An: This is actually an old half finished fill I did. I came back to it to try and see if I can finish it. (Seriously, I AM going to finish them all.) Basically it was a prompt from a long time ago that went:

Superboy's gone back to being feral due to either psychic issues or Cadmus programming. He goes into a feral rage and attacks everyone. Aqualad , being the only one that can standup to him, sends the team away (possibly trying to save them) damage the control panel so they can't get in to help him.

Only, he doesn't seem to need help. Superboy has taken an interest in him, so instead of beating the hell out of Aqualad, he screws him instead.

Soo- I kinda did something like that, sorta/kinda has a plot- maybe *Hopefully it'll be short*

Anyway Disclaimers- *Points to the name of this site. Reminds everyone no one owns these guys 'cept DC and Greg W. Just own the plot. *

Triggers: dub-con/ Malexmale/ lots of sex.

He gasps, it hurts to even breathe at the moment, but Aqualad moves to stand with only two of the other team members behind him who weren't in great shape either.

"Artemis, Kid Flash, " He says, "Get Robin and Miss Martian out of here and call for back up."

"But we can help!" Kid Flash didn't want to leave Aqualad alone here against him. It would be-

"Listen to me!" Aqualad's tattoos glowed brightly before electrocuting his target who roars in pain. "I am the only one that can stand up to him. The rest of you would be dead with one hit. Now go! I can keep him occupied until help comes."

"Alright." Artemis moves to collect Miss Martian, who had been knocked out, "Kid Mouth, lets go!"

Green eyes casts a worried glance at Aqualad who was focused on buying them time before the speedster limps off to pick up Robin- he hopes his arm would be alright- and follows Artemis out.

Once he was sure his team was gone, Aqualad looks at the situation at hand. He has no idea how this happened, they were on a routine mission to investigate a break in and now everything is...

He turns and runs to the door. If there was another thing they didn't need, that is for him to escape into the world like this.

He barely manages to put in an access override so it wouldn't open to him before he found himself flying through the air and hitting a console with a grunt. He pants looking up at the black haired teen before him.

How had Superboy lost control like this, Aqualad had no idea. He only knew he was the only one of the team that could match him and stay alive.

Hopefully he'll be alive as he launches himself at the clone.

It was an unfortunate thing, he decided as his face hits the wall again, that he couldn't keep up the super strength longer than before and he wonders briefly where the others were when he feels something heavy press down against him.

He froze, not meaning to, feeling the breath tickle along the gills of his neck. Maybe this would be another chance to try and talk to him.

"Superboy...Conner, I know you're in there somewhere." Aqualad tries to make his voice calm and steady but he doesn't feel this way at all. In fact, his heart is in his throat threatening to jump out. "Listen to-Ah!"

He bit him.

Superboy bit him on the lower half of his gills and he wasn't quite sure how to handle that. Before he could react, the boy of steel curls his lips and moves back. As if satisfied that he seems to understand something.

Which, Aqualad didn't and is trying quite unsuccessfully to ignore the feeling of lust that is warming him from it. Instead, he turns and drops down to swipe his feet from underneath him.

This, apparently, is a bad idea since Superboy grabs his leg and swings him down onto the ground, almost carelessly so with some sort of growl.

Aqualad had thought it was hard to breathe before, it is infinitely worse now and he tries to get up but is pushed down once more with the heavy body pinning him to the ground.

Aqualad gasps at the feeling of something hard grinding against his crotch, inciting his lusts further when he couldn't stop a soft whimpering sound from escaping his lips.

This seems to please Superboy as he does it again, harder and rougher then before.

Only then does it click in Aqualad's head what is about to happen when the other teen reaches down and rips away his skin tight pants, freeing his own erection from the bindings as well as exposing him.

"Su-Conner?" Fear threaded through his voice as he felt utterly paralyzed as Superboy tore his own zipper to his jeans to get out his harden cock that held a reddish hue in contrast to his normal skintone.

He-Superboy- is breathing hard looking at the Atlantean as if he is something to eat. He leans over him again and bites down on his throat where the gills were, pressing against him. Making him understand-

Mine. Submit. Mineminemine!

Aqualad hates to admit to himself that he's incredibly aroused by this behavior. Part of him is down right horrified that he is.

He should be pushing him off. He should be fighting tooth and nail- but he isn't.

He's arching his back, tilting his head back more with a soft moan and spreading his legs wider to accomadate this.

He stills, feeling something probe his buttocks that is warm and wet.

"Conner- No!" His voice came out barely as a whisper but went unheeded as Superboy thrusts into his tight hole, pushing savagely against the muscles. Forcing them to mold to his harden flesh.

Aqualad cuts his cry and turns his head, biting his lower lip. It is painful, it hurts. There is nothing he could do about it.

Shakily, he tries to relax into this. If he does, it would be over soon. He keeps telling himself that but finds something interesting happening.

Superboy hasn't moved. In fact, the icy blue eyes of the raven haired teen seems almost concerned as he noses Aqualad's throat then licks his cheek- unknowingly, Aqualad's cheeks had tear tracks falling sideways across them.

Superboy licks his lips, with a soft nip.

Aqualad wonders if this is some type of an apology. Whatever it is, he kisses him. He understands now that this- this is basic needs. He's gone feral and he wants him.

He doesn't want to think too deeply about that as he kisses Superboy, trying to encourage this. It's better then getting the crap beaten out of him.

He hisses softly when Superboy starts to move, but after awhile the pain and pleasure start to mix in a heady combination that Aqualad can't resist.

Mating, rutting, sex, making love, fucking- these words didn't really have a place in what they were doing now.

Grunts and moans echo throughout the damaged room, Aqualad's hands embracing Superboy, nails digging into that invulnerable skin as his voice-it doesn't matter the language but intent- coaxes him on.

More, he wants more.

Even when he came and can feel the heat inside of him, Aqualad finds himself still not completely satisfied. As if sensing this, Superboy grins- though it was mostly a show of teeth more than anything- before pulling out of him and looking him over with half-lidded eyes that held some kind of promise.

Aqualad is still shaking, but part of him wants to think that this is over-he doesn't want it to be over yet.- and that Conner is done.

He is wrong on that.

Turned over on his hands and knees, Superboy takes him again, much more violently than before. Aqualad thinks that before must have been 'kindness' because this...

There is no word for this.

At the moment, he can't even remember the reason they were even there or what he is suppose to do any more, other then stroking himself as Conner keeps thrusting savagely into him.

Distantly he thinks he'll have bruises everywhere, but he doesn't care. Not when Conner's biting down on the back of his neck, making him cry out until his throat is sore and his body shaking from release.

He doesn't know how long this went on, but he knows that he's full of Superboy's sperm that is currently leaking from his well used behind at this point. They had finally stopped, and Superboy has his arms around Aqualad's waist, possessively keeping him close.

He growls whenever the Atlantean teen even moves to get more comfortable and tightens his grip so he won't get away.

Breathing out, as his thoughts collected themselves, Aqualad worries about the team more than he worries about how it'll look when they come back.

However, sleep is dragging at him and Aqualad can't seem to stay awake with exhaustion taking over.

So he does the most sensible thing he can do- he curls up against sweat dampen body of Superboy and went to sleep.