" The silver haired boy asked warily.

Sylvette nodded. "Anything you want!"

"NO MORE DISGUSTING SOUP! LAG WILL GO FOR NO MORE DISGUSTING SOUP!" Niche jumped up on to the table and yelled. Lag pleaded with his eye for her to stop but it was too late.

"Fine, no soup for two weeks. Is it a deal?"

"YES! NO MORE DISGUSTING SOUP FOR TWO WEEKS!" Niche and Sylvette shook on it, or tried to with Niche's giant glove, in front of a bemused Lag.

Present Day

"Oh, look Lag! This would go great with our outfit." Sylvette held up a pink heart necklace.

"Does everything have to be pink?" Lag asked.

"Of course!" Sylvette cried in outrage. "It looks good on you! Women are nothing without their accessories."

"But I'm not a woman…" A chest fallen Lag took one last glance at his reflection. He had the sudden urge to flip his hair from over his shoulder as he's seen so many other girls do.

"By the way, I'll call you Lala-chan. Ok." Lag turned to see Sylvette fixing her own hair. "Too many people around here know 'Lag' is a boy."

"Sure thing Sylvette." Finally giving in, Lag tossed a few locks of his hair over his shoulder. But doing so slightly knocked the wig askew. Turning backtowards the mirror, he fixed the wig and made sure his red amber eye was completely covered. He had to admit, he did look like a cute girl.

'But I'm not a girl!' Lag thought defiantly.

The last time he had cross dressed was to invade an abbey were Reverse had its headquarters. That hadn't gone too well. There was also that time when he disguised himself as Sylvette to get her away from that creepy ex-Bee and dingo team that worked for Reverse.

Shaking his head, Lag tried to dislodge the memories. It'd been nearly two years since then. Since he had encountered that Reverse team...Two years since he had heard word from Noir.

'No, don't think about that. Not now.' He glanced back up to his reflection and twirled the edge of his dress.

'I've been in woman's clothing too many times.' Lag thought reaching up to tweak the bow on his head.

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

"Lag, I'll get it." Sylvette called from another room. "I left my bag somewhere upstairs. Can you get it for me please?"

"No problem!" Lag rushed to the stairs only to get his legs tangled in his dress. Slowing down, he climbed the stairs one at a time. Once at the top, he quickly spotted Sylvette's bag. It was a pink and blue bag with a heart stitched on the front.

From down stairs, lag could hear voices. He could tell one of them was Sylvette's and she was using her sweet, cuties voice that she had used on him when picking out clothes. The other voice Lag recognized instantly.

Running down the stairs, forgetting about the dress, Lag felt his heart flutter.

'He's here!' Was all Lag thought as he propelled himself towards the door.

"Zazie! What are you doing he-" Lag stopped and stared with wide, disbelieving eyes.

"Oh," Sylvette said once she spotted Lag. "Zazie is here for the tea party too! I'm so glad he could make it! Doesn't he look great?"

Lag didn't know it 'great' was the word. But Zazie sure looked something…in a dress.

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